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  1. Beneluxor

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    Another interesting review from Beneluxor about the Cuaba Divinos! Thank you for your feedback. Always interesting to hear different people’s perspectives!!

    Origin : CubaCuaba
    Format : Petit Bouquet (small double figurado)
    Size : 101 mm (4″) x 43 (17,07 mm)
    Ring : 43
    Brand Strength : Medium to Full
    Price : ~ € 6,50 / $ 7.00 each

    The Cuaba Divinos is a short, slightly intense cigar making for an interesting change of pace in small-format Cubans.

    The distinctive double-figurado look also has a purpose, bringing a bit of drama to your cigar enjoyment. Tapering at either end of a cigar somewhat focuses & intensifies the impact of the tobacco. At the head, this lasts throughout the smoke, hence the pyramid & torpedo shapes. At the foot, there is an initial ‘kick’ which quickly burns off, this is a popular option on some of the Dutch short-filler stogies which retain a normal head, the Dutch call these ‘tuit’ or ‘nozzle’ cigars.

    With a double-figurado, you get a nice double-blast at the start, which then eases as the foot nozzle burns away … the Cuaba-unique ‘Petit Bouquet’ vitola with its small size, gives you the chance to enjoy this intensification without being overwhelmed as might happen with a larger stick. Plus you get eagerly quizzed by your cigar-mates as to what it is exactly that you are smoking. The Cuaba takes its name from an easily combustible shrub that Cuba’s indigenous people, the Taínos, used to light their tobacco.

    The Divinos is 43 ring gauge – measured at the stick’s fattest point – whilst the head tapers to 9mm & the foot to 7mm. With the difficulty of hand-making this shape in the small size, the Divinos tend to be slightly cosmetically imperfect but looks pleasingly natural & truly hand-made.

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    In the top photo I also show my trusty cigar-piercing tool, a true boon for someone like myself often smoking small-format Cubans. This tool has saved many a tight-draw or ‘plugged’ cigar, & I heartily recommend one for the arsenal of every Sister or Brother of the Leaf (BOTL). The one in the picture has a 7cm (2 3/4″) folding blade, it is less than € 20 at some cigar shops. A light poke does the trick for many a cigar, but a deep thrust & twist can redeem even an allegedly ‘hopeless’ plugged stogie. At least a third of the Cuaba Divinos I’ve smoked tend to benefit from this tool, the Divinos tends by its very nature to be tight.

    When Habanos decided to revive the classic double-figurado in the creation of the Cuaba brand in the 1990s, they used the Romeo y Julieta factory, & that shows here in the flavours, rather classic RyJ but more intense, so Habanos calls their Cuabas ‘medium-full’ in flavour versus the ‘medium’ RyJ.

    Using a cigar punch I take out most of the diameter of the head. At the start, a bit strong woody taste, rather as if a more intense Romeo y Julieta tho with more wood & less heather.

    After it goes past the maximum girth, the Divinos gets quite a bit milder, with the woodiness receding & a slight bit of sweetness or fruitiness coming in. A bit of nuttiness also tends to come in toward the end of the middle third

    Ash often stays together for most of the smoke given the light ash weight at the foot … a 35-minute smoke in my paws & never a dull time.

    For most occasions & people I would tend to prefer the Montecristo No 5 Perla, another small Cuban at about the same size & price … But the Cuaba Divinos will give you an interesting smoke when you’re in the mood for something a bit different, & are ready to address its possibly tight draw.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuban
Binder Cuban
Length 4
Ring Gauge 43
Vitola Petit Bouquet
Construction Hand Made