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  1. Daize

    Romeo y Julieta Churchill

    Origin : CubaRomeo y Julieta
    Format : Churchill
    Size : 178 x 18.65 mm
    Ring : 47
    Weight : 15.07 g
    Price : ~$16 each

    In this age of short stubby stogies, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill is a very impressive cigar. It also comes with a lot of background, having been the preferred cigar of Sir Winston Churchill. Bringing this cigar to your mouth one gets a sense of history, brought out by its classical length. I paired this cigar with filtered water, Gotan Project’s ‘Lunatico’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘Last Temptation’.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    This is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous cigars I have laid eyes upon. Pictures do not do it any justice, thus the lack of any. A full seven inches of cigar, with the golden Churchill’s band in conjunction with the classic RyJ red band glued around a perfect chocolate brown wrapper is a sight to behold.

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    Very well filled, perhaps just a bit tight. Reasonably even burn, and solid ash.

    Flavor : [rating:3/5]
    Despite the very masculine image of Sir Winston, I would class this as a rather feminine cigar. The typical floral and cedar RyJ flavours are present but better balanced than many other vitolas in the range. The Churchill starts out quite mild but is very enjoyable, the first two thirds do not develop very much, but it is a pleasant zen-like experience, requiring time and patience. Despite the imposing length, and perhaps because of it, this is a perfect beginner’s cigar. It looks great between the lips of one’s significant other. I tested my Churchill out on my wife (sorry), and she thought it was one of the best tasting cigars she had ever tried.

    Just as you get to the famous golden band, and your partner is probably butting it out, the Churchill starts to develop quite a bit of spice and promises a great ending. Very unfortunately, as I removed the red band and was on the last two inches, I most reluctantly had to butt it out because it became harsh without any redeeming qualities in terms of flavour. Yes, quite frustrating. My conclusion is that this is not a cigar you can smoke out of the box, and it requires at least two to three years of aging. Most probably, the strength found in the last third or so would spread through-out the length of the cigar, and the harshness would disapear.

    Value : [rating:4/5]
    For its length, this is a very reasonably priced cigar. If you smoke it young though, you will probably butt it out early.

    Overall Rating : [rating:3.5/5]
    I am rather unforgiving when it comes to the final third on any cigar, youth and good looks or not. So I personally can’t really say that I would smoke this cigar again, even though the first two thirds were very pleasant and relaxing. With two or three years in the humidor, I can imagine this cigar taking on the qualities that so pleased the Prime Minister.

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    • Brett

      I had a 2005 recently and it was FANTASTIC! One of the best I’ve smoked of any cigar. I have one more from 2005 and on thinking of another box just off the taste of that one amazing stick.

    • essasalam2

      i agree to all you say inspector,i bought a couple of these a year ago,i smoked them immediately (didn’t have humidor that time.the last third was EXTREMELY harsh that it ruined the entire experience,and what bothered me the most was the were both of them very very tight draw i couldn’t enjoy it at all.

    • Curt (via Facebook)

      …I have NEVER had an “outstanding” RyJ – they have been okay, and the occasional “pretty good” shows up, but; Cusano 18 Maduro, or CAO Italia, or Rocky Patel 1990 Reserve, or C. Torano Exodus Silver beat the RyJ’s HANDS DOWN, and at much less $$ per stick! Personally – I don’t think I could wait 3 years on the HOPE that the stick would mellow and become more uniform throughout…..

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 7
Ring Gauge 47
Vitola Churchill
Construction Hand Made