July 2010

There have been some interesting happenings in the cigar industry lately. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to cover all the events but I tried to aggregate the most important ones in this post. Enjoy.

Who owns ‘Cohiba’?

…in the US, of course. It seems like General Cigar will be able to rightfully use the brand name Cohiba in the United States, after a decade of legal action initiated by Cubatabaco.
Check out the press release here.

Changes at Toraño

Toraño will change its name to Toraño Family Cigars, take back distribution from CAO and introduce three new lines (the Master by Carlos Toraño, Single Region and a new value line known as the Brigade). You can expect reviews of the new lines on this blog as soon as they are released.
Full press-release is published here.

These were the most interesting news. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Just a quick word of thanks to the Inspector for the link to the Tiki Bar for the General press release.

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