The Best Cigar Lighters

If you’re just getting into smoking cigars, a lighter is one of the essential items you’ll need. And if you’ve been smoking for years? Then you know that there’s a lighter for every occasion. Readers often ask us about our favorite lighters or those that we’d recommend.

The five cigar lighters featured in this article were designed for ease-of-use, functionality and style. They’ll make a statement wherever you go, and they’ll get the job done flawlessly!

We didn’t include luxury ($100+) cigar lighters in this selection because those we’ve owned were often inferior in terms of reliability (Dunhill I am looking at you). And if you’re looking for a tabletop cigar lighter, don’t forget to check Robustojoe’s extensive guide published a few months ago.

Here is our selection of best cigar lighters. I feel that they are all top notch in terms of quality: don’t expect the #1 to work better than the #5.

1. JetLine Super Torch Clear Lighter

Jetline Super Torch Clear

JetLine makes some sleek, beautiful lighters, but this isn’t one of them. The design looks pretty industrial; you can actually see the butane in the chamber. It’s an extra large chamber, however, and there is one advantage to the clear design, and that’s that you can see the level of the butane at all times. So you know when you’re running out and need to refill. There’s nothing more annoying than bringing a special stogie and finding you can’t light up because you forgot to fill the chamber. This lighter eliminates that problem.

While this is not the best-known cigar lighter either, it’s awesome. It’s sturdy, built to last, and lights quickly and effortlessly. It delivers reliable performance; I haven’t had a single issue with it. It may not be a looker, but for $10-$20, it doesn’t need to be. You’re not going to find a sweeter deal than that.

2. Vector Heatran Triple Flame Lighter

Vector Heatran

This lighter may not be one you’ve heard of, and it may not be the best-known brand, I was happy to give it a try anyway when a friend recommended it.

And guess what? It’s amazing. It fits easily in your pocket, it looks great with that black matte finish and simple, elegant design, and it’s amazingly reliable. The heat level is adjustable, so you can get exactly what you need. It lights up right away, too. Even though you may be thinking of going with a bigger brand, the Vector Heatran is well worth your consideration! How much will it cost you? Expect to pay $30-$40.

3. Xikar Element Lighter X550G2

Xikar Elements

Xikar is a brand that makes a lot of awesome cigar accessories, and the Element Lighter is no exception. This lighter has a pretty basic look to it (but with a beautiful finish), and it’s a top-notch performer. Standout features include an automatic protective lid, a window on the side that lets you check on your fuel level, and a built-in cigar punch for dual functionality.

The Element Lighter puts out a consistent flame and is easy to light. It’s great for precision and the punch is sharp and ideal for most ring gauges I’ve tried with it. Any drawbacks? Well, this thing really burns hot, and it burns right through your fuel too. You can expect to have to refill it pretty regularly. At $40-$60, it also isn’t cheap. It’s one of the best buys you’ll find in that price range, however, so if you want something with a sleek finish and some extra bells and whistles, it just may be worth it.

4. Bugatti B-2002 Butane Cigar Torch Lighter, Dual Flame

Bugatti B-2002

This cigar lighter has a really chic two-tone design which is just fabulous to look at. It’s also got some excellent features: two flames, wind-proofing, a smooth Zippo style lid, and a cigar punch cutter built right in which you can fold back out of the way when you aren’t using it. It shouts “luxury” without running you broke; you can buy it for $20-$50. At the lower end of the price range, that is an incredible deal.

I actually had to adjust the flame on this one to get it working right. Factory settings weren’t cutting it. That said, it now performs spectacularly, and a lot better than most other lighters I’ve tried. It’s also great for wind-proofing.

5. Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter

Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter

Here’s another handy, reliable lighter in the same price range. Buy it in charcoal or chrome—whichever suits your fancy. It’s not gorgeous, but the clear tank does show you the fluid level, and it’s lightweight, durable, and built for wind-proofing.

This is actually one of the most impressive lighters I’ve ever tried, and not just in this price bracket. This bad boy easily outperforms $50 lighters I’ve used! It works effortlessly, and the butane goes a long way. And how about the wind-proofing? It’s phenomenal. We were having a pretty rough gale the other day and I had no problem getting my cigar lit. So if you’re living in Chicago or on the coast or somewhere else another lighter won’t do the trick, you’ve finally found your answer!

Bonus: Zippo Classic Lighter

Zippo Cigar Lighter

The Zippo classic lighter needs no introduction. It’s a cultural icon, and it’s been used by many of them as well. Its sleek, simple design heralds back to the 1930s. For the cigar smoker who loves the whole retro look, it makes an elegant and reliable accessory.

Of course, there’s just one problem, and that’s that the Zippo lighter uses Zippo lighter fluid. If you’ve tried that in the past, you know it might mess up the flavors of your cigar. But there is a way around this! All you need to do is purchase a torch flame lighter insert like the Z-Plus. It goes right in your Zippo lighter and lets you use it for your cigars! It doesn’t come with the fuel, though, so you also will need to stock up on butane (which you’ll need for any of these lighters anyway). I recommend the Vector Quintuple Refined Butane Fuel.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Yeah, a lot of these lighters won’t turn any heads, but they’re affordable, user-friendly, reliable, and will provide you with excellent performance now and over the years to come. What are your top recommended butane lighters? Share with us in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “The Best Cigar Lighters

  1. So back up a little on the zippo and liquid butane….Wasn’t there some research done with using them and whether or not they affect the flavor? If I recall, it was mentioned that as long as you let the Zippo run for a bit to expel some of the butane to burn off, that there was no noticeable difference and in fact produced less of a chance of any scorching. Thoughts?

  2. Still love the Dupont…..I have a huge collection from Cuba many years ago. They came with Cohiba, H. Upmann and soforth logos.

  3. Hi, I am in the market for a cigar light for my boyfriends birthday in a few weeks. I myself dabble in cigars and know the names, different wrappers, etc. However I am not all that familiar with the lighter scene. I’ve been doing research and played with a few and narrowed down and would like some feedback or even suggestions. The S.T. Dupont is obviously the cream of the crop, with mixed reviews and I was one swipe away from buying the Maxijet slim. If he wants a nicer one he’ll have to marry me. Moving on, the Lotus Black label flat flame first edition. Seems pretty legit and small enough for his two cigar case. I found the Lotus Black label Kronos and I remember my bf saying the best cigar lighter he ever used had three jets. With that said, any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Many thanks for a great and accurate review. I purchased the Jetliner for 12$. Lights up perfectly particularly in the golf course. I spent a couple of years ago $120 in a beautiful Colibrí lighter…which gave me problems from day. I have returned twice. So…Many thanks!

  5. I use a Vertigo Glock. Triple flame, and just the right size to fit in the watch pocket of my jeans. Have never had a problem and it was $20!

    My wife bought me a Dupont – lasted about three months then went in for a repair that cost $75!!! I retired it.

  6. No soft flame options? I know they’re not as quick as a torch, especially on the larger ring gauges, but work well with patience.

  7. Lmfao best lighter I ever had..
    4 torch jetliner $19 …. flew all over the world through every airport for 3 1/2 years … Paris,Doha,Frankfort, Tokyo…. ect… got taken away from me in Lubbock Tx … 4 gate airport lol miss that ol’ girl

  8. The Bugatti insert will swap out in a zippo shell as well. I found this out when my Bugatti started to look tatty.

  9. A big drawback of the Xikar Element is that is extremely heavy. Great table lighter, but very impractical as a pocket lighter.

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