Havana Draw Enhancer & other gear

Havana Draw Enhancer & other gear
Date: June 2022
Author: The Cigar Spy

Havana Draw Enhancer

Cold, windy, snowy days are no fun. So sometimes, I take that chance to stroll through R&D to see what’s new and interesting. Today was a real treat, three new items were presented for my perusal. All three came from the Don Salvatore company and all three served very specific needs. First up was the Havana Draw Enhancer, Pen Style. It sat there on the desk resembling nothing more than a decent store bought ink pen. Taking the cap off, however I was in for a treat. Out came a steel rod with file-like serrations up its length. Fortunately for this review, I happened to be carrying a cigar with draw issues. Pushing the enhancer into the cigar is a bit scary at first, you are certain it’s going to tear the cigar apart. But, once you get it into the cigar and push it all the way, it is smooth and easy, and pulls back out just the same. After testing the draw, I found it to be completely cured of its blockage. A second cigar attempted later did not go so well, I was not careful enough with the direction of the enhancer, and went through the side of the cigar. Luckily, it did not cause it to be unsmokable. This item is extremely effective at what it does and should become a regular item in your pocket. It’s built well, and looks like nothing more than a normal ink pen. Think about the look on someone’s face next time they ask to borrow your pen, and you have to tell them your pen doesn’t write.

The second item is a large ring gauge cutter. This item is a normal double guillotine cutter, but just a bit larger than normal. I used this with a 62 ring gauge stick, with no difficulties. Smooth, even action, sharp blades, and a nice solid feel. This is a great cutter.

Large cigar cutter

Item three is a 3 finger large ring gauge case. The one I was given for review was black leather, and lined with cedar. The case holds three large gauge cigars (more of the smaller ones) and closes very tightly. Keeping things nice and fresh as you go about your day. The only negatives I could see: the large size might make it difficult if your jacket pocket is not up to size, and it closes so firmly that it tends to tear off pieces of the cedar lining. Except for this, it is a great case, solid and secure.

The items can be found at numerous online retailers. Full details can be found at DonSalvatore.net. They seem to be a great company that values the craftsmanship of their products.

Agent 86 out. And remember what R&D says, It’s all fun and games until someone blows up, then it’s science.

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  1. I have to say, I am not impressed with the draw enhancer. I use a metal kabob rod which does the exact same thing and cost maybe $1 😉 There is no guidance with the draw thing so, like I said, the kabob rod is the EXACT same thing. I dont see the need to buy a pen looking contraption unless it would have a guide to hold the cigar and put the metal rod in perfectly straight.


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