Cigar Art Feature: Meet Eric Renner

Cigar Art Feature: Meet Eric Renner
Date: January 2022
Author: Cigar Inspector

Eric Renner Painting

Many of you will remember the article that we did with Darrel Morris a year ago. Well, now it’s time to introduce you to yet another incredible cigar artist!

Today I want to introduce you to Eric Renner. Eric Renner is a cigar enthusiast who paints “life’s little indulgences” with stunning, lifelike detail. Eric uses oil paints and birch panels to create his remarkable works of art.

“These days it seems like we’re more busy than ever,” Eric writes on his website. “These paintings are about the small indulgences we grant ourselves when we put the stress of everyday life aside for a few hours. They are reminders of those relaxing moments, enjoying a drink, a good cigar and great conversation with friends.”

Eric Renner

Eric’s skill with a brush has received acclaim from art critics like Brian Sherwin, editor of The Art Edge, who commented, “Artist Eric Renner’s still life paintings are marked by a strong sense of class and sophistication. His body of work provides a jumping point for fond memories shared between friends. The work I observed is strengthened by a striking use of color and composition—his playful use of light and form elevates the inviting feel of these works. These impressive still life paintings welcome viewers to take a seat and reflect on cherished memories.”

Looking at Eric Renner’s oil paintings, I think you’ll be blown away by the degree of detail in them. His interplay of light and shadow and textures and color creates an inviting, warm ambiance and a sense of privacy and tranquility. These paintings don’t just embody the delights of cigar and fine wines, but our greatest indulgence—living in the moment and truly luxuriating in those sensory experiences. Whether it’s a moment of solitude and reflection or a moment of shared familiarity, you’ll find it reflected in Renner’s beautiful works.

I recommend you take a gander at Eric’s gallery and take one of those moments now to lose yourself in the worlds he has created. Also check out his Facebook or Instagram and follow for updates. Eric has many lovely paintings for sale, and does accept commissions!

Fuente Evening

94 thoughts on “Cigar Art Feature: Meet Eric Renner

  1. All of these are absolutely incredible. I can not believe that these are paintings. I am completely torn between Cigars and Brandy, Checkmate, and Fuente Evening. The amazing detail of the marble bar our counter top in Cigars and Brandy blows me away. The immense detail of Checkmate is so perfect my eyes get lost in it. And the simplicity of Fuente Eveing perfectly describes both the roots of cigar smoking but the passion and beauty of it as well. Eric Renner you are and absolutely amazing artist, thank you for sharing your work.

  2. “Making the Cut” has a very simple, yet universal conveyance. It is a direct yet bold little painting that begs the question, “Have I made the cut?”.
    “Have I survived what life has thrown at me?”
    “Have I endured?”
    If the answer is “Yes”, then after selecting your next smoke, gently smell the years of history of the leaf, the seasonal fight with mother nature to harvest and cure, and the delicate blending and manipulation in the culmination of a well-earned reward.
    Appreciation for your life and the lives of those you love.
    A good smoke to reflect on your “Making the Cut.”

  3. Unwinding by the fire


  5. Thank you, for the great comments! I really appreciate them. It’s always nice to get that kind of feedback about my paintings. Take care everyone and be sure to check my website, Facebook, or Instagram for updates on what’s happening and maybe I’ll bump into one of you at a cigar event sometime.

  6. I would love to hang some artwork of his!

  7. “Ready to Relax”
    A fine cigar and spirit is a great way to relax and enjoy the simple things. Something to look forward to.

  8. After a long day is my favorite in short because i am lucky enough to have female friends who enjoy a great cigar and great spirits. So my experience with fine cigars and spirits is complete as none of my circle of friends is not a part of one of my favorite pastimes.

  9. Gotta love After a Long Day!

  10. I love the “let it rest” painting. So real. So true.

  11. my favourite painting is titled “AFTER A LONG DAY”. it beautifully captures the essence of enjoyment derived from a relaxing, quiet and solitary moment “after a long day”.

    thanks very much for the opportunity to win a customized painting.

  12. Checkmate is a great portrait
    Great drink great cigar great

  13. “After A Long Day” is definitely my most favorite of this stunning collection. Something about a beautiful woman kicking off her shoes and relaxing with some wine and a cigar is electric. It makes the heart race in anticipation of what’s to come once we’re both done with our stogies…well at least HOPEFULLY to come!

