Wrappers A-Z: Mata Fina

Wrappers A-Z: Mata Fina
Date: February 2022
Author: Zen Cigar

Brazil flag

The Mata Fina wrapper, named after where it is grown, is a reference to one of the four major growing zones in Brazil. Mata Fina is the region most prized for its wrapper leaf. It is almost always sun-grown. The Mata Fina wrapper, in general, has a unique earthy aroma and natural sweetness, different from the typical Maduro flavor profile, which makes sense as this is not actually from the Broadleaf variety (it’s from the Bahia).

Historically this was used as a binder instead of a wrapper. This wrapper used to be rare on premium hand-made cigars, as they are generally pretty rough looking, but is gaining popularity in recent years. This cigar may look rough around the edges, but it’s one of the few Brazilian puros on the market, and it’s been making waves for that reason. While Brazil has always been a major player in the industry, for some reason the country never gets the same amount of attention as Cuba and some other producers. Cigars like this one are paving the way for Brazil to make a comeback in the cigar world.



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