February 2010

Trinidad Short Robusto T 2010 Limited Edition

We’re done reviewing 2009 Edicion Limitadas and the news is already out with 3 new smokes programmed for 2010. A short robusto, a robusto and a grand robusto – how original! Nevertheless, they sound quite good and I’ll make sure to sample all of them. Will probably begin by securing a box of those Trinidads though. Without further ado, here is the list:

  • Trinidad Short Robusto T (short robusto, 4 x 50)
  • Partagas Serie D Especial (robusto, 5.5 x 50)
  • Montecristo Grand Edmundo (grand robusto, 5.875 x 52)

3 thoughts on “2010 Cuban Limited Edition Cigars

  1. What a horrible size selection. I have no plans on trying any of them…

  2. There are 3 short and fat guys of EL……

  3. The Trinidad Short Robusto T I bet will be robust—-would enjoy giving them a whirl…

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