“White Beer” – light and refreshing

The summer considerably changed my drinking habits. Both of my pairing favorites, red wine and single malt have become less pleasant in this 30°+ C weather. This is why I’ve been enjoying a lot of witbier lately and thought I should share the info with you.

Witbier or bière blanche (“white beer”) in French is a very pale, cloudy ale. With a high level or wheat, it is usually spiced, either with coriander, spices, herbs or orange peel. With the alcohol by volume at about 5%, this is a very refreshing drink, perfect for the summer.

From my experience, it doesn’t alternate a cigar’s flavor much, so I can recommend pairing white beer with all kinds of cigars, from mild to full-bodied. A slice of lemon will make the beer even better. My favorite one is from Belgium (Hoegaarden), but I also appreciate the Edelweiss from Heineken. In the United States, from what I’ve found online, the most popular are Allagash White and Blue Moon Belgian White. Enjoy your summer as much as I do!

Do you like witbier? What are your favorite brands?

8 thoughts on ““White Beer” – light and refreshing

  1. White beer has too much of an almost citrus flavor to me… It makes it taste too much like a female inspired drink, and I can’t stand those things! Dark beers are preferable but a good amber lager every now and then with a meal is pretty good…

  2. Weihenstephaner is an excellent German Hefeweissbier — my personal favorite.

  3. Benito, the glass does not have a stem.

    Thanks for all your suggestions!

  4. Another fine Wit beer if you can find it is a belgian ale called Witkap. also New Holland Brewery’s Zoomer Wit is very tasty.

  5. If we’re talking good beer, the Ommegang Witte is phenomenal. But I’ll agree with JasonT there, and since Blue Moon is brewed here in Memphis, you can get it really fresh.

    I can’t tell from the photo–does that glass have a stem? Regardless, there’s nothing like a good beer served in the perfect glass.


  6. A bunch of the Canadian breweries (Rickards, Alexander Keith, etc.) make good wheat beers, but I tend to stick to Hoegarden. I find wheat beers don’t quite hold up to full-bodied, spicy cigars, but that’s just my opinion.

  7. I really like Blue Moon. I do add an orange slice if available. I haven’t tried the Sam Adams White Ale though. I’ll have to look for it.

  8. In the US a lot of people like an orange slice in thier White Ales. I am a fan. I have sampled many White Ales and have yet to find one I enjoy more that Sam Adams White Ale spring time seasonal brew. Every Spring I stock up on a couple cases and nurse my way through them.

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