Wrappers A-Z: Habano 2000 (H 2000)

The Habano 2000 plant is supposedly a cross between Cuban-seed and Connecticut Shade. This wrapper was extremely popular in the 90’s but is being used less frequently. The origin of the cigar is that it originally was developed in Cuba, hence its initial popularity. It was first grown outside of Cuba by Nestor Plasencia. I find that the H2000 wrappers taste musty and earthy, and are way thicker than Connecticut Shade, but not quite as thick as the Broadleaf. This wrapper is mostly grown in Nicaragua, Honduras and Ecuador. I find H2000 wrapped cigars often do not burn evenly.

Other Versions

  • Ecuadorian Habano – found on the Cienfuegos cigar from Puros Indios.
  • Honduran Habano – rich and creamy, when grown in Honduras the H2000 wrapper appears to be a bit thinner, yielding fewer combustion problems than when grown in other countries. Try the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959.
  • Nicaraguan Habano – a richer fuller-bodied flavor with the Nicaraguan-grown type, try the Alec Bradley Maxx, the Gran Habano #3, or the Montecristo H2000 to get a good feel for this wrapper.


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