Vodka Clash: Beluga (RUS) VS Grey Goose (FRA)

Even though it has almost nothing to do with cigars, I decided to post here the results of our little study. In fact, I managed to get one of the best Russian vodkas (Beluga) and I thought it would be interesting to compare it with Grey Goose, which is quite often referred to as the very best vodka in the world (this is probably also due to their skillful PR campaign as underlined by @highwaystar).

Beluga is produced from Siberian artesian water and malt next to Novosibirsk. A 0.7L bottle costs a little under $30. Grey Goose is distilled in Cognac, France, from French wheat. The bottle cost me around $50.

To compare the two, I asked my friends for help and since they all share my passion for quality drinks it was with pleasure that they accepted to assist me. It was not a blind tasting, I just asked everyone to say a few words about the drinks and choose between them.
Oddly, I only managed to find 8 tasting sheets (we were 10). Probably because we had a lot of things to taste that night…


Beluga scored 5 points, finishing ahead of Grey Goose with 3 points. According to reviewers, Beluga turned out to be more subtle and elegant, whereas its French opponent appeared too powerful for our palates (on the other hand, I can’t say that it lacks freshness – it’s as fresh as it can get!).
I should also mention the fact that none of us are professional vodka reviewers – these are purely our subjective opinions. Overall, it was very fun and definitely not the last time.

Question to readers: what is your favorite vodka?

17 thoughts on “Vodka Clash: Beluga (RUS) VS Grey Goose (FRA)

  1. OK ladies and gentlemen I a Scotch drinker and love to take on a challenge. However, I am not a Vodka drinker at all. However, I can tell you that aa friend from Romania recommended Beluga Vodka to me and I tried it and LOVED IT. In fairness to all the other Vodka out there I have tried Grey goose also recommended by another friend and I must tell you the sublime subtly of the Beluga I find far better than grey goose.
    Once again I am no expert but I also know what good Scotch and bad Scotch taste like therefore comparing the two vodkas was quite simple given both their reputation. If you get the opportunity to pick up a bottle of Beluga it would be worth it. As it stands the duty free international airport have it on hand but all the LCBOs in Ottawa Canada are out of stock.
    Good luck in finding a bottle..
    Cheers Dav

  2. Monte Carlo vodka , is the best on the market the taste is way far from the all others…

  3. We have done many shots of Graygoose and we have done many shots of Beluga and we overall prefer Beluga. It goes down much smoother than Graygoose, however we will still buy both. We only pay $19.99 for a 750ml bottle of Beluga at Mission Wine & Spirits.

  4. I have tested many brands of Vodka, but the best vodka I have ever test is the Beluga, bought it from Russia for under $30 and it was one of the most expensive … Great ever Vodka

  5. I purchased a 750ml of beluga at Munich duty free shop. I love it…. Always like my vodka straight and it was the smoothes vodka I have ever tasted… Unfortunaly I havent been able to find it at the liquor stores around here 🙁 I can get it through the net but they want like $23 for ups shiping and the bottle is about $30.

  6. I usually purchase Belvedere Intense 50% and on a recent trip to Turkmenistan I was directed to the Beluga by an attendant at Heathrow London – its on a similar price point at £40.00 for 1 Litre in Duty Free and MUCH MORE smoother and fresher than the Belvedere with a pleasant after taste albeit without the kick. 5*

  7. Saw Beluga in the St. Regis in Miami, but was very expensive for a martini. So I passed.

  8. found a bottle in a shop in london yesterday, amazing truly amazing, never again shall i pollute my palate with crap like smirnoff.

  9. During a visit to Kiev I also found Beluga and Beluga Gold Line, for sure the best vodka I ever tried…The gold line is excellent but to expensive and the standard is still superior to most of the vodkas I tried before and in line with Chopin and Ultimate which where upto now my favourites.

  10. My girlfriend’s father brought a bottle with him from Russia. Being with her has developed my vodka palate over the past year+. We usually drink it Russian style; frozen straight shots (rumki), with a bite of appy (zakuska) to follow. I would rate the Beluga as FAR superior to anything I’ve ever had, and that includes G.G., Belvedere, Russian Standard, Ablsolut, Iceberg, Stoli, etc.

  11. I just purchased Beluga in Brooklyn, NY. I did hear a lot about it. While not a professional taster i consider myself mature vodka drinker. After tasting Beluga Vodka i must say that its probably the best vodka i ever tasted-clear, no smell,no taste. Unlike some other overrated French vodka which smell like a perfume. Actually, surprisingly i try Beluga at room temperature and it was great. If Russkies continue to produce Beluga at the same standards i can see this vodka to be rated #1 within 5 years in the world.

  12. It is quite difficult to say which vodka is better. The best vodka is supoosed to be the one without color, aroma or taste!!!!. It should taste only pure alchohol. In my opinion smirnoff is already as good as Beluga or Belevedere or Grey Goose.

  13. I have been to Novsibirsk,and that is where I tasted Beluga for the first time.Been looking for it ever since.I gave up the search for a while,’til tonight,when I found your site.Let me just say that I’ve had plenty of vodkas and I fell in love with Beluga.Smooth and no overpowering aftertaste.A bit sweet,but to be expected and not too sweet.Great straight or in a martini,but dont waste it in a screwdriver.If you’re going to have a driver,use Mr.Belvedere or “Stully’s”

  14. I got one bottle of beluga as a gift after I started up some machines in siberia. I didn’t see the beluga in stores but I didn’t really look for it. it did however cost 53€ for 0.7L in the tax free so if you can get it for $30 then it’s a bargain. it’s very nice.

  15. Indeed. Russkiy Standart used to be quite good 5+ years ago but is definitely to be avoided right now.

  16. better try polish shopen vodka. grey goose is good vodka,but realy not the best. and never try russky standrat:))

  17. I’ve never seen the Beluga, but it sounds great. I usually love a grey goose martini… Mabye it could make a great replacement!

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