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    Cigar Inspector

    Trinidad Robusto T

    Origin : CubaTrinidad
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 4.8 x 50
    Ring : 50
    Price : ~$13-15 each

    Trinidad Robusto T was introduced in 2009 to finally offer a robusto vitola within the Trinidad line. As soon as some lucky ones started getting their hands on these sticks, positive reviews flooded the cigar press. At the same time, Montecristo Open were getting high marks in cigar publications all over the world, to be literally destroyed both in the blogosphere and on cigar forums a couple of weeks later. So, is this another “Open” or a true success?

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    This Trinidad looks fantastic. The light brown wrapper has elegant thin veins running all over it. The triple cap with an accurate pig-tail is easily removed, opening an easy, peppery pre-draw. The cigar exhales a delicate aroma with a touch of sweetness.

    Trinidad Robusto T

    Construction : [rating:4.5/5]
    The Robusto T is well-packed, has a perfect weight in hand and feels good in the mouth after the gigantic 54 ring-gauge RyJ Duke. It produces excellent amounts of smoke thanks to a comfortable draw with a little resistance. The burn was razor-sharp in the first third but required a couple of corrections after that. The ash easily held for over 2 inches and I was very reluctant to let it go.

    Flavor : [rating:5/5]
    The very first pulls show that the tobacco is perfectly mature – there is no greenness at all. The first third is characterized by flavors of black pepper and cedar, with nutmeg as a secondary flavor. Despite an obvious power, the retro-haling reveals some sweetness. The smoke, abundant, has an exquisite toasted aroma and feels profound and smooth. In the second third, the flavors evolve, some bitter chocolate is added to the bouquet. Smooth, smooth, smooth. As I approach the last third, I reach what I called in my notes the ‘critical point’. In fact, for a few minutes the cigar appeared to lose its creaminess and I sadly noticed some obvious harshness in it. Fortunately, this didn’t last long and the smoke became even more delicious than before, thick, full-bodied and velvety. The bouquet is extremely deep and complex with the already mentioned flavors plus some animal notes. Make sure you slow down a little near the finish. Needless to say, I smoked this cigar until my fingers burned.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    It’s hard to judge the value of such a great cigar. Yes, it’s probably the most expensive robusto of the moment, but it’s also one of the best ones.

    Overall Rating : [rating:5/5]
    A solid box purchase for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will make sure to stock up on these. Trinidad Robusto T is a serious candidate for the #1 Cuban cigar I smoked this year, despite the fact that the RASS, last year’s winner, continues to show great performance. This will be a tough decision!

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    • Mikee

      This is my go-to cigar. I’m having one right at this very moment with a neat Lagavulin 16.

      I should be off the internet, enjoying it on the patio without distraction, but something about reading your review while smoking something I’ve had so many times helped improve the experience.

    • maarten

      Great experience, a gift from a friend. However, for some reason, this one knocked my socks off completely – nicotine kick was so strong, I felt woozy for a few hours afterwards…was quite comical…

    • yayawhoATyahoo

      Hi there – I had this one last week & immediately jumped among those very best. Tasty, slowly burning (when you act. smoke slowly to enjoy it), no issues of any kind what so ever – opposite to it.

      Really did like it very much, even considering its rather huge price here in my country (we are talking about some 20 to 21 US$ with the current rates …) /

      Gen. note: Trinis are – from my perspective of course – generally LOVELY (though expensive, yes!) cigars imho … & the very new model: i.e. VIGÍA …, IS currently on the VERY TOP of my list of favourites … though it is quite tough to get it here atm (have 2 pcs remaining in my humi & no chance to buy new ones @ regional LCDH as they are out of stock atm …), these are simply EXCELLENT to me …

      So are these Robu Ts, though if my infos are correct, the production thereof has been either postponed or completely discontinued, either or, both are sad facts.

    • Ian Brown

      These are genuinely addictive, to quote a colleague of mine after smoking his first Robustos T (who I sourced half a dozen for). I smoked, one of those Trinidads on Saturday, it was so good, I had another one on Sunday. I always have a box, and am now getting seriously worried, considering Trinidad have stopped producing them

    • Mcodragon

      Bought a box of 12 in 2012(boxed in 2011), and had then sitting in my humidor for the past two years…… I took one out and smoked it this past weekend, now I am regretting I didn’t buy more!! Dang!!

