Tatuaje Havana Cazadores

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  1. Matt

    Tatuaje Havana Cazadores

    TatuajeOrigin : USA
    Format : Lonsdale
    Size : 63/8 x 43
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan
    Filler : Nicaraguan Long Filler
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Price : $10 each

    The Tatuaje Havana Cazadores come in cedar cabinets of 25 and are packaged in the old Cuban style. They are packed wet and wrapped in foil with a yellow ribbon around the bundle. Here are some pictures I took back when I bought them. You can click the pictures for an enlarged view.

    Tatuaje Cazadores Box

    Box of Tatuaje Havana Cazadores

    This vitola is reported to be Pete Johnson’s vitola of choice and it also happens to be one of my favorites as well. I love Lonsdales. I think it is just possibly the best size for a cigar. When used with a good blend of tobaccos, the ring gauge and length lends itself to a wonderfully complex smoke with a near perfect duration, about an hour to 75 minutes. I have a hard time picking between this cigar and the Reserva SW as my favorite of the Brown Label line. When pressed I usually end up giving a slight edge to the Reserva SW only because I find it a little more complex.

    Like almost all of the Tatuajes, it starts off with a full blast of pepper. Once you work your way into the smoke a bit, the pepper calms down a little. I find this stick to be the most “cubanesque” of all the Tatuajes. It is a heavy, full bodied smoke with some serious strength. They are hard to take on an empty stomach. The smoke progresses nicely, first with black coffee flavors transitioning into a rich nutty/earthiness with brief flashes of cocoa. It picks up a lot near the end getting spicy and peppery again with notes of wood. It has black pepper on the finish throughout the smoke.

    The burn goes crooked every once and while but if you’re paying attention, you can get it to correct itself. The draw is perfect and the ash is well formed. The thick white clouds of smoke produce a room bouquet is very reminiscent of that of a Cuban Montecristo. Tatuajes produce amazing aromas and this one may have the best aroma of all of them.

    It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Tatuajes and the Havana Cazadores are no exception. This is an exceptional cigar that I could be happy smoking everyday. I plan to make sure I never run out of these gems.

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    • Samschica

      …had the good fortune to attend the oh f*ck I’m lost event last week and to talk to Pete about smokes…his go to smoke is still this cigar…by the way, guys like Pete make it fun to be a cigar guy…

    • Mike K.

      Yessir, good stuff. I appreciate Pete and Don’s dedication to Havana style, rolling, and packaging; I respect their delicious blends even more. The extra-Cuban cigar market has dropped the ball in terms of flavor and tradition. Tatuaje brings it back in a big way. Cheers to everyone involved.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuadorian Habano
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6 3/8
Ring Gauge 43
Vitola Lonsdale
Construction Hand Made