Date: December 2011
Author: Cigar Inspector

Partagas 8-9-8

December means top cigars lists and, of course, our blog is no exception here. You will find below my list of the best Cuban cigars I had the pleasure to smoke in 2011. Some of them are new releases, some of them aren’t, some of them are regular production, some are limited, but in all cases I enjoyed their consistency, flavors and ageing potential – they led me through 2011 which in all honesty wasn’t the easiest year for me.

  1. Partagas 8-9-8. This elegant lonsdale earns the #1 spot as it changed its status from ‘discovery’ to ‘humidor staple’. Highly recommended.
  2. Ramon Allones Specially Selected. Now, that’s quite a comeback. I’ve been trying to find some hidden gems within the general production in 2011, but often find myself thinking that there’s not much that can equal a good RASS. And, thankfully, the recent production has been rather consistent!
  3. Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto. I’ve been smoking a lot of these during cold months. I feel that they are on par with Monte Petit Edmundos that were crowned many times in my lists, but are more affordable and have a very pleasant sweet spot.
  4. Montecristo No. 4 Reserva. I received a fiver of these as a gift in the beginning of the year and they have been absolutely perfect. Too bad they are expensive and hard to find.
  5. H. Upmann Royal Robusto. If you read my review, you’ll see that at the moment, although definitely not uninteresting, it really needs some time. I feel that the potential is high enough to get it an entry to the top list.

What makes these lists even better is your contribution. Please share your favorite Cuban smokes of the year in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Best Cuban Cigars of 2011

  1. I love your list and I must say that I have plenty stock of three of those on it …

    The RASS, – I love it. I’ve never had a bad one. I’m in love with the thick, creamy smoke.

    The Hoyo Petit Robusto – Lots of sticks in my big Humi. I love these cigars because I can have one on an empty stomach and don’t ever feel any nicotine sickness. The sweet spot is so ever present and it is really an enjoyable smoke from start to finish.

    Monte Petit Robustos. My friend just came back from Cuba and picked me up a box with a date of April 2011. Like the aforenoted Hoyo that also came back in the same shipment, the P Edmundo never dissapoints and is my perfect sized cigar. Sure, I enjoy the 2 hour smoke now and then when at an outdoor bbbq or picnic but my life is a little hectic and most times, I’m enjoying my smokes while walking my dog or taking an evening walk with my wife so for me, finding excellent smokes that can be enjoyed in an hour or less is my preference.

    Those three never dissapoint and I have especially fallen in love with the RASS of late and have a review submitted that explains why.

  2. Steve
    I am quite partial to robusto sized cigars and haven’t tasted all cuban cigars, but my current 5 favorites, in no particular order. are:
    1. Partagas series D no 4 – a go to blockbuster
    2. Juan Lopez seleccion no 2 – full flavour, yet smooth, no bitterness at the end.
    3. Ramon allones specially selected – superb cigar, perfect balance between full flavour and velvet smoothness.
    4. H Upmann magnum 48 Edition Limitada 2009. A real blockbuster, bold, full bodied, Takes one back to old Cuba.
    5. Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure especial – solid, beautiful construction,oily,soft with solid spicy flavor. Aromatic – a classic.

  3. My top 5 2011 Cubans:
    Ramon Allones Superiores
    Partagas P2
    Bolivar Belicosos Finos
    Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchills
    Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2

  4. My top 5 list for THE moment is
    1. Bolivar el 2009
    2. Bolivar exclusivo Benelux
    3. Cuaba generosos
    4. La aurora preferidos, saffier
    5. Bolivar belicoso fino

  5. Hello from Oz Denis and sorry to hear that 2011 wasn’t a great one for you but for many and varied reason you are not alone in that lets hope for a better 2012! That’s a pretty good list you have and guess mine a bit different as I tend to enjoy the petit corona/corona sizes rather than the larger girth although Monte petit Edmundo is in my favourites along with San Cristobal el principe,Trinidad colonial and really enjoyed a couple of Cohiba esplendido and although it isn’t my habit still enjoying the remains of a box of Partagas D4s. Happy new year to all and most particularly you and those who supply the excellent reviews which have certainly helped me throughout the year! All the best from downunder,H.

  6. Yes, Habanos are the best cigars in the world and it’s tough to name the “Top 10.”. Yet, I’m shocked by your list. The Partagas 8-9-8 and RASS are quite frankly no where near the top of my list. But I’m a firm believer in personal preference. So consider the five cigars listed below as an alternative:
    1. Trinidad Fundadores
    2. Partagas Series D
    3. Trinidad Robusto Extra
    4. Por Larranga RE Asia 2011
    5. Cohiba Siglo VI
    (had to put at least one Cohiba on the list to keep them happy)
    Have a Happy Boxing Day with whatever you’re smoking!

  7. Cuban cigars are second to none. Flavors are deep, interesting, and many times, complex. I know, the aging thing annoys most smokers. I think it adds to the fun. You need a very large humidor to rotate and store boxes. Problem solved, aged smokes! It’s Xmass eve, bigtime feast in family room later, tree, fire, Giants vs. Jets for postseason life! What the hell will I smoke for the Cowboy/Eagle game at four? Here’s my top five:
    1. Partagas P2. Love that Parti flavor profile vitola to vitola
    2. H.Upmann 46. On the mild side but very complex
    3. Bolivar Royal. Heavy hitter and very tasty
    4. Montecristo #4. THE classic. Very consistant the past few years
    5. Cuaba Generoso. The dark horse. Small, double fig., unusually spicy, awesome construction. Good change of pace smoke.

    Enjoy your holiday everyone!

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