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  1. K******

    Siglo X Limited Reserve #1

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Torpedo
    Size : 6″ x 54
    Wrapper : Ecuador
    Filler : Dom. Rep/Nicaragua
    Binder : USA/Connecticut Broadleaf
    Price : $8 each

    The Siglo brand is blended by Frank Llaneza in Altadis USA’s Esteli, Nicaragua factory. You may have heard the name Frank Llaneza because he used to work with the Villazon & Co. blending the Honduran Punch and Hoyo de Monterrey brands.

    The Siglo Limited Reserve blend is available in eight different vitolas each identified with a roman numeral.

    • Siglo I – 4 ¼ x 44
    • Siglo II – 5 5/8 x 45
    • Siglo III – 6 ½ x 44
    • Siglo IV – 5 x 54 (available in tubes)
    • Siglo VI – 6 x 54 (available in tubes)
    • Siglo VII – 7 x 48
    • Siglo X – 6 x 54 (torpedo)
    • Siglo XXI – 4 ½ x 38 (available in tins of 5)

    The pre-light experience was interesting for this cigar. The first thing I noticed was the very pointed tip of the torpedo shape. It felt like I could have stabbed someone with it. The body of the cigar was very nice portraying a dark wrapper and being firm all the way through. At the foot of the cigar it looked as if someone had tried to box press the cigar making the stick crack on the end. I don’t show favoritism when buying cigars in the store by going through all of them trying to find the best ones. I just pick up a couple out of the same box trying to make judgments fair.

    Siglo X Limited Reserve #2

    The band on the Siglo X Limited Reserve was gold and white with black writing. Very similar to the Cohiba, Havana band except the paint was sloppy and smeared on the Siglo X band. The pre-light smell was a faint sweet chocolate, and the draw showed no distinct flavors.

    Pre-light Score: 5 pts.

    Despite the foot of the cigar being cracked, the stogie lit up well. The first taste notes on the Siglo X Limited Reserve were spicy and dry. The ash was a solid white and the burn was wavy through the first inch of the experience. The spice turned over to sweetness however the dryness still remained on my palate.

    Siglo X Limited Reserve #4

    The Siglo X produced a good amount of light, white smoke. The burn line continued to be wavy and the sweetness was still present halfway through the cigar. The cigar did however burn nice and slow throughout.

    Smoking Score: 5 pts.

    Siglo X Limited Reserve #5

    As time went on the burn of the cigar got worse and worse. I had to touch the cigar up twice, otherwise only one side would have made it to the end. Still the Siglo X Limited Reserve showed little taste complexity being sweet on the palate with a touch of dryness.

    Siglo X Limited Reserve #6

    The band was nice and loose, easy to slip off the cigar. The ending taste profile showed small signs of mint/freshness. For a new smoker trying to develop their taste palate I would most certainly recommend the Siglo X Limited Reserve for a definition of a sweet profile. Overall for me though the cigar was pretty flat. With times being tough I can find a much better cigar in this price range. I do however plan to try other sizes in this brand to see how they flow.

    Overall Experience: 6pts.

    Siglo X Limited Reserve Rating

    Pre-light: 5pts.
    Smoking: 5pts.
    Overall Experience: 6pts.

    TOTAL: 16pts.
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    • k****

      I agree 100%. Started out as one I’d the sweetest cigars I’ve smoked but the flavors got flatter and flatter towards the end

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Dominican, Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuadorian Cubano
Binder USA Connecticut Broadleaf
Length 6
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Torpedo
Construction Hand Made