Cigar Jewellery: Meet Broc Kensington!

Cigar Jewellery: Meet Broc Kensington!
Date: February 2022
Author: Cigar Inspector

Drew Estate Pendant

We’ve been featuring different cigar art lately, but we’ve never talked about cigar jewellery until now!

Today we’re introducing you to Broc Kensington. Broc is the jeweler who outfits Jonathan Drew with all of his wears and also produces the Drew Estate jewelry seen at many events and retailer gatherings.

Here is Broc’s story:

In 2012 after becoming friends with a rep for Drew Estate, we started designing some customs jewelry for him to wear at his events and such. This led to designing 3-4 pieces and sneaking me into the IPCPR in Orlando in order to show them to JD himself. I was 19 at the time and totally new to that large of an event. Nonetheless, after waiting 8 hours to speak to Jon, he was amazed at the pieces we had produced and from then on has been a mentor and the largest supporter of my work.

Undercrown Ring

Broc has an Etsy shop that features all of his work. Each piece is hand crafted, by Broc himself, in proprietary tarnish-resistant sterling silver and comes with a 1-year warranty. He’s also available for custom work (contact e-mail: kensingtonwatchservices[at]yahoo[dot]com) – he does everything from engagement rings to biker style wallet chains. His Instagram channel shows some more examples of his works.

Liga Privada Pendant

Broc told us that the most popular pieces were the Liga Privada pendant and the Undercrown ring that you see on the pictures in this post.

123 thoughts on “Cigar Jewellery: Meet Broc Kensington!

  1. I have worn a James Avery Michael the Archangel medal since second grade. St.Michael carries a sword always ready for war. In second grade, I was diagnosed with with dyslexia. So my parents bought it for me saying I would have a lot of battles to fight in my lifetime. I have never taken it off since. I cannot think of a better ring designed with a rampant creature to match my medal. I have a Liga Privada no 9 cap which I wear as my all the time also. Obviously, Liga Privada no 9 (Drew Estateis is my FAVORITE.

  2. Are you able to tell me if my previous comments and entry for the ring were received or do they nend to be resubmitted.
    Thank you,
    Tim Duduit

  3. These are amazing pieces of art! I’d prefer the necklace since I’m not real big into rings! The necklace would go great with some of the DE stuff I already own! Thanks for the contest!


  5. Ring so my cigar smoking buddies can see it and then they have to buy their own and after they buy it i can tell them hahaha i got mine for nothing

  6. I’ve been wanting a Liga 9 necklace from the day I began smoking cigars many moons ago. The 9 was the first cigar I fell in love with and this necklace represents something insanely special.

    Fantastic contest!!!

  7. Awesome ring. That’s my style

  8. Necklace with pendent would be for me. I would want to wear it all the time and I and a chef I use my hands ring would not work for me.

  9. Definately Leaning towards the ring… Pretty Dope!

  10. The ring is awesome!!!!

  11. I like the Ring !!!

  12. Love the ring!

  13. Ring! It looks absolutely amazing!

  14. I’d like the ring.. I’m not big on earring necklaces

  15. Ring for me!

  16. Undercrown ring for sure! Drew Estate is what got me smoking cigars and is always my go to cigars. I love the attitude of the company and what they do for everyone they come in contact with. Always innovators and true to their style! #de4l

  17. The ring is edgy and regal. I would wear the ring. I like undercrown and I don’t like necklaces.

  18. Hey Brock–The undercrown ring is a special look indeed. If I were to model this at my cigar club, which has a number of Liga Privada smokers–you would probably get inundated with orders, The ring is a class act!

  19. I love the ring! Not a necklace person.

  20. Love the Pendant, I’ve been enjoying Cigars since I’m 13 while all my friends were smoking cigarettes. .I never acquired the taste of a cigarette. I’m 48 and smoke a cigar at least one sometimes more everyday of the week. I consider it my chill pill..I love wearing cigar apparel and would be honored to wear and market your Jewelry Guaranteed to be a Conversation Piece. .Let’s Do this together. .

  21. The necklace I like better. Never been a ring guy. The necklace is flawless, big right to be seen, but not too big to be gaudy. Would absolutely love to have this!

  22. The pendant is nice but I wouldn’t wear it everyday. The ring would be my choice as I would wear it daily.

  23. I love the ring! DE cigars are my favorite and to be able to showcase that with the ring would be amazing.

  24. I prefer the image on the pendant. I’m really not into rings, so the pendant it is!

  25. Love the pendent.

  26. Definitely that bad ass ring!!

  27. Love the ring!

  28. The ring is by far my favourite, love the Undercrown emblem. have one left in my humi waiting for a cool summers night and a good excuse.
    who ever gets it is one lucky sun of a goat.

