Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 Review

Last year, Brett from Screwpop Tools sent me a tiny cigar accessory called the Screwpop Cigar Punch. It’s perfect for anyone who loves pairings, because you can use it as both a cigar punch and a bottle opener. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but also can conveniently be clipped to belt loops or anything else.

Brett just recently sent me the new, upgraded Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0, which I was very excited to try since I liked the first one so much. This new version of the tool is very much the same as the original, with a few minor differences. It’s larger, heavier, and appears more solid. The punch also seems slightly larger in diameter. It’s more expensive than the original Screwpop ($14.95 as opposed to $7.95). The blade is just as sharp and the punch cuts are perfect. I found the bottle opener rather easy to use, but I remember having to try a couple times with the original to learn what I was doing. Still, one should note that the process is not as smooth as with a regular bottle opener.

Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 (left) and 1.0 (right)

Which do I like better? I’m not really too sure; they both work great. It’s a matter of individual preference whether you want a heavier or lighter tool. You might take the cigars you smoke into consideration too. The original punch was already slightly too large for some petit coronas, and this one is even larger. So think about the ring gauge you usually smoke, and make a decision based on that. Another thing to note is the fact that the 2.0 version has a way to clear out the punch after use, which was lacking in the original version.

100 thoughts on “Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 Review

  1. Xikar scissor

  2. I mostly use guillotine cutter (80%) and punch for the rest.

  3. Cigars and beer the perfect tool for both.

  4. have punch and cutter happy with both

  5. I prefer a classic guillotine cut. I always start shallow and can always take more off if the draw requires.

  6. To me IT looks like a handy tool

  7. Great review! I usually use a straight cut. It’s been quite some time since using a punch cutter.

  8. I’m a big fan of the punch cutters, but will use double blade guillotine with torps & belicosos. Have not played around with the V-cut, yet, but I’m sure I’ll take that for a test spin soon.

  9. I have always used a double guillotine cutter but this looks like a cool tool.

  10. I’ve always used a double blade guillotine, so would welcome trying a Screwpop for a change – and it would be a good excuse to add some robustos to my collection!

  11. I prefer my punch cutters, as they leave the cigar looking very presentable, and concentrating the flavours in the draw. My Xikar is reserved for figurados and petit coronas. Love to give the screwpop a try.


  12. I like the guillotine, but would like to see the difference a punch makes!

  13. Good review, thanks for the contest.

  14. I use a punch about 50% of the time but mine is getting dull. Could certainly use a new one!

  15. Guillotine 90% of the time. Punch the rest.

  16. I love a punch because you can’t screw it up and you don’t get a bunch of loose tobacco in your mouth from a bad cut. Only time I cut is with a torpedo

  17. Love punches (I use them about 90% of the time) and this one’s a dandy!

  18. I use a H cutter at present, but this could convert me I think, and damn handy

  19. What could possibly be bad about a product that helps me enjoy two of my favorite things?

  20. would love to try a punch style cutter

  21. Punch for larger
    Tried the shuriken cigar cutter, but not sold on it

  22. I prefer a punch. But I recently bought a shierken and it is slowly moving up.
    Love the look and ergo style of the Screwpop.

  23. I now prefer Punches after trying one. They kind of respect more the cigar besides leaving less tobacco dust in your mouth. I would definitely appreciate one of those.
    Happy Smoke!

  24. Love punches.. But sometimes a cigar calls for a v-cut. I’ve seen a couple of good reviews on these Screwpops and they look great. Would love to try one!

  25. I switch between a V cut (Xikar) and a straight cut (palio), but I’m going say the straight cut gets the blood about 75% of the time.

    This was a good review too, they look great to keep on the keychain!

  26. Hi Dennis. I have been using the XIKAR Xi3 now for some time and I am delighted with it. Seriously sharp with never any damage to the cap on cutting. I must confess I have never used a punch nor V-cutter so would like to go down that route some day to see the difference. Thanks for the review and nice tool Scewpop tools. Very handy to cart around!

