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  1. Fidel

    Trinidad Reyes

    Origin : CubaTrinidad
    Format : Petit Corona (Reyes)
    Size : 110 x 15.87 mm
    Ring : 40
    Weight : 7.4 gr.
    Price : ~$180 for a box of 24

    The Trinidad Reyes is not one of your straight out of the box type cigars. These require a bit of ageing first. However, with a couple of weeks in the Humidor, I found this to be an excellent smoke, meaty and wonderful.

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    Occasionally, you come across a cigar with just the perfect chocolate color to it. I believe I have found one with this smoke.

    Construction : [rating:4.5/5]
    Very nice wrapper with an evenness to it all the way to the ring. Seems as if someone took their time with these.

    Flavor : [rating:5/5]
    The first third was all cocoa and wood. Very pleasant with only a very mild sting, just enough to get your attention. The second third came about and I think I detected a faint hint of cedar about it, just a tinge. The final third seemed to be the ultimate mix of the other flavors. I rarely state that a cigar is good from beginning to end, my sarcastic nature, but this one definitely made the team.

    Value : [rating:4.5/5]
    This is where my money is going when I want to restock my humidor.

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    Wonderful smoke, start to finish. I would say this is that evening on the porch swing smoke. Very relaxing and calming in the overall flavor and sensation. Nevertheless, it would likely go well after virtually any meal and with a nice red wine.

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    • Tom

      A couple of months is not aging, it’s acclimating to your smoking preference. Years is aging. I just got a box with 5 years on them, I’ll wait a couple months for them to acclimate before I try one

    • Richard

      Burning a 2008, delicious! More refined than the freshies I had in Cuba last year.

    • MartinN

      I got a box from Dec/16 early this year. Although initially tight on the draw, after aging properly, they are now just perfect.
      A must-have in my humidor.

    • Mohammad

      I just smoked one today and it was fantastic, specially when i paired it with iced black coffee and a really cold water infused with some pieces of lime. Such a great smoke if you were out of time.

    • Beneluxor

      Beautifully-made stick, the Trinidad Reyes is maybe the most elegant of all the small-format Cuban cigars. Lovely wrapper wound into a curly cap (pigtail flag cap). I especially like the middle section of the Trinidad Reyes where the nutty flavours tend to come out. Spice notes come & go, draw can be a bit tight in some. Burns quite slowly, I tend to coax nearly an hour out of this one.

      For small-format Cubans, I would tend to prefer the Ramón Allones or Bolivar Minutos, or a Montecristo No 5, both for general flavours & for being several euros cheaper … but those others lack the elegance and depth of the Trinidad.

    • Nick

      Smoking some from 2011 and they are absolutely fantastic.

    • Rombly Uhoh


      Most folms count aging from the box date. Think of it – this is supposedly when the cigars were boxed up and they’ve been sittin in that box in a climate-controlled environment waiting for you to buy them! (If you want to reach back further, the tobacco used to roll them was probably picked and cured 2 years prior, so the tobacco is nearing 5 years while the cigars are nearing 2.5 years)

      Have to agree with above assessments – Trini Reyes are standouts and, to me, are much better than Cohiba. I just wish they would bring back the Robusto and that the Fundadores were easier to find.

    • Chris

      I purchased a box recently with the code Lum Dic-12. Does it mean the box comes with 2 + years of age? Or the ageing starts only when the box enters into my humidor?

      I tried a stick last night and, wow! Tasted so much better than the singles I bought from duty free! Thanks COH.

    • yayaWHO

      Trinidad Reyes is one of my very favourite cigars, do like it! Nearly excelent darker oilly wrepper, great taste somewhere in the medium class, I would go ´woody´ to describe the flavour. Would love to have these @ the fee you mention in your nice review … as I have to buy them some 20-25% higher in my country´s LCDH … Still: very nice cigar, probably my top 3/ top 4 so far, will have to & want to try the Robusto T as well.


    • Felix

      I just tried one of this little Reyes. It was wonderful,. I did not have great expectations about it. Let me tell you It was a nice surprise to me. Lot of smoke, it felt woody and with coffee like flavor. It only spent 45 days in my humidor. Definitely I am going to buy a box in my next purchase.

