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  1. Kaleehb

    El Rey del Mundo Robusto

    Origin : Honduras
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 5” x 54’
    Wrapper : Ecuador
    Filler : Dom. Rep./Honduras
    Binder : Honduras
    Price : $4.25 each

    Believe it or not I had some trouble finding current information about the non-Cuban version of the El Rey del Mundo cigar brand. El Rey del Mundo, meaning “King of the World,” used to be made by Villazon & Co. (owned by General Cigar) in Honduras, but it seems like in the end of 2009 operations in Honduras were stopped. Are these now being produced in Nicaragua?

    The packaging of this cigar is impressive. The cigars are individually wrapped in tissue paper with the band on the outside.

    El Rey del Mundo Robusto

    After removing the tissue paper and band I was presented with a very dark, veiny wrapper. Once looking the wrapper over I found no soft spots or tears and the faint smell of manure was present. The worst part about the pre-light ritual was the cap. It was very sloppy showing roughness and no layering consistency. In fact the sloppiness of the cap made the cut of the cigar a bit awkward. The pre-light draw is tight with a hint of sweetness.

    Pre-light Score: 6.5 pts.

    From the start the tight draw produces a sweet taste with a light white smoke. The burn on the El Rey del Mundo is perfectly even with a solid white ash. This cigar has a very firm body to it and taste of sweet richness like a fine dark chocolate would.

    El Rey del Mundo Robusto

    Just about an inch into the smoking experience the sweetness became a touch sour, which was not so enjoyable. My initial thoughts are some age may take care of that, but we’ll have to see. The aroma was fresh and a little woodsy. The burn line remained perfect.

    Halfway through my El Rey del Mundo Robusto a very nice taste of tea notes was noted on the palate and in the aroma, which soon turned to a cookie dough flavor. The cigar was wanting to show complexity but never truly could hold on in my opinion.

    Smoking Score: 9 pts.

    El Rey del Mundo Robusto

    The finish on this cigar was a little tart and spongy. I was impressed however that the burn line of the cigar remained perfect through the entire smoke. I was somewhat disappointed and wish I could have found some more information on the brand and makers of the El Rey del Mundo cigar. For the price I will definitely buy some more of these and see what a little age can do for them.

    Overall Experience: 7.5pts.

    El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Rating

    Pre-light: 6.5pts.
    Smoking: 9pts.
    Overall Experience: 7.5pts.

    TOTAL: 23pts.

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    • Dan

      My understanding is that Llaneza obtained a very large qty of Honduran tobacco that others were passing on. He babied it for years, eeking the best out of it. I’ve smoked them since they were released. The originals were delicious cigars, proving Llaneza’s genius (back then when the embargo hit, Llaneza was king, and we were Villizon Whores) The later years are still not a bad cigar at all, but the ORs were these closest thing to chocolate (not cocoa) I’ve ever tasted in a cigar.

    • Peter J.

      Kaleehb for information on the El Rey del Mundo try cigars international web site. I always enjoy your reviews and the other gentlemen. Smoke on!!

    • R Rodgerson

      In one of his last contributions to the J R newsletter, I recall Lew Rothman writing that all the Villazon operations were moving to Danli Hon. The J R website lists the ERdM’s as being made in Honduras so I presume that is where they come from.
      Also from the website, the binder and fillers are listed as being Honduran grown. Punch and most of the other old school General Cigar Honduran made smokes use the Nic., Hon., D. R. combination in their fillers but I always thought the ERdR flavor was different in this respect.
      Any way, I have smoked many of this brand, especially the Choix Supreme and Rectangulare and really enjoy them. The brand’s price/pleasure ratio works for me.
      Thanks for the review.

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