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    Room 101 OSOK 212 NYC Edition

    Origin : Honduras
    Room 101 cigarsFormat : Various
    Size : N/A
    Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano Maduro
    Filler : Honduran Corojo & Dominican Piloto
    Binder : Honduran Corojo Seco
    Price : $12.50+

    We are back with another exclusive to one of the best cigar shops/lounges around… The Cigar Inn. The cigar line that we are reviewing is the O.S.O.K. (One Shot One Kill) 212 NYC Limited Exclusive. And we have made yet another addition to our fine group of reviewers. Now joining my Father Nick Sr., Neal and myself (Nick Jr.) will be Ricky in his very first official review with us. Now a little O.S.O.K. history…

    The O.S.O.K. 212 NYC is an addition (though a limited exclusive) to the original O.S.O.K line. The O.S.O.K. line is a spin-off/addition to the Room 101 line (a joint venture between Camacho Cigars and Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars). The Room 101 brand is owned by Camacho Cigars which in turn is now owned by The Oettinger Davidoff Group (Zino Davidoff Cigars). Got all that? But this is all about the O.S.O.K. 212 NYC. Only 3,000 cigars in 10 count boxes are being produced across the 4 vitola line which shows just how limited this stick is! The 212 series, (212 is the area code in Manhattan. A tribute to New York City.), consists of two diademas (commonly referred to as salomons) and two parejos (standard vitola shape).

    The Cigar Inn has been working very hard to provide only the very best to its clientele. Through very careful and thorough screening they have decided that the O.S.O.K. 212 NYC was the perfect cigar to represent the Cigar Inn name. Matt Booth, founder of Room 101 has also expressed his excitement in bringing this unique stick to The Cigar Inn. It is a top shelf stick that belongs in a top shelf shop, and Mr. Booth has found that in The Cigar Inn and its owners, the Fakih brothers: Billy, Bass and Gus. And you will never meet a nicer bunch of guys!

    Now, on to the reviews…

    The Blend

    The original O.S.O.K. is comprised of an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Honduran Corojo Seco binder and a blend of Honduran and Dominican Corojo and Piloto Ligero as its filler. The difference between the original and the new exclusive 212… the 212 is a maduro! In general, if you are familiar with the taste of the original O.S.O.K., add a pronounced spicy sweetness. But all four sticks in this line (the Filero, Chingonazo, Pedaso and Chingon) smoke very differently, and yield their own special highlights.

    The Reviews

    Room 101 OSOK 212 NYC Edition

    O.S.O.K 212 NYC Filero 4 ½” x 42 x 52 diadema, $12.50/stick. Reviewed by Ricky.

    The O.S.O.K 212 Filero has represented the City Of New York very well.

    The dressing of the 212 was unique. It was covered from foot to head in Aztec-like Artwork, but only to reveal another layer of tissue paper that was twisted on both ends. Finally, the black and silver band read O.S.O.K. Holding the cigar, a dark brown wrapper, rich with an oily sheen.

    The 212 lit easily. My initial draw was smooth and clear. The white cloud of smoke produced a mild chocolate aroma into the air. After a few puffs, the cigar gave off earthy flavors.

    Observing the first third, the construction of the 212 was tough and durable. The cigar burned at a mild and evenly pace, producing a nice volume of smoke. My draws continued smooth and clear. The salt and pepper ash held up firm with a minor split.

    Halfway into the 212, it grabs my attention with unexpected changes to the earthy note. My palate accepting every bit of taste, as it continued to the end.

    I really enjoyed and recommend the O.S.O.K 212 Filero. I had no problems with this cigar. The 212 remained level with a boost at the end. I will definitely enjoy another when I visit the Fakih brothers at the Cigar Inn.

    O.S.O.K. 212 Chingonazo 6” x 60 parejo, $15.00/stick. Reviewed by Nick, Sr.

    Now that was a memorable Stick! Of course I am referring to the OSOK 212 Chingonazo (6 X 60).

    Packaging was the first hint of something great about to happen! No disappointment… the cigar was very firm with an ever so slight hint of chocolate aroma. Too often disappointed but once this baby was torched, I was treated to a fabulous first draw. Clean, smooth with zero nasty aftertaste, only mild flavor right from the start. If you are searching for a great smooth mild smoke which totally complements a “Grey Goose on the rocks”, this 212 does the trick!!

    One third into it, the chocolate flavor and mild aroma are dominant.

    The smooth draw absolutely satisfies my preference for slow pleasure! At the halfway point my 212 is yielding the same consistent mild taste and draw. At about the 2/3 point I am now tasting a combination of coffee and chocolate.

    Throughout the entire stick, the draw remained fabulous and never a “bite” to be experienced!! I really loved the fact that this beauty continued to yield positives and never kicked my butt!

    The 212 was one of the finest smokes at this price point… It will NOT disappoint!

    The O.S.O.K. 212 Pedaso 6.25” x 54 parejo, $15.00/stick. Reviewed by Neal.

    First, the packaging is very, very cool. With a paper outer wrapper, then tissue, then a double banded cigar, the presentation is great. This is the first time I ever had several of my fellow cigar club members come over, pick up the packaging and ask, “What is that?”

    The construction is very solid, densely rolled, no soft spots and excellent draw. The initial light renders ample smoke, spicy on the nose while creamy on the tongue. The ash, grey and tight, holds well. The OSOK 212 has beautiful medium tobacco flavors, oily wrapper with a consistently excellent, draw and burn from start to finish.

    This cigar is well balanced, seems to be nicely aged and burns nice and slow. As the cigar warms up, you begin to sense chocolate on the aroma while taste continues to be creamy.

    Some cigars become the event vying for your attention, and some cigars make the moment, like the perfect wine at dinner. If you want to relax and enjoy a little serenity, this is the cigar.

    The O.S.O.K. 212 Chingon 8” x 44 x 60 diadema, $16.50/stick. Reviewed by Nick, Jr.

    The pre-light aroma was a subtle mocha wisp in the air. Just enough to be detected. Holding this cigar, one notices the perfect construction and dark chocolate colored wrapper. The torpedo cap cut cleanly and fire was put to the foot.

    Immediate notes of earth and leather were detected through the prefect draw of this 8” salomon. Its burn was even, and continued to stay so throughout the life of the cigar.

    At about the halfway point the flavor began to notch up a bit. But as the earthy and clean tobacco notes became more potent some new flavors were introduced. Touches of semi-sweet chocolate and spice made themselves known.

    The cigar continued to hold up well with a perfect burn, a firm salt & pepper ash and a clean draw with ample smoke. This cigar was really living up to my expectations. It was fantastic to this point and only got better!

    As the cigar was brought to the nub, the flavors of spice and chocolate took over. An incredible finish to one heck of a cigar! I tend to give the highest accolades to full bodied sticks, and this cigar, though it really only cracked through the high medium mark, deserves all the praise that a cigar can garner. At $16.50 per stick I will happily go back over and over to revisit this experience.

    In Conclusion

    It’s thumbs up all around for Camacho, O.S.O.K. and the Fakih Brothers at The Cigar Inn. This is a 4 star stick that you will not regret giving an hour of your time to. Keep in mind that this is not only an exclusive, but it is VERY limited. Contact The Cigar Inn so that you can get your hands on these fantastic cigars before they are gone for good.

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    • Veeral (travelingstogie)

      If there is something that Matt knows how to do right, it’s designing and packaging. It seems the cigar matches the appearance as well!

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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Honduras and Dominican
Wrapper Ecuadorian Habano
Binder Honduran Corojo Seco
Construction Hand Made