Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas

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  1. Olwen

    Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas

    Origin : CubaRomeo y Julieta
    Format : Petit Corona
    Size : 129 x 16.67 mm
    Ring : 42
    Weight : 8.46 g
    Price : ~$160 for a box of 25

    This is a classic Romeo y Julieta, with its brand sweet/spicy flavor. Furthermore, this stogie is reasonably priced, unlike some other RyJ models. A fine smoke overall, especially when it’s properly aged (mine was!) 🙂

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    For a Petit Corona, the appearance is flawless. Beautiful shining wrapper and it smells so good when unlit 🙂

    Construction : [rating:4.5/5]
    The draw could be less tight, but I enjoyed the smoke nevertheless. The construction is excellent. The burn only needed one minor correction.

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    I experienced this spicy/sweet flavor (with notes of coffee and vanilla here and there) in the first and in the last thirds. I wish the 2/3 was as good! Somehow, it felt completely different, bland and empty… Apart from this downside, the Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas is a good stogie.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    This stick is affordable and you’re getting real quality for that price, unlike some other Romeos. Good choice.

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    A superbly constructed cigar with lovely flavors, this cigar will make you appreciate Romeo y Julietas. It would have been perfect if it only had two thirds 🙂

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    • Beneluxor

      A decent stick, sometimes with a kind of sophisticated bitter flavour like an Italian apertif, along with the classic RyJ woody and floral notes.

      What is very confusing from Cuba’s Romeo y Julieta, is that they now have no less than 5 different cigars with this same exact Mareva vitola, 42 ring gauge x 129mm. Along with the higher-end Petit Corona reviewed above, there is the Mille Fleurs, at about 40% lower in price in my area; the Romeo No 2 in an aluminium tube; the cedar-wrapped Cedros de Luxe No 3; and now a new one, the Club Kings Linea Retro … all in the same 42 x 129 Mareva size and shape.

    • Rob P

      Had a a couple of these in a sampler from CT. I’d agree with the review, in principle. Probably lacking a little in flavour, but decent smoke otherwise.

    • Tashaz

      I will start with saying, as my reviews show, that I am not a fan of R&J. This is a good smoke but as the inspector said, needs age. This one was two years old. At last an R&J with some taste and twists.Still interesting at the end.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 5 1/8
Ring Gauge 42
Vitola Petit Corona
Construction Hand Made