  29. I really like the pendant. Clear design and something cool about the number 9.

  30. I would love the pendant. The liga private no.9 is my favorite cigar and I would love to strut around proving that!

  31. I like them both a great deal. However, the chain would get more use from me.

  32. Definitely the ring. I’m a ring guy, and don’t have a chain to do the pendant justice anyways.

  33. Love the Drew Estate ring! I’d wear that every day and twice on Sunday!

  34. The pendant is tight, but I already wear one, so I’ll opt for the ring. Why? Because DE4L, thats why!

  35. This is so cool, I am not particular either will do for me. They are true works of art.

  36. the ring please

  37. I’m a ring man myself, people can see it more when I’m smoking.

  38. Both look well made and funky – would choose the ring if I had to make a choice !

  39. The ring is bold and bad. I want one

  40. I will choose the pendant, though they are both fantastic! Good luck to all! #DE4L

  41. nothing like cigar bling!

  42. Both pieces look amazing. The details on the pendant and the ring is unbelievable. If I have to choose between the two, it will be the pendant because I can wear it throughout the year. I like coordinate my attire and I believe it will be easier for me to do with the pendant.
    Good luck to all entrants!!

  43. I enjoy LP#9 and would love to show it with the chain. I work outside with my hands and can not wear rings.
    I am amazed that you had to sneak into an IPCPR show to get this awesome work seen. Great work.

  44. The ring is SWAG! I love it.

  45. I would love the ring, very elegant and stylish, am relatively new to the world of drew estate as I am from Scotland but already love the KFC MUWAT and undercrown ranges.

  46. Love them both!But definitely the ring!

  47. i don’t have any kewl jewelry. the ring would be my preference. thx very much for the awesome giveaway!

  48. Both are really cool, but I would like the ring better! Thanks for the contest!

  49. The pendant looks really cool especially The Lion Rampant, this features on my Clan coat of arms the only slight difference being on the cost of arms the lion holds a dagger.
    Super none the less.

  50. Old Tim McCabe took the vary words out of my mind: Both pieces are amazing but I would choose the necklace and the reason being that if your out at a cigar shop or event it will get noticed before the ring and being a fan of DE I have no problem wearing the chain everywhere. Actually Liga Privada #9 is my favorite. As soon as my dental implant has healed I will again enjoy the flavor and pleasure of LP#9. Thank you again for the opportunity Cigar Inspector and to Broc for providing a great prize.

  51. Would like the chain to pair up with my UZI CAP and couse it would be nice to have some exclusive one of a kind here in cold Sweden
    And Im like that if I put on som jewelery it stays on.

  52. The prefer the ring…I’m a guy

  53. I prefer the ring because it looks sweet. The necklace is pretty cool too though.

  54. I love the look of both of them. But I prefer the pendant and would love a chance at winning!

  55. Prefer the necklace myself.

  56. The pendant is amazing.

  57. For what it’s worth I think they are both eye catchers. Nails the Drew Estate look. Good job!

  58. I prefer the pendant because I always screw around with rings and they annoy me.

  59. The chain just has more swag than the ring. .

  60. Love the pendant!

  61. Wow! If these are to be separate, I’ll do the ring, but I’ll take both. Thanks to Broc and the Cigar Inspector.

  62. I am a female retail tobacconist. . Drew Estate cigars are what drew me to my “calling”. I would be proud to honor his product, passion and vision by wearing such an elegant accessory.

  63. Well done, impressive.

  64. Those are pretty sweet I’d be very happy to win

  65. Really nice custom work. Would wear the Liga Privada pendant loud and proud.

  66. the rig, i do ren faire re enactments and the ring looks like a signet ring or something else a nobleman would wear

  67. I would prefer the chain for my son,My Grandson Drew (named after Drew Brees)was born with multiple health problems Dec.14th 2014 and passed away on June 24th 2015.
    I purchased a couple Of Liga Privada no.9 (Drew Bree’s Jersey #) to sit and enjoy on his first birthday and rejoice in his short time with us.I would love to own one myself but I would really like my son to win it as a perfect momento of that 1st celebration.
    But whomever receives it will appreciate the uniqueness of the pendant and your generosity in giving it.
    I linked his page that was started to raise awareness to Campomelic Dysplasia

  68. The ring is sweet. It would look great while having a number 9 in the same hand!

  69. Excellent snapshot of Brocs’ bona fides and the diversity of his talent. The use of silver, symbolic of a subtle strength, harmonizes well with the images on each piece. The result is an offering that can be appreciated by women and men alike. The ring (circle) for me completes the trinity.

