Cigar Art Feature: Meet Darrel Morris

Recently I stumbled across an impressive artist and craftsman on eBay who does cigar-themed artwork. I loved Darrel Morris’ work instantly and knew straight away I wanted to do a feature on him here on Cigar Inspector. When I got in touch with him, I discovered he is also an affable, pleasant fellow who is more than happy to be featured.

Who is Darrel Morris? Darrel is a fellow cigar enthusiast, and a dedicated artist who has pursued his creative passions since childhood. As he states on his bio, “It is an obsession. I studied art formally for five years and explored many media, but I always come back to the monochromatic techniques. It is, for me, the best way to express pure form, without the distraction of color.” His favorite medium? Scrimshaw. If you aren’t familiar with the term, scrimshaw is artwork engraved into bone or ivory. Morris first started working on scrimshaw pieces in 1987 while he was working in a cutlery shop. He won a competition at the 1989 Knife Expo. Very cool.

Darrel Morris' Kristoff Drawing

In terms of expressing pure form, Darrel has done an incredible job representing the pure form of the premium cigar! Just check out these remarkable drawings. He’s really managed to capture the complex textures on a cigar wrapper. The veins, the tooth, even the oily sheen are all represented here. His Tatuaje Still Life with Skull and Pasíon are both beautiful symbolic pieces.

Pasion by Darrel Morris

I absolutely love what Darrel has to say about the premium cigar industry: “In a time when Corporate America seems to have lost its way, the cigar industry is a shining example of what business should be.” Amen to that. There are not a lot of industries these days which are dedicated to quality over quantity, long-term success over short-term profits, and building personal relationships with customers. The cigar industry continues to focus on excellence in their craft—these companies embody the same values of fine artistry that Darrel himself does. It is easy to see why Darrel’s impressive skills pair so nicely with his passion for cigars.

I highly recommend checking out Darrel’s full portfolio of works (have a look at the amazing cigar cutters). You can purchase Darrel’s work here on his eBay page. And of course, Darrel is available for custom work.

64 thoughts on “Cigar Art Feature: Meet Darrel Morris

  1. Marvelous! Hope to win!

  2. Always looking for new cigar art for the man cave.. This guy knows how to make art come to life…Thanks for the chance at a awesome prize..

  3. I have been lucky enough to acquire my favorite which is the Liga girl. I was able to have JD sign piece of artwork at the Outlaw event this year. Also I have purchased the pig and 9 prints. With the purchase of tje later two prints he was graciousenough to give a third for free. I have also been lucky enough to speak with Mr. Morris on several occasions and admire his works as his spirit. He is an amazing artist and individual. Anyone lucky enough to win is in for a real treat.

  4. All I can say is wow! Amazing artwork.

  5. It’s hard to just choose one. All the work and detail and time that seems to put into his work is just amazing. They are all great peice’s but I would say the Drew Estate Pasíon just stands out. Great work Darrel. Thanks Cigar Inspector and good luck everyone.

  6. Beautiful work Darrel.

  7. This art would be a wonderfu, addition to any man-cave!

  8. Darrel is a friend and not only is he a great artist who is passionate about his work, he is also a great family man. If you think his work looks good here or on his eBay page, you should see them in person. Your purchase will not be supporting some mega-lopolis corporation, but a genuine artist supporting his family while following his passion and gift.

  9. Thank you for the kind comments. It really means a lot to me.

  10. Exceptional work. Thank you, Darrel, for the chance to win one of your prints.

  11. Liga picture for sure. My two favorite things: Cigars and women!

  12. Cigars and Art,who would of thought those would go together?

  13. Great works of art!

  14. After reading the review, I went to Ebay and looked at Darrel’s other works. This fellow cigar smoker is the real deal! Check him out on Ebay!

  15. Very interesting art.

  16. Love the detail.. awesome work!

  17. Very cool art. Thanks for introducing Darrel to us. The Kristoff was the first one I saw, and still grabs me. Maybe it’s the small piece ot tobacco hanging off the closed foot.

  18. Very cool and creative!

  19. The art would look great in my bar!

  20. I have just the place in my man cave for one his prints. Beautiful work.

  21. I like his Tatuaje skull but having the sexy liga hanging in the man cave will definitely look good.

  22. Wow, way cool. Very nice art, regardless of cigar theme, however, that makes it even better. Keep on creating!!

  23. Great contest again! Darrel is an amazing artist. I liked the print of The Grey Pilgrim. Although a drawing, the picture gives you all the depth and more of a photograph like some many of Darrel’s works do. Thanks.

