7 Cigar Myths Debunked (or not…) [infographic]

7 Cigar Myths Debunked (or not…) [infographic]
Date: October 2021
Author: Cigar Inspector

Today we would like to show you some of the most common cigar myths in the form of an infographic (click for a larger version). We hope you enjoy it, please share it with your friends if you like it!

Cigar Myths Debunked

Any other subjects that could be covered via an infographic? Feel free to suggest in the comments area below!

1 thought on “7 Cigar Myths Debunked (or not…) [infographic]

  1. May I put some questions true or false about cigars:
    There is a particular bacterial floral in Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba that make a different “fermentation” of tobacco leaf?
    The word HABANA on the anilla is the only thing that Cuban Cigars have respect all others cigars with the same brand name but not produced in Cuba?
    Mister Upmann that founded the H.Upmann brand was born in Cuba?
    Good Sunday.

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