The Definitive Cigar Wrapper Guide from A to Z

There is a lot of information online about cigar wrappers, mostly listing different shades and providing short characteristics of each type. We’ve decided to go a bit further and attempted to create a sort of library about cigar wrappers. This page will list all articles about cigar wrappers ever published on

We hope that this information will help you select and understand cigars. Our research has found that cigar makers tend to generalize their wrapper descriptions or have different names for the same type of wrapper. So hopefully we’ll help you explain some of the inconsistencies. We also included examples of existing cigars with a particular wrapper whenever possible.

Do not forget though that the wrapper is not responsible for the flavor of the cigar alone, and how much does the wrapper contribute to a cigar’s flavor is another discussion in its own. Oh, and before you start, have a look at our Cigar Wrappers F.A.Q. and learn about common tobacco strains.

Wrappers by Origin

Wrappers by Type

Wrappers by Color

  • Candela – green eggs and ham, please.
  • Colorado – the red-headed stepchild of cigars.
  • Maduro – includes Brazilian, Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Mexican maduros as well as Connecticut Broadleaf, Aripiraca and Mata Fina wrapper types.

“Extinct” Wrapper Types

These are wrappers rarely seen anymore or are from plants no longer grown or used for wrapper leaaves.

  • El Corojo : the forefather to the modern day Corojo plant.


2 thoughts on “The Definitive Cigar Wrapper Guide from A to Z

  1. I recently saw a cigar line by Perdomo called their “Habano” line.
    The label said wrapper – Equador. They had three versions, Connecticut, Sun Grown and Maduro. So what is the wrapper?
    Equador / Connecticut…etc ? What is the ‘Habano’ referring to?
    Thank you

  2. This is a wonderful site. I have always wanted to learn more about cigars because men who partake just seem to be quite more mature and know how to be on grown man status. I enjoy the way the smell and look and taste when the perfect wrap touches my lips. Glad I stumbled upon this site because it is very enlightening.

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