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      It is supposed to be discontinued in 2012. If I were you, I’d stock up 🙂

    • B.I.G.

      I heard this cigar will bi discontinued… Somebody knows when exactly ? (Year, month…) In the mean time I am going to rush on them at my store who’s surprisingly making a sale on it… Long ashes to everyone!

    • phathungarian

      nice review, thanks very much.

    • farouk

      I picked up a box online after falling in love with the robusto extra and i must say i have been quite disappointed with them. They were harsh and sour and i thought that maybe i should have let them age a bit longer in my humidor and so i did that. 6 months on and they still leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I picked up the last one with trepidation as there’s nothing i hate most than a disappointing smoke… and i was. Sigh… i’d like to give this cigar another shot but am fearful.

    • Rey

      Someone gave me one that had been brutally treated. The wrapper was torn at the foot and had blotchy patches where it seemed to have come in contact with fluid I could only hope had been distilled water. I lit it with caution and scepticism – and was again stunned by the excellence of this cigar. The quality of the construction was such that the burn was almost unaffected by the wrapper tear, and the flavours were still as rich and elegant as Trinidad can be. Surely one of the best robustos in the world.

    • J Kane

      These have long been on my list to try but every time I look at the price I think ‘next time’.

    • bencrentim

      I m always a Trinidad guy..beginning with Reyes to Coloniales and thoroughly enjoyed them. I had just acquired and smoked the T…although it’s fresh from the box it was great. It ll be marvellous in few months…

    • GxG

      These are rarely found in Romania(as like most good cigars), but when i catch one of these i won’t let it slip by…
      Buuuut… In my opinion, by the look of it, i’d say the quality/price ratio cannot beat Ramons Specially Selected, i’ve smoked a couple of these from 2 different stores, and it was an incredible smoke. After smoking the Trinidad i will return with a new comment.

    • Ted Antle

      These are affordable sticks that are readily on the market. Its almost like a dream. The priceless part is I already have two boxes of the RASS. For the price and quality it has to be deal of the year.

    • Danny Principe

      Damn! I wish I had grabbed one of these when I had the chance.

    • Mike

      I waited with bated breath for the Robusto T to arrive in Singapore. I had 3 now, and they were simply extraordinary. The Trinidad Robusto Extra has always had a special place in my heart, but there is always the problem of it being too long a smoke sometimes. The Robusto T is the perfect solution.

      Can’t wait for these babies to age a year or 2.

    • Chris M.

      Thanks for the great review! What a great looking cigar!

    • El Torcedor

      Great Review Inspector !

      But in Paris for the moment, no Robusto T… I hope try this cigar next week !

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    • DeaDMaN

      Oh… Comparing to RASS, that souds great. I hope I will get my hands on one of these in the next 2 weeks.

      And Inspector, do You have a photo of the foot? If yes, could You show it to us?

    • John W.

      I saw this brand when last in Mexico. Did not recognize it and ignored it. I’ll be back in Mexico next week and will certainly now look for this cigar. Thanks for the great review.

    • Keith1911

      Sounds like a great cigar. Too bad it’ll probably cost 75%-100% more in the states.

    • Stephen P

      Wow another great sounding Cuban. That one looks and sounds great. *sigh*…. come up lift that ban!

    • Daize

      omg ! I need yo go to my B&M like yesterday ! These look and sound amazing.

    • Toctoc

      Many thanks for this great review. You actually gave me thé need to try it. Tomoreow i know what ill ne doing at lunch Time.
      Again : thé best compliment i can do : you made my want to smoke it.

    • cigarreviews

      Well done!

    • DJ

      Wow: another great looking cigar… for which I will have no time! My collection is growing faster than my time available (“addiction” isn’t just for Vitamin N)

    • Michel

      Completely agreed with Inspector. So far Smoked 6 of them and all were a thrilling experience! Can’t wait to try them well matured!!!

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 7/8
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made