“Off the Beaten Path”: Clints Cigars

When the term “badass” comes to mind, the first image that pops into my head is of Clint Eastwood sitting in the desert with an arrow stuck in his shoulder. Cigar in mouth, and without a wince of intolerable pain, Clint manages to still maintain his ultimate “badass” status while Sister Sarah pulls the menacing arrow from his shoulder. Two Mules for Sister Sarah is only one of many movies that features the man himself with a gnarly, small ringed stogie clinched in his teeth. And, if my calculations are correct, Clint is a badass in almost every movie.

What if you could re-create that feeling? Well, except for the whole arrow in the shoulder thing. The majority of modern cigars these days have these trendy 54 and up ring gauges that absolutely hinder any chance of just letting your smoke hang in your teeth. Unless, of course, you are a fan of lancero’s and you don’t mind your friends looking at you like you are smoking a Virginia Slim. That’s where Clints Cigars comes in to the picture.

“We just make the one cigar.” That’s a slogan that can’t possibly have any more truth to it. Seriously, they only make one cigar. At about four inches long, Clints Cigars are loosely rolled into a tapered torpedo shape. The foot measures at an approximate 40 ring gauge, and the stick tapers to a very small and un-capped head. A thin veined Sumatran wrapper hugs a secret blend of Dominican tobaccos that leave a pleasantly sweet taste on your lips. With cigar clinched in teeth, I catch myself saying “Do you feel lucky, punk?”.

Clints Cigars

Ok. So let’s set all the fun Clint Eastwood references aside, and let’s begin analyzing the crap out of Clints Cigars. They only have one cigar to review, so there is plenty of white space for me to express my feelings about it.

The sheer fact that a company can sell one single product, and generate positive revenue year after year, speaks volume for the product they sling. When you visit www.ClintsCigars.com, you will immediately see that they are very proud of their product. Testimonials, Biker Magazine features, and even a satisfaction guarantee pepper the site in an act of shameless self-promotion. They offer the ability to easily purchase their product directly on the site, and there are purchase quantities available from 3 to 300 sticks. Thanks to Tim from Clints, I received a 3 count sample pack containing a coupon for free shipping on my first order of either a half a box, or a full box. Thanks Tim.

Clints Cigars

When you open your pack of Clints Cigars, you will immediately notice the sweet aroma that punches you right in the nose. The aroma reminded me of my college days when we used to purchase cheap gas-station cigars, simply to gut them and fill them back up with “a different kind of tobacco”. Now, I am certainly not stating that a Clints Cigar is a cheap gas-station cigar. However, I am firmly stating that this cigar is flavored or infused. Upon personal questioning of my suspicions with Tim himself, he managed to tactfully answer my questions in a manner that neither confirmed nor denied my allegation. As the reader, it’s your right to choose whether or not you trust my spider senses, or you can just buy some and figure it out for yourself.

During my research, I personally smoked two of the three. The other smoke, I offered to a life-long friend to gather his opinion. In one phrase, Daniel managed to sum this smoke up better than I could have ever imagined. “This cigar is the perfect smoke for when you don’t have the time to tackle a larger cigar.” It’s a fact. With a smoke time of about 15-20 minutes, it’s ideal for a lunch break, morning smoke, or a commuter smoke. The flavor is smooth and malty, but not overwhelming. Mellow notes of rum, chocolate, bitter toffee, and coffee carry throughout the entire smoke. Tim states, “Since our beginning in 1993, only one person has told me they didn’t like Clints and when it was taken out of their mouth…they gave me the money rather than give up their cigar.” Add me to the list. I like it.

In conclusion, this is not an aficionado’s cigar. It is, however, an “any man’s” cigar. Personally, I plan to keep a 10 pack in my humidor. When you enjoy your first Clints Cigar, try to remember that it’s designed for a different type of experience. It’s not going to blow your mind, but it’s also not going to let you down. Simply, it’s one of those cigars that you let hang out of your mouth while you mow the lawn or rake leaves. The only suggestion I have for the folks at Clints, improve the appearance of your packaging and find your market.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

5 thoughts on ““Off the Beaten Path”: Clints Cigars

  1. I’m a mom buying cigars for my son for Father’s Day. The last time I bought him cigars was for his birthday, and my husband(his Dad) was in attendence. Less than a month later, my husband, his father died unexpectedly from a stroke and brain bleed. Even though he’s an adult with a wife and children of his own, I know that loosing my Dad…his grandfather…while in Afghanistan, then loosing his Dad shortly after his birthday and actually on his oldest sister’s wedding anniversary, has caused my son immense pain and sadness. At his birthday, his father and I gave him his first humidor (decorative) and an aray of cigars. He really seemed to love it. I know he is still smoking cigars, so I was hoping to get some that would remind him of the loved ones in his life. His granddad smoked smooth golds, his dad smoked the cherry cigars with burbon, and I’m trying to recreate Clint Eastwood’s small stogie he always kept in his mouth in all the9 spaghetti westerns, as my son reminds me a lot of Eastwood in the way he talks, looks, and conducts himself. I’m looking forward to getting my order for Daniel so that I can stage each cigar with notes and fun memories and facts about his dad and grandad and even Clint Eastwood that he probably doesn’t know or was ever told. Thank you for a catalog of so many choices to pick from.

  2. There is a little of clint in all of us he made that cigar a legend-FC.

  3. A while back I looked into what cigars clint was smoking, I forget the exact details but he had an interview where he said they were a U.S cigar he called “Virginians” He’d chop then into halves or thirds (I don’t recall) and stuff’em in his pocket while shooting. I do remember him saying they were a strong cigar which put him in a foul mood. I believe the general consensus around the web on the cigar that was the closest to what he had that you can still buy would be a marsh wheeling cigar, they’re usually 7 inches and almost all have a mid 30 (33-37) ring gauge.

    In any case thanks for the review, well done as always. I think I’ll get some of these, they definitely look interesting, and it’s always handy to have some yard gars around.

  4. Thank you for the kind words and the support Striker.

  5. Great article, love the intro! I really enjoy the series so far. I have been given some Clints and I agree with your assessment.

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