Cigar Tips: Purging a cigar

We gathered some precious cigar tips – therefore, we decided to publish the best ones in separate posts. Enjoy.

Ever have a cigar develop a bitter taste towards the end but you just didn’t want to put it down yet?

The bitter tastes that develops can be somewhat alleviated by purging your cigar as you smoke it. When you smoke your cigar most of the essential oils that provide so much of the flavor will burn up while a small amount builds up in the filler leaf creating bitter flavors.

To purge your cigar start by knocking off any ash, put the cigar in your mouth like you are going to puff and instead blow gently back through the cigar. If your cigar is still lit, continue to blow gently through the cigar, rotating it slowly, until you can see a bright orange ring of fire around the base of the entire coal on the cigar.

Next time try purging your cigar so you can enjoy it to the nub!


7 thoughts on “Cigar Tips: Purging a cigar

  1. There is a more efficient way: while you blow place your lit jet flame in front of the cigar. The outgoing gas will burn easily, including those inside the cigar.

  2. this has worked for me as well, nice to have a smoke good enough to purge if necessary…

  3. Between purging the smoke occasionally, and re-clipping the cap (just a shave) if tar starts accumulating, you can keep a decent cigar from going south. Thanks for the tips.

  4. I have been using this technique regularly for some time and I can tell you that it DOES WORK! It is also a useful maneuver for situations in which you are forced to stop smoking your cigar (inconvenient people on the phone, girlfriend demanding that you go put the trash away immediately and so forth). Anyone who has ever gone through the experience of trying to re-light a stick after it has been off for a couple of hours knows that the ashes inside it make it taste like dog poop when restarted… Blowing some gentle puffs through it can make wonders!

  5. great tip, that many people don’t know about…

  6. ahah! haven’t heard that one before. Will have to try it next time. cheers.

  7. Getting my tip published on your site almost better then winning the contest! Thanks Zestoman

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