Vegas Robaina XV Aniversario Pre-Release (Canada RE)

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  1. Simon

    Vegas Robaina XV Aniversario Pre-Release (Canada RE)

    Origin : CubaVegas Robaina
    Format : Sublime
    Size : 6.5 (164 mm) x 54
    Release : 2012
    Price : ~$50 each

    Back in November I attended the famous Partagas festival in Havana, Cuba along with the Toronto contingent. This was my first time going and I must say I am now hooked. After a few days of hunting in every cigar store in town, I was invited by the good people at the Montreal branch of the Casa Del Habanos to a pre-launch tasting of this year’s Edicion Regional Canada, the Vegas Robaina Aniversario XV Exclusivo Canada. Vegas Robaina is not a marca I particularly appreciate but I am more than ready to have my mind changed.

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    This is a great looking cigar. It is firm to the touch and I must say it was sitting very nicely in my hand. The wrapper is a nice dark milk chocolate brown and it has a nice sheen to it.

    Vegas Robaina XV Aniversario Pre-Release (Canada RE)

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    This cigar is very well constructed and let itself get cut easily. It has a nice tightly packed foot. The cap is impeccable an the head is perfect.

    My sample had an easy draw and scents of chocolate & good tobacco at cold. The construction on these is perfect.

    Flavor : [rating:3/5]

    1st third
    This cigar started out with a blast of sweet flavors of chocolate and coffee. This is a medium/full body cigar with great amounts of thick smoke. You can almost chew it. I can taste hints of leather and light fruit acidity. Sitting to my left was Ajay Patel from La Casa Del Habanos in London and he mentioned that this cigar reminded him of the Vegas Robaina Maestro, the 2007 Edition Regional Espana. I never tasted this cigar but I totally trust his expert palate. Given that the Maestro is a highly regarded cigar, this meant I was in for a treat.

    2nd third
    Second third, I’ve got to say this cigar is not the typical Robaina flavor I am used to get. It now sits at medium body with the same sweetness but with a touch of cream and leather. This is excellent. This turned into a very enjoyable and tasty cigar. My smoking partner, Art, points out that this cigar is very tannic like a young wine. It leaves your mouth dry and makes your lips pucker. That is spot on.

    3rd third
    The bottom of the last third is starting to be a bit too harsh for me; it has picked up to a full body and has some fruit flavors which I am sure will develop nicely over time. One thing I noticed is that this cigar didn’t have too much ammonia in the smoke that makes some fresh cigars so robust. It burned very nicely with a marble colored ash.

    Value : [rating:3/5]
    I always find the regional editions are a bit pricy and only some of them are worthy of the price they command. I didn’t smoke enough to say if they are box worthy but it is worth trying out.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4/5]
    This is a good cigar. I think that with a few years, less than five, this cigar will turn into something very special. I have no doubt that it will develop its chocolate, coffee, leather and fruits flavors into something much more defined.

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    • Cyberspec

      Nice review. Thanks.

      I’m not very familiar with VR cigars except the Unicos which I like very much. This RE sounds like worth trying.

    • Simon

      My pleasure!

      It is a great one to try. Have one now while they are young and one in 2 years 😉

    • DrFever

      I’ve always been a fan of Vegas so I must definitely give this stick a whirl.

      Thanks for the review.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Sublime
Construction Hand Made