Whisky Review: Nikka Yoichi

Here is a monthly (although the schedule has been missed a few times lately) whisky review, written by Martin from WhiskyCritic.com. Enjoy!

Meeting and making friends with people from different cultures is a great way to achieve personal growth; through introducing you to different cultures and ways of life, it helps you understand and appreciate your own and the world at large. It is with great pleasure, then, that I share with you all the story of a new friendship which recently blossomed between myself and a Japanese chap. Well, I think it’s a chap – some may disagree.

His name is Yochi – Nikka Yochi – and his age is unknown, but I’m pretty sure he’s not all that old. I don’t know much of his history, but I do know him quite intimately considering how short a period of time we have been acquainted. He smells of wild strawberries, clementine and white chocolate covered crystallised ginger (which is an amazing snack, by the way, try it!) It’s a pleasant smell, but not the best I’ve ever come across; it seems to lack something that I can’t quite put my finger on. His taste isn’t too different to his smell, and offers at first a smooth, creamy sweetness full of dark summer berries and a bit of mint; this is quickly followed by a saltiness, for which I am grateful. Without the salt his taste would have fallen rather flat – but as it stands, there’s enough there to keep me coming back for another wee taste.

How’s that for homoeroticism? I’ve likened whiskies to Monroe and the like before, and in this time of equality I figured I had better work a male ‘character’ into one of my reviews as well. I don’t want to risk seeming sexist, you know. For anyone who was utterly confused by the above; I haven’t fallen head in love with a Japanese chap, but was of course referring to a whisky. Specifically Nikka Yochi, and even more specifically the expression which comes without an age statement.

With all that silliness aside, I suppose I should end this review with an overall impression. It’s a decent enough whisky – nothing fancy, but sometimes that’s just what you want, and as I mentioned earlier it’s always good to make new friends from around the world.

Colour: Dark apple juice.

Nose: Wild strawberries, clementine, white chocolate-dipped crystallised ginger.

Palate: Creamy, dark summer berries, hint of mint, salty.

2 thoughts on “Whisky Review: Nikka Yoichi

  1. Hi Bennett,

    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like my review; I am, of course, fully aware that the above is a rather non-traditional review, and that won’t be to everyone’s liking. As I see it, however, you have to extend beyond the norms of a field every once in a while – whether that field is whisky reviews or making burgers – partly to stay sane, and partly to explore new ways of doing things that could lead to something great. The above is exactly that; it’s me trying out a new, less serious, take on what a whisky review might be, and hopefully entertaining the odd person who has a similar sense of humour to my own.

    Best regards,

  2. I like whisky. I also like whisky reviews. But, this one is trying to be much too cute. It fails to really tell me about the product, in my opinion. Also, is doesn’t sound like something I’d seek out to try. The description is more about a Kool-Aid drink or some sort of awful sangria. Sorry, but I’ll pass.

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