  27. I prefer to punch because it leaves less debris in my mouth… But for a full draw I have to use a double guillotine

  28. I’m hooked on the v cut. Leaves a clean cut that feels nice on the tongue with a perfect draw.

  29. I’m hooked on the v cutter. Leaves a nice clean cut and feels good on the tongue. I’ve never tried a punch cut but enjoy the opportunity!

  30. I generally prefer my Cuban Crafters Perfect Cut because of it’s percision, but will use a punch cut to avoid problems with a suspect cap

  31. I’m a punch guy cause I just don’t like to eat salad while smoking a cigar.

  32. I use a guillotine for less than 50rg and a punch for anything larger with multiple punches for those jaw breakers.

  33. My go to cutter is my Xikar xi2. Gives me the sharpest, cleanest cut.

  34. I’m a punch guy

  35. I like my Cuban Crafters Perfect cutter, but just discovered punch cutters. Looking to expand my cutter inventory.

  36. my favorite cutter is the V-cut. I make an X cut for extra draw. It doesn’t compromise the cap, and no loose tobacco in your mouth.

  37. looks like a great punch

  38. I really like the v cutter when I get a cigar from my local cigar shop. It’s a nice heavy duty chomper. At home it’s a punch.

  39. After using both punch and cutter I prefer the cutter. Less likely to get an off-center hole.

  40. Versatility, weight, and ejects plug–an all rounder. A great man gift.

  41. My Colibri cutter. Haven’t really tried many other cutters though.

  42. Prefer the punch, as that was what I was first exposed to. I later went on to try the guillotine, but I never warmed up to it. Punch gives the best of all worlds: Easy, leaves no mess (and far less chance of the end unravelling),and better taste (IMHO). Winning a punch AND bottle opener, well….what more could one want? 🙂

  43. I use a punch whenever possible.

  44. Santa has never tried a punch-cutter, but would like to. I’ve got two Guillotine cutters that seem to fit the bill for whatever size cigar I try currently but this one sounds neat. Hoping to win…

  45. I recently tried a punch cutter versus a guillotine cutter. Loved it .

  46. i really like the v-cut, but can never find one which cuts deep enough. other than that, i like a simple punch cut.

  47. Nice, have never used one but it looks handy.

  48. I use a Xiikar. The punches I have tried are too small.

  49. I use a guillotine cutter for my usual smokes and I do find that you’ll have a tight draw from time to time and lots of unravel, but it is reliable. I’ve had a punch in the past and really enjoyed the draw and the cut, so that’s the way I’m going to have to vote.
    I would love to try a few v-cut cigars in the near future too.

  50. Nice review of a cool tool! I typically use the cigar scissors on my SAK (Swiss Army Knife), but this makes me want to try a punch cut out tonight!

  51. Xikar! Lifetime guarantee.

  52. Today I prefer a double guillotine cutter, but what to experiment with other types

  53. Palio is my go to. It’s sharp enough to amputate a finger if the need ever arose.

  54. Sharp knife to just barely flay open the end. worked great so far.

  55. Looks like a nice tool. Would love to have one. Thanks for the contest.

  56. Looks like a nice multi punch. Have always used guillotine but it is diff worth trying.

  57. I love my Colibri guillotine. This punch looks like the perfect tool to take on road trips!

  58. I’d love to try that punch on my next Punch!

  59. I’ve always used a guillotine cutter, v-cutter very occasionally, but never a punch. Love to try a punch though!

  60. A nice punch, and just in time for the Christmas cigars!

  61. Always been curious to try a punch. Looks like a nice tool.

  62. I like the Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter. It provides just that, a perfect and exact cut, every time.

  63. I love punches, they keep the cap looking like a cap and help keep the tobacco in the cigar where it belongs. It’s nice to have them in different sizes too. This would be a great addition to my cigar accessories, especially to use on my 70 ring gauge cigars.

  64. I prefer a regular guillotine most of the time, but I prefer a punch for a few of my favorite cigars. Not scissors, ever. I find too often that the blades misalign and chew up my cigar.

