Whisky Review: Bowmore 12 Year Old

Whisky Review: Bowmore 12 Year Old
Date: April 2022
Author: Martin

Bowmore 12 Year Old

Here is a monthly whisky review, written by Martin from WhiskyCritic.com. Enjoy!

They don’t come much older than Bowmore (which, on a side note, means Great Reef); receiving their licence in 1779, they are the oldest distillery in the Islay region.

The 12 year is the standard installation of the Bowmore range, and as such is the one most commonly found in the cupboards of your average whisky drinker. The distillery has earned a good name throughout its existence, producing several varieties which have all been praised for the well-rounded, smoky, peaty character.

If you enjoy Laphroaig, you will quite likely enjoy Bowmore as well – in fact, it has, on more than one occasion, been referred to as a sweeter version of Laphroaig (by me, anyway!) as they share many of the same characters, but the Laphroaig has a slightly more overwhelming smokiness.

The fact that it is sweeter than Laphroaig means that Bowmore doesn’t necessarily need water (for the purpose of this review, I drank it neat), however you can add a drop or two with a clear conscience. If you don’t like too much smoke hitting your nostrils, you may be best off serving this particularly single malt in a tumbler.

Eye: A classic golden.

Nose: Immediate smokiness upon first setting your nose to the rim, followed by a well balanced mix of heather-honey, dried apricots, liquorice, iodine and tar. I’ve heard a couple of enthusiasts report a hint of citrus, which went past me.

Taste: Once again there is no arguing with the smokiness, and the balance of the flavours is nearly perfect. The initial smokiness and tar flavour is mellowed beautifully by the mouth-watering sweetness of apricot and honey; the liquorice is brought out chiefly upon swallowing, which also bring back further smokiness, while the sweetness of apricot lingers patiently at the sides of your tongue.

If I were to summarise my opinion of this whisky, the only thing I could say is that everyone should have one in their collection. Not only is it a classic, and one of the best known brands out there, but absolutely delicious. I suppose I should mention its price, too (keep your hat on for this one): you can pick it up from about £22/$35! What are you waiting for?

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