How to light a cigar with Aria Giovanni

How to light a cigar with Aria Giovanni
Date: March 2022
Author: Cigar Inspector

Thought you might like this one too… For your Sunday viewing pleasure, how to light a cigar video with Aria Giovanni. And watch the previous one if you missed it!

5 thoughts on “How to light a cigar with Aria Giovanni

  1. Um… I have watched this a coupla times now…

    Umm.. yeah.

  2. Okay, I kindly ask if I’m allowed to brag, here?

    I actually wrote the script for Aria in this vid. YEas, for real. Did you think she was really that smart? But damn, she is so freaking hot.

    – Tommy Z.

  3. Just kiddin’. It’s a joy to watch. When I’m king of the world, I will have one of those. Then I’ll wake up.

  4. This is the last one, I swear 🙂

  5. This is actually kind of cruel. How many of these things do I have to watch? I want a cigar cutter/lighter like that. Where can I buy one?

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