Buying cigars in Munich, Germany

I’ve been to Germany several times now, but never had an opportunity to visit Munich before this month. It is often said that Munich, along with Berlin, is one of the most interesting German cities and I was quite eager to spend a long week-end in Bavaria. I confirm that most of what one might hear about Munich is true: it’s a beautiful, rich town with friendly people, gorgeous monuments (almost all of them were rebuilt after the WW2, which is simply impressive) and plenty of the world’s greatest beer (only Brussels can play in the same league when it comes to beer). One piece of advice I can give you is, when you grow tired of endless pints of dunkel and German taverns, do yourself a favor and visit the lakes around Munich – the nature is astonishing.

Munich boasts several well known cigar shops in the city center and the one I prefer is called Pfeifen Huber, located on Tal 22 (a very short walk from the Viktualien market: Google Maps >).

Pfeifen Huber - a cigar shop in Munich

Quite an institution (the shop exists since 1863), Pfeifen Huber has a beautiful walk-in humidor with a wide choice of both Cubans and non-Cubans as well as a vast selection of pipes / pipe tobacco and spirits. Jens (pictured below) is very friendly and knows his stuff about cigars, don’t hesitate to ask him for advice.


If Pfeifen Huber is closed or something goes wrong, you can also pay a visit to Dallmayr (located on Marienhof : Google Maps >), which I found inferior in terms of advice and choice (no walk-in humidor). Another cigar shop worth mentioning is Zechbauer (Google Maps >), but unfortunately it was closed when I was passing by. All the shops mentioned in this article are in the same area, so you can easily visit all three of them. Enjoy your time in Munich and feel free to add more cigar-friendly places in the comments area below.

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  1. Have visited Zechbauer a few times and it is very good, but visited Huber on my last trip to Munich and found it to have a wider range available and an even larger walk-in humidor. Jens was on holiday, but had very good service and advice from Max. He wasn’t at all phased by my lengthy shopping list and spoke very good English.

    Even with the current weakness of the pound vs the euro, the prices compare very favourably with the UK. E.g. you can buy two Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Numero 6 for less than the price of one in the UK. Dallmayr is OK, but not really worth bothering with when both Huber and Zechbauer are a short walk from Marienplatz.

    If you’re in need of a good burger before/after visiting Huber, I would recommend Hans im Gluck. It’s on the same side of Tal as Huber, between them and Marienplatz.

  2. Very interesting article I never think cigars when I think Germany but I suppose German refinement has no limits.They are probally really good.

  3. Germany is such a wonderful country for cigars. Even in the small town I lived in located in the north, the local kiosks had small collections of decently priced cigars. For the German speakers Dialyzigarren is a youtube channel operated by the owners of the LCDH Saarbruecken. Also, some of the shops in Germany have better prices than duty free at Frankfurt Main.

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