  24. Wow Darrel really captures the subject matter with intense detail. His Scrimshaw works are truly amazing. I particularly love his cigar art prints. A lot of cigar art is centered around cuban landscapes or elaborate cigar brands. His work gets more into the fine detail of the subject and brings it to life. I will check his website for sure and strongly think about ordering myself some prints. Very nice work!

  25. It’s about time Darrel got some recognition for his art. Supremely talented and a great dude…

  26. Awesome talent, any one of his works would be extremely cool to have.

  27. To choose just one is too hard to do! They are all so tastefully done, they’d be the perfect centerpiece for anyone! Love them all!

  28. Cool work but he really needs to stop posting such Douche looking pics of himself on various Cigar forums.

  29. I really like the No 9 print, there’s a je ne sais quoi with the band, I could stare a it for hours

  30. Beautiful work! I’m a knife collector too so I very much admire and appreciate a skilled scrimshaw artist. The depth of it is just magic to me!!

  31. I’ve followed Darrel’s work for a while and his work is truly amazing!

  32. I “know” Darrell from the community. I have some of his work myself. I want to point out that while the photos of his work show his talent, they do not do justice to how fantastic his work is in real life. Glad to see him getting the attention he deserves!

  33. Love the skulls and all the work is amazing

  34. I have associated with Darrell through the web for a while now and have one of his prints hanging in my office right now! I’d love to have another to keep it company!!

    Great job on the feature.

  35. I LOVE Darrel’s work! The Liga Privada Unico pictures are sexy as hell!

  36. Awesome work. I’d say the Liga 9 scetch is my favorite.

  37. i really like the Kristoff print!

  38. Cigars in art – how can you go wrong? Love the Tatuaje skull art, but there is something stark and appealing about his still life cigars, especially the Kristoff.

  39. Breath taking, I adore these.

  40. What a talent!!! I am most impressed with the anatomical nuances of the female art. As I am a cigar aficionado, I especially admire the Havana cigars. The detail is most impressive!
    I have many friends, both in the States as well as in Europe who would appreciate this fine work and purchase!
    Best wishes for the Holidays,

  41. What Daniel says brings a tear to my eye because although I’m not a rich man, I can afford an expensive cigar and for the next couple of hours I am as rich as any man enjoying the art, beauty, the flavors as any other rich man would. Thank God for the small pleasures that life gives us it makes it all worth living.

    – john. Cigar passionado

  42. cigars and art, what more can one ask for, ok maybe a nice cognac

  43. “Pasíon” and “Kristoff Still Life” as favorite prints and “Defiant” as favorite scrimshaw. The prints are just, well… Awesome. I love the space between style and not feeling that he had to fill every empty space. The scrimshaw is breath-taking. It looks like it could walk right off the media. Great work all around but, those are my favorites.

  44. All the work is brilliant, but the Liga 9 Lady is my favourite.

  45. The tatuaje skull is pretty sick. .very talented guy!

  46. Scrimshaw work is terrific and the custom scrimshaw Xicar cutter is inspired!

  47. Darrel has some amazing pieces out there. I love how he integrates two passions’ of his. He possesses a lot of talent, and it’s good to see ya’ll featuring him!

  48. Darrell has great artistic ability and his passion for cigars and art shows—well done

  49. Very talented artist, looking to purchase one of his works. Thank you!

  50. Really like the “chalky” presentation in the drawings shown. Nice display for my “Pub” downstairs. Thanks for all.

  51. This is really cool!

  52. The prints look amazing! I can already imagine this fine cigar-inspired art work hanging on my office wall above my humidor. Great excuse to work those late hours!

  53. Those prints look fabulous! They would look even better on my office wall!

  54. Very nice. Always appreciative of those who have talent I can only wish for. Thanks.

  55. Beautiful prints! Any one would look great in my man-cave

  56. These prints look cool , would love the woman one for my rec room!

  57. I’ve been a fan of his scrimshaw for a while. It’s a shame I can’t afford any. The tat skull is probably my favorite print, mostly because I might actually be allowed to display it by my wife.

  58. Darrel’s art is exactly what I have been looking for. I hope I am a winner! I will be checking out the ebay site but am hoping for a xmas surprise!

  59. Cool stuff would love to hang this in my cigar lounge

  60. Cohiba print because it’s my favorite brand!

  61. I have become friends with Darrel through his business. So far I have purchased 2 prints, and had 3 scrimshaws made (1 custom humidor plaque, 2 custom dealer chips). He is an amazing person to work with and very accommodating. I have become good friends with Darrel, and his work is only getting better. I suggest taking a look at his full gallery to see exactly what he can create. It’s worth the look.

  62. The details are stunning in the Tatuaje, Still Life it is amazing to capture the smoke by far my favorite. But all of them are extremely good with the detail he is able to produce.

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