Carlito’s Stogie Nubber

Opening the package I was startled. The Stogie Nubber was a bit larger than I expected. Standing it on the table, I understood why. A wide base makes for a stable holder. Everything about this thing seems well thought out. Looking at it, it resembles the nose cone of a rocket. The design of it makes you think it is more fitting for some piece of space age equipment, than for a cigar accessory. I unscrew the top, it is a nice smooth action, and reveal the spike. The spike is nicely integrated with the whole of the unit, and lined with sharp ridges. The entire Nubber has a solid heavy feel in my hand, but rests very comfortably in my grip. I carefully spike my nub and the spike goes in smoothly, no tearing of the wrapper. Holding the Nubber feels very natural, no discomfort at all. Setting it on the table it sits stably, the only oddness being that the wind makes the cigar spin like a propeller. I finish my cigar, the Nubber never heats up in the least and holds the cigar perfectly. Putting the edge of the cigar on the ashtray I give a quick tug, and the nub pops off the Nubber easily.

This is a great addition to anyone’s cigar kit. Beautifully machined, nicely designed, and does exactly what is advertised.

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