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  1. Ed

    Velazquez Pyramid

    Origin : Puerto Rico
    Format : Pyramid
    Size : ~6 in. x 42
    Wrapper : N/A
    Filler : N/A
    Binder : N/A
    Price : N/A

    Velazquez cigar is (or will be) Puerto Rico’s newest entry into the very competitive cigar landscape. It is solely distributed by Maredos Cigars in Moreno Valley, CA. Puerto Rico is not well known for its cigar industry although it possesses the climate and terrain to grow very fine tobacco.

    The information in this cigar is very slim; the only mention can be found either on Twitter (@maredoscigars) or at the Social Cigar website. It is not known if this is a Puerto Rican puro, so no information on the composition of the cigar is available for this review.

    Appearance : [rating:2/5]
    The wrapper appears to have a milk chocolate color which to me it would seem that it was shade grown. The cigar came in a cellophane wrapper; however, I had a very difficult time removing the cigar from the wrapper. I had to rip the cellophane wrapper in order to get to the cigar.

    The cigar has a very sweet scent that permeates outside the cellophane wrapper. It smells like a Swisher Sweet (maybe a sweet coronella). The wrapper has a cherry scent to it. It does have that peculiar smell of a cigar that can be purchased at a local pharmacy or convenience store.

    As far as a physical appearance, the cigar is just not straight. It seems that the head of the cigar is shifted to the right as indicated in the pictures.

    The cap forms a peculiar pattern that looks like a couple of wrapper leaves intertwined together. It has the appearance of a wizard’s hat if you look at it closely.

    Towards the middle of the cigar, there seemed to be a color changed as the wrapper got just a shade darker. This pattern lasted about 1.25 inches from the head of the cigar.

    The band is fairly simple in design; it has a capital “V” in front with the word “Velazquez” written underneath the V. The name of the town where the cigar is manufactured in Puerto Rico (Aguas Buenas, PR) is written towards the right of the V; and the phrase “Una Artesania Puertorriqueña” (translation = A Puerto Rican craft) written on the left of the V. The label also has the phrase “Hecho a Mano” which translates to hand made. The colors are very tropical and light on the label.

    Velazquez Pyramid

    Construction : [rating:2/5]
    The cigar is extremely soft to the touch. A better description of this cigar is “spongy.” There is absolutely no resistance to the touch. I thought that the cigar may have been exposed to a higher level of humidity; so, I left the cigar out for 24 hours prior to lighting it up. The expectation here is that there would be either ignition issues or problems keeping the cigar lit or an uneven burn while smoking it.

    I am not sure if this is the intention of the cigar maker or a consequence of a lack of aging during the manufacturing process of the cigar.

    The band was removed without a fight – too easy if you ask me. I normally have to jiggle the band in order for me to be able to remove the band.

    The cigar was not smoky at all; whatever smoke it produced, it dissipated very quickly. The smoke had a sweet feel to it.

    The burn was even for the first inch of the cigar; after that, the cigar developed both a tunnel and a canoe. As expected, the cigar experienced these burn issues.

    Flavor : [rating:2.5/5]
    The cigar was cut with a Xikar Multitool Scissor cutter. There was a slight resistance on the pre-light draw.
    The pre-light draw had a hint of bourbon with a taste of pastries. My initial impressions on the flavor of the cigar was that of rum or sugar cane. It was very mild to my palate.

    The retrohale had hints of a tropical drink and sweet.

    The cigar flavors were very consistent throughout the smoke; no changes in the flavor profile were detected.

    Value : N/A
    Since no price could be found for the Velazquez cigar, is is difficult to write about the value of the cigar. If I were to price it, I would hope not to see a price tag higher than $3.50 per stick.

    Overall Rating : [rating:2.5/5]
    If the manufacturer intended this for a cigar enthusiast that enjoys a very mild smoke, then this may be the cigar for them. This would be the type of cigar that my wife would let me smoke inside the house since it can be easily confused with one of those scented candles.

    No cigar smoker enjoys having burn issues while smoking their stick, and the people at Velazquez cigar need to take a look at not only the construction but also the appearance of the cigar in order to launch the product in an environment that is highly competitive.

    The cigar seemed like it was a flavored cigar; I did not get much of a taste of tobacco while smoking it. This may be the way to position this cigar to the industry. It is just too mild to be anything but a flavored stick.
    I would also hope that the manufacturer does a better effort marketing the cigar as there is absolutely no information available to the consumer about the cigar.

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    • Luigie


      Very sorry to hear those reviews from 2010. Apparently Velazquez got the message and worked hard on improving his product. They are in fact a family over 100 years in this art. This is 2016 and although I’m new to this market I’ve smoked real Cuban Cohiba’s, Romeo & Julietas, andd others. I can say that todays Velazquez cigars have nothing to envy them. I buy directly from the source (Velazquez) and it is my favorite cigar.


      HEY , GOOD AFTERNOON, I am from same town of Aguas Buenas and didn’t know we had a cigar manufacturer named Velazquez in here, I am new at this, I smoke cigarettes but recently tried few cigars like montecristo, not the Cubans of course. does any knows where to get this new cigar, the Velazquez?? any info will be great.

    • basquiat67

      Your review was more diplomatic and professional than a cigar of this quality deserves. If I went out and put a fancy band on a dog turd, it might look better than this cigar! (flavor would be a toss-up)

    • Bageland2000

      HAHA this sounds like the most unappealing cigar I’ve ever heard of.

      “The wrapper appears to have a milk chocolate color which to me it would seem that it was shade grown. The cigar came in a cellophane wrapper; however, I had a very difficult time removing the cigar from the wrapper. I had to rip the cellophane wrapper in order to get to the cigar.”

      You need to edit your posts…use over-use the same word a bunch of times.

    • Ethan

      that looks horrendous…like it came off/out of something that died.

    • Cigar George

      I wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer about the Valasquez Paramid/Torpedo…It sucked! Apparently we got them about the same time from the same source…spongy,couldn’t get the cello off,tasted like sugar cane or some infusion,extremely light…unfortunately I got 10 sticks;smoked 6 that canoed & burned unevenly & 4 went into the Cat’s litterbox … Not recommended!+ pissed off the cat! Disagree?Call me & tell me why CIGARS…by George..
      (513)374-7744 24/7!

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Cigar Region Puerto Rico
Length 6
Ring Gauge 42
Vitola Pyramid
Construction Hand Made