“Lunette C” Cigar Holder for Golf Carts

Recently I was contacted by Mark, a craftsman and a cigar smoker, with a request to review a very special cigar accessory. It was a hand-made cigar holder for a golf cart. Every year I say to myself, “I really should start playing golf”, and it was one of those times! Since these words are never followed by any action, I didn’t get a chance to try one of the holders. The “Lunette C Holders” look pretty cool, though; each of them is made from a unique piece of wood which has been salvaged for repurposing into a cigar holder. Every single holder is completely one-of-a-kind, and includes its own unique grain and color. It’s a great idea for recycling wood which otherwise would’ve gone to a landfill. It’s well worth checking out Lunette’s website to read the stories that go along with each and every holder.

The Lunette C Holder clips right onto your golf cart and allows you to enjoy your favorite stogie as you are strolling along the fairway. This is a really innovative product, and I love the rich histories that go with each piece. These really are premium cigar holders for your premium cigars.

Lunette C Holder

Each one retails for $75.00 on Lunette’s website.

40 thoughts on ““Lunette C” Cigar Holder for Golf Carts

  1. Tyler,
    LOL, being the inventor of the LunetteCHolder. I found my short game improved greatly because I wasn’t worried about my dog, yeah right!. The LCH will help with keeping your “short” dog in his place. Can’t wait for the grass to turn green!

  2. But will it help my short game?

  3. When golfing I prefer a Toro size, any Rocky Patel or a CAO MX2!

  4. I always enjoy a RP edge on the course.

  5. That’s a cool and nifty design. I like the finished hardwood look as opposed to a sterile matte black like you find on a synthetic or plastic holder.

  6. I can’t tell you how many times i have lost my cigars, or found them in a puddle!

    great idea!

  7. Cool looking holder – can’t go wrong with a Diamond Crown

  8. My favorite accessory is a nice bottle of an adult beverage!

  9. Wow, A lot of detail, workmanship and the unique concept from the guillotine to the drag pin adjusters.
    looking at the ambrosia maple nice character…

  10. Thanks for the reviews – the maker, I’m also looking forward to strapping my Lunette C Holder on the golf cart and playing around. I hope you all dug deep into the origins of the wood species when you click the individual product of choose. My favorite is the Hard Maple. Presently, putting other wood species into fabrication along with there origins. Keep in touch with my site for other products which are in design. The next is an ash decanter from a model for “joe six pack” to a decreet and elegant canister.
    Back to the think and shop

  11. Great product for sure. As a woodworker/cigar enthusiast/golfer, this is right up my alley. I usually go for a 6×60 or so cigar while I’m golfing so it last the whole game. Lately I’ve been smoking MUWAT 6×60 and it’s a beast of a stick. Also nice, is my torch that also has a punch on it which means one less thing to mess around with in my bag, very handy.

    I can thank my future father in law, who has gotten me into golf AND cigars. Haven’t looked back since I’ve tried either.

    Once again, great product, and thank you for even offering up a couple freebies.

  12. This might even get me to take up golf again! 😛

  13. My favorite accessory is my “hole in 1” cigar holder. It’s a golf ball with a hole drilled through it for a cigar. It always gets a laugh on the greens!

  14. Really cool idea. My typical fairway smoke is an Oliva Master Blends 3 or something from the Alec Bradley line.

  15. Yippee. Would love to win.

  16. Definitely my limited edition monte Cristo cuter and my favorite stogie for the course is a My Father Le Bijou 1922

  17. Great use of recycled wood, and the nicest holder for the course I’ve ever seen. I’d love to sport this on the cart the next time I hit the links!

  18. Beautiful workmanship on the Lunette C holder and wood golf cart. Hats off to you!

  19. A nice Rocky Patel Connecticut or if someone is offering I would be happy to smoke theirs. Looks like a great device!!

  20. Usually just grab any two for myself and a couple for friends. Problem is, having to decide which holder out of the bag depending on the gauge. Love the golf ball one but cigar can not be larger than a robust. OH, the trials we face!!!!!

  21. Any cigar works for me really, take a peak into my humidor and grab one or two. Have a tendency to go with Arturo Fuente Hemingways though.

  22. My favorite cigar right now would be a Liga 9 or UF13. My favorite accessory is my handy, Local BM cutter, it’s not very flashy, but it gets the job done. One of these holders would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  23. I enjoy my Cuban Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills during my round of golf.To bad my golf game is not as good as my cigars

  24. Love my cigar punch attached to my chain that’s attached to my belt. Multiple scerlosis made the use of my hands limited. I love the CAO Italia CAO piazza.

  25. Nice tool to have especially when you are on the green putting. Wouldn’t have to worry about putting my Camachos down while putting/hitting a shot.

  26. I am always looking for something to hold my cigar on the course. I enjoy Sam Leccia Black or White corona size, then I enjoy a larger ring at the 19th hole with a nice single malt. Can’t wait for golf weather to return.

  27. Definitely my palio cutter with monte 2s. both classics

  28. My favorite cigar to smoke is the Cohiba Siglo I.

  29. I love to take along anything from the Nub Line. Those short fat tasty cigars stay lit even when there’s a little wind; which is often in Texas. Plus the Nub line seems to last just the right amount of time during the round; not the whole round but a few holes.

  30. Those look hella classy!

  31. My favorite course cigar is the Cain Daytona. Lots of flavor but doesn’t mess with your nerves. Great for tournament golf.

  32. I’m always trying new cigars, and the ones that are only so-so or that I know I won’t smoke again wind up in the golf humidor (I also have a garage and yard humidor). I’ve found that cigars out in the wind, sun and dry air don’t fair very well so I just don’t take out great cigars.

    My triple flame wind-proof lighter is a must, as is my gar-tender cigar holder that slips onto the bag strap.

  33. Great idea ! I like to smoke a Montecristo petit Edmundo even though the flavour is so good it disturbs my concentration on the course ! Small price to pay ! All the best for this great product !

  34. Travel humidor to keep my babies safe while putting around in the cart!

  35. One of my favorite cigar accessories for the course is this Vertgo lighter/ball marker fixer/cigar stand. It’s a standard single torch lighter but it also has a switch blade like divot tool and on the other side of the divot tool is a cigar rest…you can also use the cigar rest as a club rest so your grip doesn’t get wet.

    One of my favorite cigars for the course is the PG Cigars Artisan Selection. Good price so I don’t feel bad if it gets messed up, good flavor profile so it’s not too light or too strong.

  36. I currently use the grip clip holder as well. (recently lost one for leaving it on the cart, doh!) It would be nteresting to see how this one works.

  37. Looks like an interesting holder! I’ve been using the grip clip cigar holder for some time now…been working well thus far.

  38. Great contest, as always. Cool device! While golfing, I bring plenty of San Lotanos. Good smokes, reasonably priced, and since by golfing buddies are such moochers, they enjoy smoking them and I’m not out a fortune (except for the bets I lose!). I also bring a windproof lighter (fully fueled, since it gets borrowed a lot) and two cutters. One for the guys (since it could get lost!) and my V-cutter.

  39. I love my xikar v cutter and when golfing I love to smoke a pdr capa oscuro.

  40. My favorite cigars for the fairway are 5 Vega’s

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