The Cure for “Cigar Breath” Found!

The Cure for “Cigar Breath” Found!
Date: February 2022
Author: Zen Cigar

Smoking breath

A malady that has long plagued the cigar smoking man (and woman)… Cigar Breath!

No matter how much you brush your teeth or your tongue or your face, it’s still there!

Try as you might, no mint or spray can hide the Funk that is Cigar Breath.

Until now!

That’s right, for only a couple of bucks at your neighborhood grocer, you too can eliminate that noxious odor that emanates from the depths of your mouth after you’ve enjoyed your favorite cigar of choice.

What is it you ask? It’s…

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds!

That’s right, pop 10 or 15 in your mouth and suck on them for a couple of minutes, you will taste licorice from the seeds, but more importantly when you spit the seeds out, your cigar breath is ‘Poof!’ gone!

I stumbled on this due to my love of Indian cuisine. Instead of a little tin of mints, they will often have a little plate of anise seeds, fennel seeds and licorice candies. I love the taste of licorice so I got some of the ingredients to make a batch of mine at home.

I just so happened to have smoked a cigar prior and upon spitting out the seeds I noticed my cigar breath was gone, the wife didn’t even comment on my breath (and she ALWAYS does).

If you can handle the taste of licorice, give fennel seeds a try and see if it works for you.

10 thoughts on “The Cure for “Cigar Breath” Found!

  1. Tried this today by grinding parsley and fennel and a few caraway seeds in a blender-no particular recipe, I would skip the caraway next time and then I remembered I had apple vodka in the fridge so added that to the mix, a little mouth swirl did the trick. I think letting the ingredients sit in the alcohol would improve, then decided to paour the rest through a cone filter and have a little nip! I’m going to make a batch and maybe add orange zest or maybe just orange zest. gotta love herbs and spices!

  2. That sounds great where can i get fennel seeds im in South Carolina and like smoking with my other half.

    1. You can find Fennel Seeds in the spice aisle of all grocery stores.

  3. Using fennel seeds is a great tip. I’ve seen a few Indian restaurants around me provide a fennel and granular sugar mix. The sugar seems to make the licorice taste a bit more palatable for some people.

  4. Possibly saved my current marriage. She agreed that it works. Had a great Valentines evening.


  5. After dinner with a family with a very Italian heritage, they cut up fennel (looks like cabbage), and chewed on quarters of it, like you are eating celery or something similar. The sense was, that this was to cleanse the palate before dessert (think lots of garlic in the main part of the dinner). So instead of the seeds, one could probably chew on the vegetable portion of the fennel plant.

  6. Huge thanks for our wives 😉

  7. i wonder if smoking the seeds might do the trick also… jk

  8. Well that is something to try, thanks for the tip!

  9. Thanks for the trick! The thing is I had indian food yesterday and I thought the exact same things to myself 😉

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