    • Jon

      Any less than 18 months on them and I feel like I’m wasting them, that amount of time just gives them a chance to even out flavour wise and lose any of the sulphur/tannic taste in the last third. Get a box, put them up the back and forget about them.
      Woody, coffee bean and hints of grass and nuts, I’m always amazed they can pack so much flavour into such a small package.

    • BigSmoke

      “Put the cutters down”; as suggested above I started aging these a bit more. Holy smoke! You heard it, very clean, modest, balanced and unassuming. My local shop suggested I try it. On a whim it’s best consistent smoke on the market.

    • StevenSauce

      cream, cream, cream combined with flavors of hazelnut, cocoa & milk-coffee.
      starts slightly under and finishes a bit above medium. delicious 40mins smoke.

    • ScottyBoy

      I gotta say, the Reyes is a delight to smoke. From the perfect wrapper to the flawless burn and construction, it was just what I’d hoped and expected. Just like the reviewer, I got hints of chocolate and some cedar. I also detected a slight floral tone to it about halfway thru. I’m not sure if I was imagining it or it was a by-product of Tue sticks being so young. Nonetheless, the Reyes turned out to be an enjoyable smoke that will only get better with age. Highly recommended!

    • ScottyBoy

      Bought a dozen of these lil beauties to have for the New Year based on the reviews above. Box date was 6/12. I’m dying to try one, even though they’ve only been resting in my humi for a few days. Should I go for it!? Think I will!

    • RobC

      wow now I want one.

    • Anthony

      Trinidad Reyes I have from those sticks more than 6 boxes of 24 cigars !!

      They are actually good cigars !
      No need 3 to 4 years of age-ing
      Just let them relax in a equalized humidor with custom temperature of 17c and 68f
      For 3 months and than smoke them cause trinidad brand they don’t sell their cigars before letting them mature enough to smoke !!

      So additional years are waistless and can ruin ur stogies my friends !

      Age-ing process are for cigars with ring 44 +
      after many years of smoking
      Plus they get more complex so I don’t think non aficionados cigar smokers will like that complexity !

      Regards Anthony

    • golfgolf

      I am a big fan of Trinidad Cigars and agree with almost all the preceeding comments.I feel though tha Manuel has made an interesting point : Reyes outlast many larger and thicker cigars both in complexity and power (i would say even the Coloniales).

    • manuel

      This is an extraordinary cigar. Love to see you feel the same. No humidor should be without it. A Reyes will give you a longer smoking time than what you expect from its size and an abundant and very aromatic smoke. As you mentioned it’s multi-flavored. Excellent for mid morning or afternoon, at least for me.
      Do not relegate this habano to a coffee cigar as it outlasts many larger and thicker cigars.
      Don’t recommend mixing with heavy drinks or strong coffee.

    • JStephens

      Great Review,

      I am very interested in smoking one of these stogies. After smoking a Montecristo Junior Open I was told that if I wanted a cigar with a “similar” flavor that goes well with a cup of coffee that the Reyes would be that cigar.

      Review is pushing me to order these asap

    • tido asser

      Now after a cople of years in my humidor they are still brilliand , and i still love to smoke them on a good ocasion, they have a nice draw even do they feel a bit compact on the tuch.

    • phathungarian

      I am on the same page with jefsoriano above. A great little smoke, lovely flavour and excellent construction. Expensive and worth it, never tiring and good for any time of the day. Strong drinks may ruin this smoke though. Nice little smoke indeed.

    • jefsoriano

      Wow – what a great little smoke. I’ve been smoking Montecristo #4’s for my go-to 30 minute smoke for the past couple years.. but this has just replaced it. Great flavor, great construction. I’ve had half a dozen and they keep getting better as they age longer in the humi (I’m at 2 months now). Really, truly, a nice little smoke!

    • Ethan

      Two weeks? A month? I’ve been sitting on some of these for 2 1/2 years now. Waiting on the 3 yr mark to get started. Hope the wait doesn’t prove to be a mere waste of time.

    • k0mmissar

      I knew I shouldn’t have jumped straight in! Aging would probably be good, I found it a bit bitter and snappy when I had a ‘fresh-off-the-box!’

    • Doctor K

      If you liked this one after two weeks in your humidor, amigo, then you should try about a month. I fought the urge to smoke this fine looking cigar for 30 days. When I finally gave it, it was well worth it. All wood and brimstone. I loved it. I’ll be purchasing more!

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 4 3/8
Ring Gauge 40
Vitola Petit Corona
Construction Hand Made