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Time to talk about Geneva in my “buying cigars in” post series. Geneva is often considered like the cigar capital in Europe, because a lot of online shops operate or claim to operate from this city. However, it’s a bit hard to find a cigar shop there that can provide a very wide choice and solid advice.

This is why I prefer the shop that has the choice. It’s the Davidoff shop located at 2, rue de Rive (one of the main shopping streets in town) [Google Maps >]. It has a very wide selection of Cubans (no old limited editions though) and all latest offerings by Davidoff, including Avos and Camachos plus some more nice non-Cubans. Last time, I picked up some Avo 85th Anniversary Limited Editions, CAO La Traviatas and Por Larranaga Valiosos. Now, don’t get me wrong – I didn’t say that you could get no advice in this shop. However, there are a lot of customers and it’s hard to talk to a salesman for more than 10 minutes. I think that sales people are more used to newbies who want to buy some gifts, and their advice in this case is very special – while I was checking out the selection, two boxes of Cohiba Behike were sold. Impressive.

By the way, I highly recommend you visit Geneva if you have a chance, especially in the summer. It’s not overcrowded like some other European cities and you can spend a pleasant week-end if you love long walks near a lake, admiring architecture and enjoying city parks.

Update: alternatively you can also go to Gestocigars located at 12-14, rue du Marché. Thanks to B.I.G. for the suggestion.

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  1. Yes ! Gesto is a good place in Geneva with J-Ch. RIOS as the owner who knows his job. However the guy doesn’t ship to France nor to US of A… Other way it’s serious, human at good prices.

  2. Actualy I didn’t blame the shop for plugged cuban cigars, but for their response to this problem when shown to them, which was”Since we Davidoff don’t craft cubans, we can’t change the cigars for you.”
    Pretty much the same ridiculous and despicable answer as if your car dealer wouldn’t replace your BMW car because it were build in Germany and its location is out of Germany.

  3. Cuban cigars are a lottery so trying to nail a specific retailer for plugged cigars shows ignorance and bias.
    Good dominicans, nicaraguan and honduran cigars from reliable manufacturers dont have the same problems.
    I personally find Davidoff to be excellent and have had outstanding customer service there time and time again.

  4. That’s true, I also had many lousy cigars. But not only from Gestocigars, also from Tabac Rhein rue du Mont-Blanc, and the worst was definitely Davidoff. Keep in mind that cigare are manufactured producted so consistency isn’t always possible unfortunately.

  5. I have been to gestocigars a couple of time but got quite lousy cuban cigars. Then I found tabac rhein which is located at rue du mont-blanc since 1905. They are the first retailer of cuban cigars of Geneva and the quality is really the best I have found. Definitely try them!

  6. Gesto is the nicest cigar shop in the world. It’s like a private humidor with an attractive, pleasant and knowledgeable young lady to serve you. The humidor is also behind a steel door, which gives you an idea of the value of the cigar selection they carry. But it is all very elegant and you can sit and smoke a sample in the “parlor” style room, if you like.

  7. I’ve been to Gestocigars couple of times. Amazing service & great choice of cigars – check them online as well. Going to visit them this week again!

  8. You are welcome =)

  9. I updated the post, thanks.

  10. Not at all. Gestocigars adress is 12-14 Rue Du Marché. Actualy, I don’t know if you heard about the concept, but the shop is located into an apartment, with no showcase, so the prices are about 20 to 40% cheaper than other luxuous shops where salesmen treat you like a fool and make you pay for the showcase where they expose brands such as zino or other BS… Anyway, Gestocigars are located into the building, apartment next to your right fifth floor, pretty easy to find near the united colours of benetton in front of H&M.

    Give me a feedback of what you think of gesto, since I have never seen any shop where they accept to open every box for you to choose the one that suits you.

  11. Indeed, this doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience. What’s gesto’s address?

  12. Geneva is my city, I love this city. But seriously, Davidoff, last time I went there to buy a Cohiba Siglo III it was plunged. As I told a man if he could give me another, he said that Davidoff doesn’t roll with Cuba but with Dominican Republic, so if the cigar were plunged and badly rolled, it’s not his problem… I won’t explain you how I humiliated this fool in front of all the people and since this day, I go to gestocigars…

  13. My family lives in Geneva now after leaving the Philippines, but I have yet to visit them. They come here to Texas to visit me all the time. The lure of great cigars may be the final pull.

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