“Off the Beaten Path”: Achievement Cigars (1/2: Propio)

“Off the Beaten Path”: Achievement Cigars (1/2: Propio)
Date: December 2021
Author: M. Germany

Propio cigars

Since becoming a writer, I have come to a keen realization. In short, I am blessed. Through networking, I have met some amazing and passionate cigar manufacturers. None more passionate, however, than Mr. Max Myers. Max serves as CEO of Achievement Cigar Company, and his personal passion and drive has created something quite special in the cigar industry.

Achievement Cigar Company, ACC for short, is sectioned into three distinct brands. The three brands are comprised of Don Cervantes, Propio, and La Vina. The bad news is that only Don Cervantes is available in the United States for purchase, unless you are willing to purchase 200 or more sticks. Max states the following:

“If someone is a large scale buyer (200 sticks at a time) we have a way to serve them personally. If they are buying by the stick in the US, we are only selling Don Cervantes at this time, and they would need to buy from a retail store, as we committed to leave this brand for tobacconists. We chose to protect their territory from online sales as well as a regional exclusivity with other retailers.”

He also goes on saying:

“As for purchasing, we serve a network of VIP casino’s, rich VIP clients, some members only clubs, and some retail stores. Retail stores are our smallest business.”

You will find that the majority of their business is in China, which contains the largest population of wealthy citizens. With that being said, I would venture to say that ACC cigars have to be the definition of perfect. Since ACC has several sticks to offer, and I have a strong interest in the brand, I have decided to separate this story into two parts. For part one, we are going to cover the Propio line exclusively. Then, part two will cover Don Cervantes and La Vina.

The majority of tobacco used in ACC cigars is Ecuadorian, being that their farms are located in Ecuador. However, they also have been known to use Peruvian, Nicaraguan, and even some pre-embargo Cuban tobaccos. All of their cigars are rolled by master-rollers using the entubado method, which ensures a perfect burn an draw every time.

So, let’s get to the good stuff. I decided not to include any pricing information, as that information is actually irrelevant since these smokes are not available in the United States.

Propio Veneno

Rating: 9.3 / 10

Propio Veneno

The Veneno is an interesting smoke. The tobaccos used for this blend are harvested in the wild by the indigenous tribes of Ecuador. They “stalk cut” the tobacco, and then proceed to cure it on the stalk as well. Honestly, this is the most beautiful cigar I have ever laid eyes on. The beautiful, thin-veined wrapper dons a reddish hue that is very alluring. A smooth and free-flowing draw provides a lean and slightly dry smoke. With that smoke I found a wonderful flavor profile consisting of juniper berries, rosemary, cedar, and hearth-baked bread. Overall, the burn was perfect, and the ash was strong. This is a great smoke to have with a golden ale, or even a gin and tonic. Spectacular.

Propio Leon

Rating: 9.6 / 10

Propio Leon

I love Ligero, and the Leon is an all Ligero blend. Like the Veneno, this stick also had a reddish hued wrapper. This wrapper, however, was silky smooth, and perfectly oily. Aromatically, this stick is smooth, pleasant, and enticing. The cold draw brings a slight bitter spice and a strong wood flavor. When I lit this stick, I was expecting quite a bit of spice. That was not the case. What I did get, however, was hints of citrus, olive oil, mahogany, and wild rice. This was probably the most complex, but balanced smoke I have ever had.

Propio Nero

Rating: 9.4 / 10

Propio Nero

Dark, oily, toothy, and very well constructed. The cold taste is very interesting and different on this stick, and it’s best described as creamy. Unfortunately, the draw was fairly firm on this smoke. However, the burn is straight as an arrow, and the ash is perfectly white. The first third brings hints of dark cherry wood, semi-sweet molasses, walnut, and a touch of saffron. The draw never seems to loosen up, but this smoke was still very relaxing, and unlike anything else.

Propio Diamante

Rating: 9.1 / 10

Propio Diamante

The Ecuadorian Criollo Maduro wrapper on this stick is lighter in shade, and as spotty as a leopard. Aromatically, this cigar doesn’t offer much un-lit. However, the cold taste is pungent and tart. With a perfect draw, and solid construction, the smoke is delivered in large quantities. In the beginning, the flavors are woody, and only woody. The aroma from the smoke, however, is divine and therapeutic. Eventually the flavor profile evolves into oak, moss, caramel, tea, and dark chocolate. This was my least favorite in the line, but it is still a fantastic smoke.


In conclusion, the Propio line is spectacular and unique. You can literally taste and feel the passion put into each of these sticks. It’s a shame that they are not more readily available, but I now understand why they are not. Simply put, it would take away from the exclusivity of these very special smokes. Stay tuned for part two, and thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to smoke the Don Cervantes blends and found them to be of superior quality. Perhaps I’ll find myself in China some time soon and get my hands on some Propio!

  2. Based on your reviews, I would love to try these! Too bad they can’t be bought here!

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