Screwpop Cigar Punch Review

Screwpop Cigar Punch Review
Date: February 2022
Author: Cigar Inspector

Screwpop Cigar Punch

I have recently received a new cigar gadget called Screwpop and, after a few weeks of using it on regular basis, I thought it was time to post a quick review (and, as the title says, we’ve got a giveaway – read on!).

Screwpop is a cigar punch and a bottle opener. It is described by Screwpop Tool LLC, the company that retails this and other handy tools, as follows:

This durable cigar punch is equipped with a sharp, stainless steel insert for neat-and-easy cutting, threaded screw cap and lightweight aluminum body. The punch can be clipped to belt loops, straps, key rings, in the eyelets of zippers — and just about everywhere else.

ScrewpopScrewpop feels solid and works as advertised – the blade is sharp and makes flawless punch cuts. It’s a bit large since it’s targeted at the American market, so you might find the cut too wide for your petit corona. The bottle opener is also easy to use once you figure out the way you should hold the tool (I admit I needed a second look). The fact that you can clip it to your belt loop or key ring really helps.

Screwpop Cigar Punch is currently available at $7.95 from Cigars International.

124 thoughts on “Screwpop Cigar Punch Review

  1. Looks like a great accessory. I prefer to punch and this tool would be perfect for me, and that’s before mentioning the bottle opener.

  2. The Screwpop Cigar Punch – What next? Great combination of tools, to enjoy both my favorite beverage and cigar!

  3. I need to try this!!!

  4. Looks like a handy tool for taking on the road!

  5. At last a worthy accessory to my Zippo

  6. Well, this will be my favorite accessory if I win one!! C’mon, hook a guy up!!

  7. I’m a v-cut guy (Colibri) for bigger sticks, however, the punch is nice when sitting on the patio with some Macallan 18.
    Would be a nice addition to the golf back and one for the patio UFC parties

  8. Nice tool to have attached to my golf bag.

  9. Looks cool, can always use another.

  10. the punch is a nice idea, but send me the chimay & partagas limited 2008, and I’ll buy the punch to open the chimay and
    prep the cigar. thanks,

  11. Brilliant!
    Punch one of your favorites…
    Along with a cold one!

  12. Looks like this gadget has been put on the market with me in mind!

  13. I am using a punch I made from an old bullet casing right now, this would be a great upgrade.

  14. Now this is something I need a few of

  15. That’s a brilliant idea for travel and staying in the good graces of the tsa. It almost looks like rock climbing hardware which says something.

  16. My favorite tool is Palio cutter. I also love my xikar cutter and siglo puncher.

  17. My favorite cigar accessory is my Xikar cutter. A decade in and it performs as good as ever…Second favorite is my coolerdors; reliable stable storage for little money!

  18. Looks great

  19. Very cool. I use a guillotine, it would be great to try something new out. I just started smoking cigars a month ago.

  20. Sounds really cool and handy

  21. I’ve come to love a punch cut.

  22. Punch me!!!

  23. Hard to concentrate on the Screwpop with the other beauties in that photo hogging my attention.

  24. I’m comment 100…if that means anything. Also Dont have anything but my teeth to cut my cigars right now.

  25. Love my Xikar Element. Great lighter and I find myself using the built in punch way more than I thought I would.

  26. Favorite accessory is my herf-a-dor. I won’t travel without it!

  27. having recently ‘discovered’ cigars, I haven’t tried a punch yet, use my trusty double-guillotine for everything. Now the bottle opener on the other hand….been known to use one of those on a fairly regular basis 😉

  28. This would be the perfect tool/ accessory to take on a weekend camping trip!

  29. what a awesome tool!! Good Luck to everyone..

  30. I’m amassing a collection of guillotine-style cutters so a punch would be a nice change – and less hassle to take through airport customs!

  31. CI, can’t go wrong! good luck everyone!

  32. Would like one too!

  33. sounds like a great tool would like to win one

  34. Cigar punch + Bottle opener!! It’s like a limp dick, you can’t beat it!!

  35. I enjoy my XIKAR Punch and scissors but would welcome the Screwpop punch.

  36. A punch is my favorite cut and I’m always in need of a poptop!

  37. my usual cigar punch just broke, was looking to buy a new one… this would be great if I could win one !

  38. Never tried a cigar punch cut – but I’d like to! Thanks guys.

  39. Looks like a handy gadget. I would like to win one.

  40. This tool seems good enough and the term less is more comes to mind. Cool tool to start screwing and popping with..

  41. I’m definitely a punch- as opposed to a clip- guy. This sounds like a nifty tool!

  42. Sounds like a nice tool to me.

  43. Hey, sounds like a really handy item. Sign me up!

  44. I need one of these!!! Two tools in one!

  45. My Prometheus table torch lighter, makes lighting up so easy.

  46. My favorite cigar accessory has to be a nice cold scotch on the rocks.

  47. I love my vector lighter

  48. Pretty cool looking dual service tool. Don’t use many punches, usually cutters, but I do open plenty of micro brews so this could be my next love affair.

  49. this looks like a very handy tool. I would switch to a punch; it would be like an experiment.

  50. This is a great tool.
    Cant think of a tool that would get more use.

  51. Not a doubt in my mind, my Palio cutter! Thanks for the contest.

  52. This just might be the tool to get me interested in punch cutters, as I’ve always been a double guillotine man.

  53. Looks like a must have! My Colibri punch is needing to be replaced.

  54. I love my Palio but do enjoy a punch cut for some cigars. Good idea1

  55. Cool, a punch with a bottle opener! Now I won’t have to scratch up my lighters opening bottles!

  56. Hope i win looks like a great gadget! Perfect to use with a no 9….

  57. Beer and cigars? I like both of those things! The bottle open looks a bit awkward but I’m more than willing to win one and try it out. 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  58. Awesome tool – handy for the glovebox or your back pocket!

