December 2009

$100k offer from Corona Cigars to Tiger Woods

It’s quite fun so thought I should share. Everyone heard on the news about the recent changes in Tiger Woods’ life and sponsorship revenues… Well, Corona Cigars offers him some dough to get back into action 🙂

Orlando, Florida December 18, 2009 – Central Florida’s largest and most exclusive premium cigar retailers is offering a $100,000 endorsement deal to Tiger Woods, bucking a trend set by several of the troubled golfer’s current or former sponsors, including Accenture, Gatorade and Gillette.

“Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time and, although we do not condone his or anyone’s alleged extramarital affairs, nothing pairs better with golf than a premium hand-made cigar,” said Jeff Borysiewicz, president and founder of Corona Cigar Company.

According to Borysiewicz, Woods has frequented Corona Cigar in the past accompanied by his long-time friend Charles Barkley, the National Basketball Association’s former all-pro power forward.

“Who are we to judge? We welcome Tiger to our stores any time and are quite serious about the sponsorship offer,” Borysiewicz said.

There has been no word from Woods regarding Corona Cigar’s proposal.

Source: TransWorldNews

3 thoughts on “$100k offer from Corona Cigars to Tiger Woods

  1. $100,000??? 100k is to Tiger like what finding $5 in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a while, is to us. Never even missed it.

  2. Tiger Woods can do as he wishes. A great golfer? Yes. A great human and rolemodel that advertising should support? No. The guy has enough money to get through this and does not need to be promoting products, just putting his head down and doing what he does best. That philosophy got me through my previous divorce. I am not a philanderer though.

  3. Wow. Don’t get me wrong: Tiger is a great athlete; just maybe not a great man (or, at least, certainly not a great husband). That said: vendors/promoters/businesses are free to do as they will…

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