  70. Those are so coll I would take either one……

  71. Liga Privada is my favorite non-Cuban brand and the #9 my favorite stick.

  72. I love that ring! Looks like something a medieval tax baron would use to seal the wax on important documents.

  73. I would love to have the ring. Historically, the ring is sign of power. A sign of leadership and commanding of respect. The ring is so well designed and crafted, I would wear it and tell it’s story.

  74. Great looking pieces could really use the pendant

  75. That ring is my pick. It’s a great sharp, masculine image on a substantial setting.

  76. I would love to have one of those rings

  77. The ring is more my style.


  78. The pendant would be great. Both my wife and I could wear it.

  79. Big appreciation for this giveaway. thanks. WorldWide giveaway, thats the most important part.

    I like the necklace. love the Ring though. the ring is so cool 🙂 badass! And I dont have ANY rings yet, but I have a neckchain. Would like to win one/both of them.

  80. That Liga Privada pendant is so awesome. It would never leave my body. I would die with that thing on me, Good Luck Every One! Thanks for the chance.

  81. I’m a Liga Privada man. I love the cigars and am always lighting one up at my cigar shop, so it would be such a beautiful pairing. It is very well made from the photo. I don’t wear any other ring but my wedding band, however, the pendant is good to go!

  82. Both pieces are beautiful! I would have to go with the necklace, the #9 is one of my favorite cigars!

  83. That ring looks like it was made for royalty. Great work.

  84. Great looking ring

  85. Love it all!!! Great contest! !

  86. Really good looking jewelry.

    Thanks for the contest

  87. Both are amazing pieces. I’d go with the ring because I would wear that more often, but that pendant is awesome too!

  88. Nice stuff, Thanks, again.

  89. Love the pendant!.

  90. I’m not really a ring guy… But I COULD be! Ring me!

  91. Love the rings! Hope to win!

  92. I’d be happy with either. I’m a fan of both cigars. I’d prefer and appreciate the ring though. Thanks

  93. Both are nice the pendent would make for a nice everyday piece while the ring look s rather large and i would wear only on special occasions ya know like when smoking cigars . Both look well made with attention to detail

  94. Very cool pieces! I always wondered who made the Jewelry for JD & DE. I noticed that there is no longer a link on the DE website to their store so this looks to be the only way to get the jewelry. So count me in for the contest.

  95. I like the pendant better. The plan is to only wear one ring for the rest of my days. Also I’d hate for it to get beat up while I’m working with my hands!

  96. The ring. Because it’s a symbol of strength and elegance.

  97. His and Hers Valentines gifts for the wife and I… gratis? I’m in!

  98. I love the ring. It looks amazing and represents an amazing cigar. It would look great on my finger while holding an Undercrown.

  99. Don’t wear rings but do smoke a lot of Liga 9s so that pendant would match up well

  100. Definitely the ring for me!

  101. Nice. Good luck everyone.

  102. The pendent because I’m not really a ring person.

  103. Id prefer the ring thats the ring i want to uss for my wedding bad beleive it or not

  104. Many thanks for another great contest. That pendant is awesome!

  105. Love the Brock Kensington Undercrown Ring!

    What Ring Gauge is that?

    Live Long and Prosper.

  106. I like the ring because I prefer undercrown as opposed to liga 9. plus the ring would just look cooler and attract more attention than the necklace in my opinion.

  107. Very cool. Would love to wear.

  108. I work a lot with my hands, so a ring is not really up my alley. The pendant, however is cool as hell.

  109. Both pieces are amazing but I would choose the necklace and the reason being that if your out at a cigar shop or event it will get noticed before the ring and being a fan of DE I have no problem wearing the chain everywhere. Thanks for the opportunity Cigar Inspector and to Broc for providing a great prize.

  110. I’m a ring person more than a necklace guy so for me… the ring!!!

  111. That pendant looks really sweet.

  112. What cool jewelry! I’m a ring kind of guy, but the pendant is a beautiful piece of artwork as well. I know someone whose wedding band was custom made by his wife to resemble a Partagas band in gold and red. I’ve always admired it!

  113. That ring would be the perfect companion to my fleur-de-lis ring. I’ve been looking for the balance to that ring, this would be it.

  114. I would love the ring!

  115. I love that pendant! I can see myself in it now.

  116. I personaly prefer the ring. It looks badass!

  117. Normally I am not that big on jewelry, but these really look interesting. Well done. I especially like the ring, but then again, I really like the cigars it represents. Kudos.

  118. Love the pendant because it’s so cool

  119. I’m more of a ring guy than a necklace guy, so I’d prefer the ring probably, but I’d really like the Liga Privada design on the ring. Hotness. Good story, good contest – thanks.

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