Where to buy (and smoke) cigars in Paris?

This post, first published in 2009, has been updated in 2015 with more parisian cigar shops and lounges.

Paris, France is a city that I know quite well, having lived there for several years. Surprisingly, despite the interdiction to smoke indoors that has been on for a few years now, there are quite a few quality cigar shops that deserve a visit. And there are many places where you can enjoy your freshly purchased stogie. Let’s start with the cigar shops:

1. A la Civette

The very first place that I discovered many years ago is called A la Civette (“at a cigar shop”) and is located right in the touristic center of the city, close to the Louvre museum. Don’t expect to pay a premium for the location as cigar prices are exactly the same in ALL cigar shops in France.

The place has a strong tradition as it first opened its doors in 1716. A la Civette boasts a large walk-in humidor with a good selection of Cuban cigars (all of them are available by single) and it also has non-Cubans like CAO, Ashton VSG or Padron 1964 (most of them at prohibitive prices, of course). By the way, if you want to enjoy your cigars straight away, there is a nice café just opposite the cigar shop, where you can smoke outdoors.

Here’s the address if you ever have a chance to visit it:
157, rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris (Google Maps link >>>)

2. Le Lotus Madeleine

Le Lotus Madeleine

This one was close to my office and I visited it many times. Less tourists (and customers) here, so if you’re lucky you can have a long talk with the owners who know their products very well. The selection is arguably more narrow, but I always managed to find something nice. Located in a small street near Madeleine metro station (Google Maps link >>>),

3. Publicis Drugstore

Publicis Drugstore

Right on the world famous Champs Elysées (n° 138, Google Maps link >>>), the Publicis Drugstore is a decent choice if you need a quick fix. A lot of different cigars are available in the walk-in humidor, unfortunately the advice is nearly non-existent and the staff could have been friendlier. I’ve been there three times and always had the same experience.

Here are a few more locations that all have a decent range of Habanos (and sometimes non-Cubans):

  • Le Corona, 30 quai du Louvre, 75001 Paris.
  • La Boîte à Cigares, 23 rue de Rome, 75008 Paris.
  • Tabac du Châtelet, 8 rue Saint Denis, 75001 Paris.
  • Maison Lemaire, 59 avenue Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris.

Now that you purchased your Behike, you might want to give it a try immediately!

In France, it is forbidden to smoke indoors but there are places where you can still enjoy your cigar, even in winter. They are equipped with an electronic system that eliminates smoke and you have to fetch your drinks yourself (the waiters can’t enter the area). The problem with these “fumoirs” (smoking rooms) is that a lot of them are located in 5-star hotels, which means there’s a certain dress code and drinks can cost over 20 EUR. This is why most of the time I go to the Cubana Café, located 47, rue Vavin (Google Maps link >>>). Affordable drinks, a comfy smoking room, and some tex mex food if you’re hungry – that’s a good mix in my book.

If you prefer more upscale places though, here are a couple:

  • Cigar Lounge Kléber (Hôtel Peninsula Paris), 19 avenue Kléber, 75016 Paris.
  • Le Cigare Bar (La Maison Champs Elysées), 8 rue Jean Goujon, 75008 Paris.
  • Fumoir (Hotel Maison Athénée), 19 rue de Caumartin, 75009 Paris.

Please don’t hesitate to share your favorite cigar places in Paris in the comments area!

10 thoughts on “Where to buy (and smoke) cigars in Paris?

  1. Hi, juѕt wanted to tell y᧐u, I likeⅾ this article.
    It was practical. ᛕeep ߋn posting!

  2. There is a nice shop, that mostly sells non-Cubans, I found Pitbull Cigars and they are amazing.

    Artabac, 2 Place de Catalogne, 75014 Paris, France.

    I just want to leave a notice about (Maison Lemaire) the man in the shop tried to sell me fake Cohiba 2014 superimos.. (was stached away not on display).

    Fourseasons George V hotel, has a nice open area settings, no minimum charge, you just have to make a reservation first.

  3. I wish to share with you place called Tabac NAUDIN – CNIT just between FNAC and La Vinia at La Defense Small but very good selection of cigars not just from Cuba!!! You can also find there some limited edition cigars (by fast they usually have small quantities) cigars for everyone and wide range of price…
    Every time I am going there I find somethings interesting in they Humidor and we can smoke just outside there is few restaurants and cafe on La Defense….

  4. I buy my cigars in Paris at the Civette Beaugrenelle, it’s located at the 45, rue Linois in the XVth arrondissement, they have a lot of choice and the two owners (father and son) really know their products.
    I went there yesterday and spent 20 minutes talking with one of them (the son) and he always has good advices.
    I didn’t know about the Cubana Café, their fumoir looks cool, I’ll try to go there soon.

  5. “Civette” in french means a tobacco store…
    Beside this you have in Paris few other places which are :
    – In front of the Conseil d’Etat/Comédie française/Conseil constitutionnel, “A la civette du Palais”Between the Louvre & the Palais Royal.
    – “Davidoff” 22 Ave. Victor Hugo Paris 16 & “Lemaire” in front of “Lenôtre” on the other sidewalk toward place V. HUGO.
    – Other way you also have, within a range of 400M to see in the Drugstore next to the Arc de Triomphe. With this one in your back, it’s on your left the first building at the corner Champs Elysées/Presbourg.
    On your way you may stop at Sir Winston winston to light a Sir winston with a bottle of Pol Roger or an Islay in this top pub

  6. Thanks for the tip I be 40 this month. I going to buy a cigar as a treat for mine 40th Brithday. I be going to paris this year and vist this shop too. Thanks

  7. I found your article very accurate. I own a bar parallel to the gardens of the Palais Royal and buy my cigars there on an almost daily basis. The name of the bar is Au Caveau Montpensier located at 15 rue de Montpensier. I’m hoping to put in a fumoir in one of the back rooms to cater to cigar smokers. Hopefully to be finished by the May 2010. I invite anyone interested to pass by for a cocktail.

  8. Whatever “a la civette” means is irrelevant. It’s a great little shop. I went there in September of 2007 and bought a fistful of Habanos for a boat ride down the Canal Du Midi. I picked up some Hoyos, Partagas Serie D, and seven Quai D’Orsais in multiple sizes. Why seven, you ask? Six to smoke and share on the boat, and one which I saved for later, so I could smoke a Quai D’Orsai ON the Quai D’Orsai, of course!

    Bottom line — I was treated courteously by a knowledgeable tobacconist there, and I consider the 124 Euros I plunked down there money well-spent.

  9. Hm, I really thought that ‘civette’ also meant a cigar shop.
    Thanks for the correction!

  10. Thanks for the heads up mate. I am sometimes up in Paris, will stop by next time.

    Just a little correction though : “A la Civette” means “At the Civet” in English. Civet (according to Webster’s): Any of various old world carnivores with long body, short legs, and usually a long tail.

    There is a golden statue of one just above the store sign in the picture. I guess if you cut off the legs, tail and head it might look like a big cigar though 😉

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