  65. I prefer a punch, especially for larger RG cigars. A punch is more conveniently carried in your pocket. I keep one on a key ring so it is always with me.

  66. Double guillotine, I’m old school. Clean, precise, sharp, consistent cut.

  67. I have been happy with my Xzikar guillotine but could use a nice punch, this one looks great. Happy holidays everyone.

  68. My favorite cutter is my Swiss Army Knife punch. Love the utility.

  69. My favorite is the V cut. Next is the punch. I have a built in punch on a couple of my lighters and I use it all the time. Less stuff you need to carry with you. This punch looks good. Something I could clip on my golf bag. Thanks for the blog and the contests.

  70. Probably my favorite type is a punch cutter, but that is mostly what I have had on hand.

  71. I’ve only ever used a punch cutter once because I have been using my $2 double-bladed cutter for quite some time, but I would certainly be happy to try the ScrewPop!

  72. I use a guillotine cutter but am open to try the screwpop

  73. This looks like a great little tool for a key chain or belt loop!! I may have to search for one of these on Ebay!

  74. I always reach for my V-cutter first. I used to love punching before I went V.

  75. I use both a v-cut and a punch. Like them both, they work for me. But it also depends on the ring size I’m smoking. Like everyone else would love to have one.

  76. I usually use a v-cut, but punch is a choice I pick from time to time, rarely ever do I just straight guillotine a cigar these days

  77. I have been using a punch for quite awhile now. I find it’s consistent and easy to use. Of course they don’t work well with torpedos but for that vitola I reach for a double guillotine cutter.

  78. I have had a punched cigar before and loved it. Typically though I use a guillotine and barely snip the end off.

  79. Colibri Monza Punch (10 mm)
    But maybe i can try this one ? 😉

  80. I use a punch. This one looks like a dandy!

  81. I’m A punch man myself.

  82. Have only used my XIKAR Xi1 and some disposable cutters, but I love the quality cut I get every time with the XIKAR.

  83. I have the original Screwpop, but I would really like to try the new one. I prefer punch cutters, but version 1.0 leaves a little bit to be desired. Sounds like they’ve solved the problems.

  84. I use the guillotine for most cuts but have been experimenting with V-Cut as well as punches.

  85. I am currently using a xikar punch and cheapo cutter I really need to upgrade.

  86. Love my Paliao Gulitine!

  87. My Xikar cutter works great, but with larger cigars I often like a simple punch. I avoid the punch with small ring gauge cigars for obvious splitting reasons.

  88. Love the v cut!!!

  89. I like all cuts different cutters for different smokes. I favor the v-cut and occasionally the guillotine. Thanks for the contest and good luck everyone.

  90. I usually reach for my perfect cutter but lately I have been grabbing the punch. I enjoy them both.

  91. I usually grab my perfect cutter but lately I have been reaching for my punch.

  92. I use both a punch and a guillotine cutter, it depends on the size of the cigar that I am enjoying.

  93. Punch is the only way to go, excited for the large size on the 2.0 as I usually smoke 60 & above

  94. Just recently bought a lighter grab bag that happened to have one with a punch cutter on it and even though it is a cheap version of a punch cutter I find myself reach for that more often than my double guillotine that I spent far more on it and having something to open my woodchucks with as well would be a great two in one for me

  95. Punch is probably my favourite but recently I have gotten into V cutters as well.

  96. Normally a Xikar Xi… but been looking for a reliable punch…

  97. I like my Xi3 because it never fails me.

  98. Great comparison between the two devices. Personally, I’m a v-cut smoker, especially on larger ring cigars. On the really large ring guages, I make an X cut with the v-cutter by slicing the head twice. With smaller ring guages, I often use a punch cutter.. In any event, I try to avoid guillotine cutters, since I find that they can cause the cap to unravel as you smoke the cigar down.

    And, as always, thanks a ton for the great contest. My fingers are crossed!

  99. I think the punch cutters are my favorite. I seem to get a more consistent draw with them, and I don’t have to cut into the cigar.
    Also mine broke recently, so I’d love a new one!

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