Buying cigars in Amsterdam

Amsterdam… what a great city. One of the most beautiful in Europe, in my humble opinion – I love the architecture, the atmosphere, the people – the only thing missing is a national cuisine! 🙂 By the way, if you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, I suggest you rent a flat because there are very few hotels, and those are pretty expensive! We had a 100 m² two-bedroom flat for 110 € / night, whereas a friend of ours found himself a 11 m² hotel room for 80 € / night.

For those of you who still want to smoke cigars in Amsterdam (some people forget about their hobby in this city), I selected a couple of places where you can find everything you need. The first one is called P. G. C. Hajenius, it’s a huge cigar shop with a long history, located in the heart of Amsterdam (Google Maps >). Even if you don’t smoke cigars, it’s an interesting place to visit because of its art deco interior that hasn’t changed since 1915. The walk-in humidor is exceptional, sellers are professional, you can even visit a tobacco museum. There is also a lounge where you can smoke your cigar and pair it with a selection of drinks:

P. G. C. Hajenius

If you find yourself quite far from the city center and crave a cigar, you can also get one from the Davidoff shop (Google Maps >) and smoke it in the Vondelpark nearby – I believe it’s the biggest park in Amsterdam. Again, a walk-in humidor and a wide array of Cuban and non-Cuban sticks.

Davidoff Amsterdam

Of course, do not hesitate to post your favorite cigar places in the comments below.

Update: you might also want to visit the La Casa del Habano Amsterdam, located in The Conservatorium hotel (Google Maps >). Thanks patrickledden for the tip.

Update #2: have a look at David‘s comment below for even more good places in Amsterdam.

6 thoughts on “Buying cigars in Amsterdam

  1. Unfortunately, smoking is no longer allowed in cigar shops, restaurants nor bars. And the Davidoff shop has been closed

  2. If you are in Amsterdam visit Van Lookeren at the Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam in the mall under Hotel Element Amsterdam (Westin). beautiful store with a big walk in Humidor and a 70m2 cigar lounge where you think you’re in Cuba.

  3. I’m sorry, I forgot (6) Davidoff, Van Baerlestraat 84 (the same street as La Casa del Habano).

  4. In addition to (1) Hajenius (Rokin 96) and (2) La Casa del Habano in the Conservatorium Hotel (Van Baerlestraat 27), there are three more to recommend for Cuban and other longfiller cigars:
    (3) Hartman (Beethovenstraat 88);
    (4) Hartman (Leidsestraat 58; smaller selection than #3); and
    (5) McCarthy’s (Zeedijk 27A, second entrance around the corner on Oudezijdskolk).
    La Casa del Habano (#2), the franchise store with the largest selection of Cuban cigars, is also owned by Hartman (#3 and #4).
    If you happen to pass Andringa (corner Reguliersbreestraat/Vijzelstraat, opposite Munt), DO NOT go in. First: they don’t let you touch the cigars. Second: their selection is by far the smallest. Third: the distance to Hajenius is 350 meters.

  5. Great article. Wonderful city. PGC Hajenius is a definite Mecca for cigar smokers. Unbelievable selection and great atmosphere.
    Don’t forget to visit the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Casino and Hard Rock

  6. thanks for this article – yes, the dam is one of the great smoking cities of europe,pgc h is a must see and there’s several other great cigar friendly spots, my favourite being Freddies Bar in Hotel Europe- beautiful cigar lounge and well stocked humidor – not to mention the lcdh in the Conservatorium hotel

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