  14. My favorite has to be Quiet Time. The work just really fits with my aesthetic. Not to mention getting paint to look like glass is a great showing of skill.

  15. Ready to relax.rocky and a porter, great mix.

  16. While I sometimes have difficulty making them, I like being faced by Decisions.

  17. My favorite painting is the Oktoberfest and Brickhouse painting, I can relate to both.

  18. Live An Evening In and a close 2nd is Quiet Time. Eric I look forward to seeing more of your work and maybe in my home!

  19. I like “Ready to Relax”. It reminds of what an evening at my house looks like…..or what I want it to look like!

  20. “Octoberfest,” is by far my favorite. Just looking at the painting I can feel the cool winds and smell the foliage as the leaves change. Then, the comforting feeling of sitting next to a tall glass of seasonal beer in front of a fresh cigar from my humidor. Throw in a light breeze and I’m good to go for hours.

  21. They all look excellent but “QUIET TIME” looks like a photograph it’s so lifelike!!!

  22. A Fuente Evening looks very good to me….I look at it and start to feel relaxed….well done.

  23. I really like the Oktoberfest. It combines my love of good beer and cigars. I like to enjoy both on fall evening.

  24. Cigars and Brandy does it for me. Great work

  25. “The Toast” captures that classic cigar feel. Awesome match capture too!

  26. “After Dinner Treat” is my favorite. It reminds me of an unimaginable birthday dinner at Alexander’s Steakhouse. After dinner we moved to the patio for our after dinner treat. Great evening.

  27. Your “Get Comfortable” painting is a reflection of my life!Truly love a great cigar with a great glass of wine. Your full line of painting are fabulous! Wish you well in your endeavors!


  28. After a long day for a few reasons. 1. she is smoking a cigar. 2.She is classy and elegant as shown by the chair she is sitting in and the glass of wine she is drinking. 3. Eric even has her holding the wine glass properly! Kudos!!!!

  29. After a Long Day takes the cake for me. Those legs are phenomenal and look too real to be painted!

  30. I love your work, Eric! After a Long Day is the bomb! Giggety!

  31. Love the legs on After a long day

  32. These are all beautiful pieces I like the Sargento painting just looking at it give you a sense of calm. My favorite has to be Catching Up only because my wife and I are so busy during the week that we look forward to catching up on the weekends. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone.

  33. Thanks for the heads up on this artist. If I was forced to pick a favorite, “After A Long Day” would become the centerpiece in my new bar and cigar area of the new town home we’re moving into this next week. I would put it behind the bar, and mount “An Evening Home” on the opposite wall 😉

  34. As both a cigar enthusiast and craft beer lover, Ready to Relax and Oktoberfest are my two favorites. If I have to go with one, Oktoberfest gets my vote. I love the beer, the cigar, fall and the festive spirit of Oktoberfest!

  35. “Quiet time” is beautiful, and so evocative!

  36. “Ready to Relax”. This painting showcases some of my favorite things!

  37. Love the Cuttthroat Porter and Rocky Patel. Three of my favorite things: cigars, beer and fishing

  38. I like “A Noble Pair” very much, I like them all! The detail is incredible! But A Noble pair depict two of my favorites all ready to be clipped and lit! Very nice work!

  39. What a great good cigar nice drink and looking at the picture

  40. Love the quiet time painting

  41. All are terrific. Personally, I like “Quiet Time” and “Get Comfortable”, and there is something about “Sargento” which I really like. Eric really has glasses down perfectly.

  42. checkmate- awesome painting

  43. Too bad it’s not open to Canadian residents … I get emails wanting me to buy cigars but yet I can’t enter contests … Seems strange to me …. Cheers

  44. All Real Nice,, I Like ” Fuente Evening & Decisions a Cut above The Rest

  45. An evening in

  46. All of Eric’s works are great but I think Quite Time and Unwinding by The Fire are my favorets. Also made me realize how naked my walls are. lol

  47. While I’m not an Alec Bradley fan I really like the painting titled “Decisions”. The bright colors and the interplay of light and shadow in and around the famous AB brands really makes that image stand out to me.

