Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

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    Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

    Origin : CubaVegas Robaina
    Format : Double Corona (Prominente)
    Size : 194 x 19.45 mm
    Ring : 49
    Weight : 17.86 g
    Price : ~$17/piece

    No doubt this smoke is one of the best “goods” Cuban manufacturers have ever done. Its draw and combustion can be defined as perfect for its uniformity, and its taste half way between medium and strong is balanced in great harmony with subtle sweet, woody and earthy notes.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    This medium body cigar is great to look at! The wrapper is a medium brown.

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    Very good construction. This is my favorite Prominente cigar. Harmonious and rounded smoke, it burns gently and slowly.

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    Don Alejandro started off with a smooth coffee/mocha taste, with a touch of milky cream. The first third of this cigar was incredibly smooth and tasty. The flavor was mild and light at first.

    In the second third, the strength and body of this cigar kicked up a notch. The mocha/coffee taste continued, but became more full bodied. Some additional flavors began to emerge—earthy and nutty flavors, reminiscent of toasted almonds. I began to notice a strong tobacco taste, and the strength of this cigar became more noticeable. Although I was smoking slowly, I began to feel an impressive nicotine buzz, but without any harshness.

    During the final third, this cigar came alive with a roaring intensity. Every puff grabbed my attention and slapped me in the face. I was glad that I had eaten a good lunch, because this cigar would have knocked me flat on an empty stomach.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    If you never smoked a Prominente, do yourself a favor and get a Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro. They are expensive, but really worth it.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.5/5]
    I greedily savored every bit of delight that this big cigar had to offer. I smoked it to the nub and when I finally put it down, I was fully satisfied. This cigar gave me nearly two hours of enjoyment, and it took me on a full ride from mild sweetness at the beginning to bold, intense flavors near the end. If you’re into double coronas / prominentes, consider also looking at the Partagas Lusitania and the Punch Double Corona.

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    • Pinstripes

      one of my all time favorites, period!
      Burn and draw are perfect and the taste is classic Cuban!

    • B.I.G.

      Best Prominente I’ve ever had!

    • k0mmissar

      Highly impressed with this Cuban. Vegas Robina probably do the nicest ‘chocolate and coffee notes’ medium body cigar, with a lovely modern asthetic touch.

    • Cristo

      That’s a classic. Everyone keeps talking about Cohibas and RyJ, but they don’t even notice the diamonds in the rough. Well, good for us 🙂

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 7 5/8
Ring Gauge 49
Vitola Prominentes
Construction Hand Made