Buying cigars in Rome

Living in the heart of Europe and having access to low cost airlines make it so easy to visit other countries that it would be a crime not to travel. And there are so many great places to visit in the old world! Rome is often one of the first destinations but for some reason it wasn’t until February 2012 that I finally managed to land in the Ciampino airport. I was immediately greeted with a downpour, then a snow storm the next day (apparently it snows every 20 years in Rome, see how lucky I am?). Fortunately, Rome and Italy in general have something that can make bad weather enjoyable. Wine! After having spent two weeks in Venise and Milano last year and one week in Rome in 2012, I came to the conclusion that Italian white wines are damn good and perhaps more uniform in quality than French wines, although they’d have a hard time competing with top of the class French whites like Puligny-Montrachet. As for the red wines, Chianti Classico has a flavor profile that I adore, I just can’t get enough of this region.

Emerging from two days of endless wine tastings alternating with short sightseeings under the rain/snow, I remembered that I needed to determine whether there was a place in Rome to buy some cigars. I did prepare my visit and knew that there was a La Casa del Habano in town, but I also wanted to check whether it was possible to find good offerings in regular tabacchi, smoke shops. I randomly entered three of them and was presented with a standard assortiment on tubed Partagas D 4 and Montecristo No. 2. Needless to say, no walk-in humidors. At this very moment my bored girlfriend told me that I had only one more chance left before she headed to the Colosseum without me. I quickly unfolded my map and we marched towards Fincato, the name of Rome’s LCDH (exact address: Via della Colonna Antonina, 34, 00186 Roma, Italy Google Maps ->).

Buying cigars in Rome

The place is classy and luxurious. I am immediately welcomed by a gentleman who tells me to go upstairs where the Cuban cigars sanctuary is located. Indeed, the walk-in humidor is impressive and has all the latest releases like the Ramon Allones Superiores, the Italian regional La Escepcion or the Partagas Serie E No. 2. All the regular cigars are also present – and you can buy singles, too. Overall, a great cigar shops and one I highly recommend if one day you set foot in the eternal city.

Buying cigars in Rome

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  1. Can anyone say what they paid for a Cuban cigar????

  2. What are the prices like compare to France and Spain? I’m traveling through all three and so far between France and Spain France is cheaper.

  3. perfect!
    Everything it is supposed to be!
    Having bought Habanos in most European countries, this was a joy’

  4. Wow, I’m glad I found this post. I have a buddy getting ready to be stationed in Italy. Will have to make sure he stops by a few places if he visits Rome.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for must-see cigar shops anywhere else in Italy?

  5. This place is still in business. If you are near the Pantheon you are close. Worth the stop. Has incredible Pipe selection. I purchased some Montecristos, Bolivars, and my favorite Cuaba.

  6. Here is a complaint I made to the Italian distributor of Habanos:

    Dear Sirs,

    I believe you are the main distributors of Habanos brands in Italy,

    I purchased a few cigars (Cohiba 1966 Limited Edition 2011) in March 2012 from your LCDH in Rome (Via della Colonna Antonina, 34), since I found the cigar didn’t match my expectations, I took a deeper look into it and found out the ring is not exactly correct, please watch the picture, you will find 3,5 rows of white squares on a black background after the golden lining, there should be 3 not more.

    I exposed this subject to a Turkish cigar forum and some members pointed to some fake cigars intercepted in Rome Airport and all that saw the picture agreed the one I bought from LCDH Roma is a fake. I am still keeping the rings and can send you more pictures at your will.

    Now me and some thousands of forum members are shocked to find out LCDH shops may not be as trustable as they seem, so I am looking forward for your views as to those picture in order to inform everyone about what happened. I am still keeping 2 behike 56, since those rings are holographic I don’t think they can be copied, but still LCDH has lost a huge credit in my view, unless you prove otherwise.

    Kind regards.

    What would be your comments, everyone? Is it possible to find fakes in LCDH shops? (why not??)

    band (front)
    band (back)
    original cigar picture

  7. I am currently in Roma and had the opportunity to visit Fincato LCDH. Wonderful assortment,if a bit pricey. Bought the regional editon which is very good. I purchased Cohiba esplendidos and partagas p2 and d4 as well as petite edmundos. The cigars were well aged and some had blume,which I really like. All in all, a great experience very friendly staff and smoking have a splendid esplendido as I write this.

  8. Yas Rome is a wonderful city and personally although they speak of Paris as the city for lovers I believe Rome more a place for romantics. Like you I’m very impressed with Italian wine and particularly the Sangiovese based Chianti Tuscans reds although in more recent years a great deal of Cabernet sauvignon has been grown and we have seen the emergence of the so called “super Tuscans” with super prices to match! Give me a good quality Chianti classico any day and at a fraction of the price. Like Tomp on my far too few visits to Rome when I lived in the UK my cigar purchases were limit to the airport duty free shops. Weatherwise sounds like you didn’t have the best of luck but it’s pot luck anyway and spring or summer can be equally unreliable. Lucky to have a girlfriend who allowed you more than one cigar expedition!

  9. HOLY CRAP!!!! I went a whole week in Italy without a cigar. AND to boot we walked right past that place and never saw it..dammit…

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