Cigar Traditions: New Fathers Handing Out Cigars

Celebrating a new baby with cigars is a cherished tradition. Though less common today, it’s a heartfelt gesture for proud fathers, marking a significant life moment. Premium cigars designed for such occasions provide a fitting opportunity to reflect on life’s milestones, even if finding a suitable smoking area in a hospital is elusive. Most new dads wait until home to share a celebratory cigar with close friends and family.

The roots of the new baby cigar tradition trace back to colonial America when expectant fathers played a more passive role in the birthing process. The anxiety-laden wait was often spent pacing in a parlour while the mother received care in the bedroom. During this prolonged wait, fathers found solace in a drink and a smoke, offering a momentary reprieve from the anticipation.

Interestingly, the custom itself originated from indigenous North American tribes, who marked significant events like births with a gift-giving feast known as a “potlatch.” Approximately a year after a child’s birth, families hosted a potlatch to present gifts to attendees on behalf of the child. While extravagant displays of wealth were common at these gatherings, only affluent families participated, as tribal slaves were prohibited from attending or hosting such events.

Modern iterations of “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” cigars go beyond the budget brands of the 1950s, with premium cigar brands like Ashton and Arturo Fuente offering elegant handmade options for new babies. These cigars, often adorned with custom cigar bands, are not limited to birth celebrations but are also popular choices for weddings, corporate events, backyard cigar herfs, and more.

When it comes to distributing cigars, new dads typically share them with the males in their immediate family and closest friends, but it’s not exclusive to men. Women, including sisters, wives, and aunts, may also enjoy and appreciate premium cigars. As for quantity, purchase cigars based on your needs, and if you don’t distribute them all immediately, store them properly in a humidor bag to keep them fresh for several months.

A variety of mild and affordable “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” cigars are available, with options from Ashton, Alec Bradley, Argyle, Arturo Fuente, and Rocky Patel. These cigars, often pre-packaged with celebratory stickers, come in individual, 5-pack, or sampler options, making it easy to find the perfect choice for commemorating the arrival of a new baby.

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