  59. ooOooh, beer opener and puncher! Perrrrfect! 😀

  60. I’ve only used a punch for a few months but like them more than a guillotine. I could use a new one that also doubles as a can opener.

  61. It looks like a winner to me. Would love to win one as well!

  62. Nice little tool, definitely would like one.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. This looks like a nice little punch. What’s the size of the cut itself?

  64. I’m an accessory nut. Thanks for the contest!

  65. Looks like a great tool and addition to any cigar smokers’ accessory pool. I am more a straight cut guy and love my Perfect Cut cutter from Cuban Crafters. My B&M guy and best friend are big on punch cuts.

  66. I travel quite a bit for work and this would work nicely in a pinch for a beer and a smoke. Thanks for the contest.

  67. I love my OneOff’s Portable Ashtray, and my Vector Heatran, but a bottle opener would be a great addition.

  68. A great tool when traveling but not only 🙂
    It might end up the permanent tool 😛

  69. My Ronson Jetlite; it’s outlasted and outlit a Prometheus and a stack of Xikars.
    Would love to have a nice punch, though. I like that it’s wider than most.

  70. In. Never used a punch before, stick with the guillotine or double guillotine.

  71. Well, ok, I’m in…

  72. Nice to have multi- functional doo-dads!

  73. Great idea especially during cookout season

  74. What an awesome tool! My current favorite is my Xikar V-cut that doubles as a cigar holder.

  75. Thanks for the chance! !

  76. I used to swear by my Xikar cutter but of late I have become a punch guy. A great tool!

  77. What an awesome little tool for mowing… barbecuing… hammock lounging… pretty much anywhere and anytime you’d have a cigar and a beer at the same time!,

  78. I want one! I have a punch i love but can’t remember where I got it or I’d buy several more. Hate it when that happens.

  79. I think this could be my new favorite cigar tool. Win one or not I will find one soon. Great item.

  80. I’m always looking for new toys! This dual purpose tool looks like a lot of fun bridging two of my favorite past-times. I hope I win.

  81. This is the perfect tool to have: it’s compact and practical

  82. Never had any luck with a punch, but I’d give it a try!

  83. They have a boy scout badge for this…
    just kidding

  84. my favorite accessory is definitely my Xi3 redwood cutter. perfect cuts every time.

  85. Sounds like a great accessory to have. Currently my favorite accessory is my Cigar Stub. Allows me to enjoy every bit of my stogies

  86. I prefer punch but, have trouble finding one that stays sharp regardless of the price. Look forward to trying this one.

  87. Nice tool…love the fact that its mobile…can clip it to anything!

  88. I really need a cigar punch, and am one of the few who normally drinks beer with a cigar. This would be perfect.

  89. That thing looks sweet! My favorite accessory is my Xikar lighter/cutter combo. The guillotine is magnetic and sticks to the lighter so you only have to carry one item.

  90. Great looking tool.

  91. Great pocket tool for an outdoor jacket when in the field. Small,simple and robust the way all good items are produced.

  92. I like it! Two important tools always handy on a key ring!

  93. Cool gadget! My favorite right now is my lighter and punch combo when I don’t have room for a cutter too. Even better when you have a bottle opener and punch!

  94. Great idea. Perfect for the course!

  95. I would love a punch cutter!!

  96. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. I have one of these ScrewPop Punches and love it – great new tool!

  98. Always in the market for a cool new gadget. Thanks for the giveaway (and always fun review). As far as current cigar toys go, I love my Xikar V-Cutter and their Multi-tool (too bad the airlines won’t always let you fly with it.) Note: I’m not a shill for Xikar!

  99. i always wanted to try a punch!

  100. Awesome idea Yet another thing to add to the shopping list.

  101. I always punch my cigars when I can. This punch looks amazing though! Bottle opener and punch that I can clip anywhere I want! Great for the golf course or smoking on the patio with a beer after a hard days work. I hope I win!

  102. Great idea. This would go in the golf bag.

  103. a lighter…. any lighter cause I cant smoke without it lite!!

  104. One stop shop. Cigar punch and a bottle opener, awesome!!

  105. I can feel my cigars calling already for this tool.

  106. I like it, a tool I didn’t even know that I needed.

  107. I’ve never used a punch so it looks interesting. The thing I’d like to know is how does the spring on the clip/bottle opener hold up with repeated use?

  108. That’s a great idea for killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I’ve been wanting a punch for a while and with the bottle opener, well that’s just the perfect combo.

  109. Would love to use this on an Avo and IPA combination!

  110. Screwpop I meant to say.

  111. I think I might be finally convinced to cut my cigars using a punch cutter. I’m very fond of my various logo’ed precise cut cigar cutters but this Screwtop sounds cool. Now if I can finally find out where to purchase those little j-1300 torch lighters I will be set for my mini travel kit for cigars.

  112. I love the fact that it’s pictured with my favorite cigar and beer. Add James Bond and what could be better?

  113. I love it when creative company’s invent new high quality gear that’s actually useful. I’m tired of plastic junk at a 300% markup. One way or the other, I’m getting this. And it looks like it would make a great gift too.

  114. I would like one, please!

  115. sounds perfect for the golf bag.

  116. Neat sounding punch. Ive been looking for a larger one. Favorite tool is my Xikar scissors.

  117. Not always a punch guy but it works great when I travel and going through TSA. My regular Xikar cutter has to go checked…
    Add the bottle opener and clip capabilities and boom, I like it!

  118. I love my Palio cutter. Thanks for the chance.

  119. I’m a puncher guy. Even figurados I punch… What a dream tool!

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