Wrappers A-Z: Honduran

Wrappers of Honduran origin have a strength and flavor that fall between Ecuador and Nicaragua tobacco. There is an earthiness but there is also a spice. Camacho and Puros Indios are two well known manufacturers in this country. General Cigar also manufactures a lot of their lines in Honduras.

Tobacco leaves for premium cigars are grown throughout Honduras, but the most important region is located just north of the country’s border with Nicaragua in the southeastern region of Honduras in a province called El Paraiso. There are two areas here where wrappers have long been grown: the Jamastran Valley with its fertile soil and the Danli town area. The aptly named province of El Paraiso translates to “Paradise”, just as you might guess. Whatever the origin of the name, the area is indeed a paradise for cigar manufacturers.

A number of different types of tobacco leaves are grown in the fields of El Paraiso, each of which has distinctive characteristics. These include Connecticut shade-grown wrappers and corojo shade-grown wrappers that are used to contain the binders and fillers of premium cigars. Along with these wrapper leaves, manufacturers in El Paraiso also specialize in producing sun-grown filler tobacco leaves which are likewise used in premium cigars and are renowned for their high quality. The region is most famous for producing strong cigars which offer a unique, full-bodied smoking experience. Cigar wrappers and fillers grown in El Paraiso bring a little bit of paradise to premium cigar aficionados around the world.


  • Authentic Corojo – Camacho claims to have grown the first non-Cuban Corojo leaf at the Jamastran Ranch.
  • Honduran Claro – a lighter version of a usually darker leaf, featured in the Excalibur Royal Sterling.
  • Honduran Cubano – Most likely referring to either Criollo or Cuban-seed origin tobacco grown in Honduras.
  • Honduran Jamastran Viso Rosado – Long name for this wrapper, all it means is that it is red and from the Jamastran region using the viso priming; used in General’s one of the best cigars, the Hoyo de Tradicion.
  • Honduran San Agustin Havana Seed – This wrapper is featured on the spicy Macanudo 1968 cigar.
  • San Augustin Ligero – this is the wrapper used in General’s Bolivar line.

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