  48. Nice looking art.

  49. Love the painting!!!!!

  50. “Decisions” would be my pick !!

  51. Octoberfest has those vibrant fall colors. Great work!

  52. After A Long Day.
    Nothing sexier than a woman smoking a cigar, with the look of having power of authority.

  53. I love Ready To Relax. Eric shows great depth and detail in every object that is painted. The Cohiba is vivid and lifelike not only in color, but the veins and toothiness of the wrapper are expertly conveyed through the painting. I really would be honored to work with Eric on a painting, and it goes to show his eye for detail when he says he’ll pick up your favorite cigar at the shop in order to get that perfect feel in a painting comparable to what we feel in real life.

  54. Cigars and Brandy, nice intro piece.

  55. Checkmate is awesome. Invokes the feel of enjoying a fine whiskey or brandy with an equally fine smoke while the striking chess set injects a masculine tone and quality. Beautifully balanced and nuanced, suitable for a classy CI gentleman.

  56. “After Dinner Treat” depicts one of my favorite ways to enjoy a nice smoke.

  57. ‘Unwinding by the Fire’ is both an interesting exploration of line and form as well as a compelling storyteller. That’s my vote!

  58. My favorite is Quiet Time which would only need a book and that is what I enjoy doing.

  59. Unwinding by the fire is awesome!.

  60. “After Dinner Treat”

  61. After a Long Day…speaks for itself!

  62. All great! Quiet Time!

  63. Wow, like HDTV, would look great in my cigar pit.

  64. Quiet Time is my favorite!

  65. Excellent opportunity

  66. “After a Long Day” has to be, by far, my favorite.

  67. “After a Long Day”peaked my interest the most. All of the paintings are worthy of displaying prominently. Eric Renner is a true talent!

  68. An Evening In is delightful. Would love to win this opportunity.
    Thanks, as always.

  69. Cigars and Brandy and A Noble Pair. Those 2 by far are full of detail abs, literally pop right off the canvas…

  70. I really enjoyed A Noble Pair. The painting depicts the wrappers’ veins and the setting ever more inviting and letting time pass slowly. Beautiful portrait of nobel time well spent. Two of my favourite Nicaragua’s puros, which are always consistently “go to” sticks at an excellent price.

  71. I love checkmate. The details of the pieces are amazing and it reminds me of when I was about 10 years old and my dad first started to teach me chess. Since then I’ve added a custom cement lawn garden chess board and pieces to play on. I’m not a grandmaster but I still play with my dad.

  72. This is exactly what my life and office has been missing! There just isn’t enough cigar art floating around anymore! I love the idea that Eric is willing to paint a cigar of our choosing, and this speaks volumes to his love of the art and stick! This contest is incredible, and a great way to start 2016!

  73. “After A Long Day” is my favorite so far. It sums up the relaxation and pleasure of smoking a cigar.

  74. Quiet time

  75. “After Dinner Treat” would be my pick as a glass of aged Port and a fine Cohiba make for a wonderful evening!

  76. Get Comfortable. A glass of wine and a cigar!

  77. Wow……….such talent spent on such wonderful subjects. I’m extremely impressed!

  78. After a Long Day is definitely my favorite from the gallery.

  79. “After a Long Day” is right at the top of my favorite list. I mean, it’s everything that’s right about smoking a cigar. Tell me you wouldn’t like to be in that painting.


  81. I really like A Noble Pair! The RYJ & Undercrown Yeah Boy!

  82. Unwinding by the fire is my favorite.

  83. I really like “Let it rest” but all of them are beautiful.

  84. What more can you ask for?

  85. Great looking paintings and thanks for the contest!

  86. Fantastic work, all of it. But An Evening In does it for me… Thanks for the opportunity guys!

  87. Fuente evening is great!

  88. “Quiet Time” has all the elements for a relaxing evening: a great cigar and a fine Scotch. Excellent artwork! (And, does the burning candle hit at a romantic evening as well?!)

  89. This is awesome! A Fuente Evening was my favorite already, make it my favorite cigar? This is just too cool.

  90. Great painting, like the Romantic Evening myself.

  91. An Evening in and Oktoberfest would be my favorites. I really like all of them but if I had to pick it would be a very tough race between those two.

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