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    Tambo Churchill Indonesian puro. Indonesia has a long tobacco history. But most of the tobacco is used for dry-cured shortfillers. Premium cigars are scarce, yet there are a few brands out there. Tambo is one of them, and this was given to me by the Indonesian Tambo distributor when I met him in Malaysia for the CSWC Qualifier in Kuala Lumpur.

    There are two sizes available, a 6×50 Toro with the name Churchill and/or Super Robusto and a corona with the name short corona.The unique feature of this cigar is Tambolaka tobacco. That is Indonesian tobacco, and after drying it is rolled up tightly in ten feet poles. Those poles are then bound together tightly with rope so the tobacco can age. They age up to five years before being cut. Most of it is used as pipe tobacco, but some end up in cigars like Tambo.

    Name: Tambo
    Country: Indonesia
    Factory: PT Taru Martani
    Size: 6×50
    Vitola: Toro (but also called Churchill or Super Robusto)
    Wrapper: Indonesia
    Binder: Indonesia
    Filler: Indonesia
    Price: € 6,60
    Cutter: Xikar X2
    Lighter: single flame
    Smoke conditions: indoors with ventilator
    Smoke time: two hours twenty minutes

    The review

    The wrapper is amazing. Smooth, a beautiful color brown, smooth veins. It is one of the best looking wrappers we have seen in a long time. The cigar comes with a small pigtail. The construction feels good. The ring is a bit simple though, but it provides all the necessary information. The aroma is strong. O smell hay and straw. 

While wetting the cap to get a clean cut, the cigar tastes very salty.

    The cold draw is great. The cigar is salty yet sweet. Once lit, bitter coffee with sugar is tasted. But the flavors change to leather, pine, soul and some pepper quickly. Then slowly creamy chocolate shows up. The second third shows some faint citrus acidity with the mentioned flavors too. Salt, pepper, and chocolate are the dominant flavors, with wood, tobacco, and leather on the background. Halfway some nutty flavor shows its face, with some lingering chocolate. There is some hay too, and the salt loses its strength. The weakening of the salt continues in the final third while the strength grows from mild-medium to medium-full.

    The burn is great. The ash is white, firm and like a stack of coins. There is enough smoke, which is light blue to white. This cigar starts mild to medium but grows to medium-full. Both in strength and in flavor. The smoke time is two hours and twenty minutes.

    Strength: medium-full
    Flavor: medium-full

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Cigar Region Indonesia
Filler Indonesia
Wrapper Indonesia
Binder Indonesia
Length 6
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Toro
Construction Hand Made