Date: August 2011
Author: Cigar Inspector

Camacho Liberty 2011

From Camacho’s newsletter:

As with all editions of the Liberty Series, this new blend is constructed in our proprietary 11/18 format (48x54x48x6) and selected from our best concept blends of the year. This particular cigar, medium-to-full in body, is the perfect combination of balance, strength, and aroma. The sophistication of the 2011 Camacho Liberty is second to none. Filler tobaccos from (3) unique countries of origin provide for an intensely flavorful and complex experience that is truly extraordinary.

Each master box consists of twenty limited edition cigars packed and individually numbered in their own cedar coffins. These single cigar cedar coffins are best stored whole inside your humidor, and will allow the Liberty’s to age properly without absorbing the characteristics of other cigars stored in the same unit.

Total production: 40,000 cigars (2,000 boxes)

MSRP: $334.00 per box, $16.70 per cigar

1 thought on “Camacho Liberty 2011 now available in stores

  1. Cedar coffin!? I like smoking cigars, not mourning them. They better be darn tasty at that price.

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