Buying cigars in Rostock, Germany

Buying cigars in Rostock, Germany
Date: January 2020
Author: Cigar Inspector

Baltic Cigar Club

This article was submitted by Martin, a cigar aficionado from Rostock, Germany and owner of

Cigar aficionados will appreciate the vibrant cigar culture that Rostock, Germany has to offer. Rostock has an excellent tobacco shop, a variety of lounges for cigar smoking, and clubs that provide humidified lockers for storage.

Tabak Nitz, Rostok’s only local tobacconist, is located at the center of the city. It can be easily found at the Rostoker Hof shopping mall on Breite Strasse, near Universitatsplatz. A climate controlled room ensures the proper humidity levels for rare Cuban, Dominican, and Nicaraguan cigars are maintained at Tabak Nitz. The tobacconists provide a selection of cigar cutters, humidors, lighters, and other fine tobacco accessories for their clientele. Tabak Nitz also sells whisky and cognac, the perfect accompaniments for cigars.

Another place to enjoy the cigar culture in Rostok is the Rittmeister. The Landhotel Rittmeister, at 1 Biestower Damm, has one of the best cigar lounges in Northern Germany. The Rittmeister carries a selection of fine Cuban, Honduran, and Brazilian cigars. The lounge also provides humidified storage lockers. Cigars can be enjoyed in the stylish lounge with a liqueur or whisky from the Rittmeister’s own distillery.

Even though it was only founded in 2010, The Baltic Cigar Club has become the premiere club celebrating cigar culture in Rostok. The club is located at 7 Waldemarstrasse, only 2 kilometers from Universitatsplatz. The Baltic Cigar Club has a special monthly cigar selection, and the club matches it with the perfect distilled spirits. In addition to weekly meetings, The Baltic Cigar Club also has large monthly events that include music, food, and drinks.


A few kilometers out of Rostock in a small village named “Klein Kussewitz” you will find the warehouse of the online shop Inside the 750 m2 big warehouse you’ll find one of the biggest humidors in whole Eastern Germany. This is not a typical B&M store but customers are welcome anytime and they can directly buy from the big stock and smoke a cigar in the warehouse-lounge.

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