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    Sancho Panza Non Plus. A good reason to review this cigar before it is too late. The production of this Mareva came to a stop in 2019 so the availability of this cigar will become lesser and lesser. The tobacco for all Sancho Panza lines come from the Vuelta Abajo region. The brand isn’t the most popular of Habanos brands and is mostly overseen by smokers of Cuban cigars. Yet there is a lot of history behind the brand, and the marca has a small but hardcore group of fans.

    The first Sancho Panza cigar rolled off the factory floor in 1848. The name comes from a novel. Sancho Panza is Don Quixote’s squire in the novel Don Quixote. 50 years later, the brand was gone completely. But new ownership brought new life. In the 1930s the brand came back to the El Rey Del Mundo company. Both brands used to be family before, and both are a creation of Don Emilio Ohmstedt. The biggest market for Sancho Panza is Spain.

    Name: Sancho Panza Non Plus
    Country: Cuba
    Factory: Undisclosed
    Size: 5⅛x42
    Vitola: Mareva
    Wrapper: Cuba
    Binder: Cuba
    Filler: Cuba
    Price: € 7,15 (Germany)
    Cutter: HS Damas
    Lighter: Single jet
    Smoke conditions: Indoors with ventilator
    Smoke time: one hour thirty minutes

    The review

    The cigar is a classic size. The Colorado-colored wrapper looks a bit rough. It’s not evenly colored. But it’s also not too ugly to deduct points. The ring is very basic, very simple. Brown with white letters. The construction feels good. There are no knots noticeable on the touch. The cigar smells like wood and manure. Not too strong though.

    The cold draw is fine. It gives up a mild sweet dark spice flavor. Gloves and cinnamon. The first flavors are complex, leather, cedar, spice, sweetness, and coffee. But there is a bit of roughness as well. It mellows out after a few putts. Then it’s coffee with a hint of vanilla. Coffee remains but the vanilla is replaced with dark spices again.

    The second third starts a bit stronger. There is a little harshness in the back of the throat. A faint vanilla returns with some hay. Spices, herbs, and a little pepper are the next step in the flavor journey. In the final third there is a hint of cocoa. The finale has a bit more wood with a little bit of pepper. The aftertaste is a bit minty.

    The draw is good, very good. The burn is straight. The ash is light in color, dense, and firm. The smoke is decent in thickness and volume. This is a medium-bodied, medium flavored cigar. The smoke time is an hour and a half.

    Strength: medium
    Flavor: medium

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