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  1. Joe K

    Red Lion Maduro Robusto

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 4.5 x 48
    Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
    Filler : Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras
    Binder : Brazil
    Price : ~$6 each

    As the days start to turn towards a cooler nature I find myself taking advantage of what few nice days are left before the northern cold sets in. Lucky for me, I recently had the luxury of a gorgeous sunny day with an atypical high of seventy degrees Fahrenheit and commit myself to taking full advantage of it. Opening my humidor, a sampler nestled safely at the front that I had received from Heavenly Cigar Company catches my eye. Noting that the cigars have been resting for a few weeks by this time, it seems like the perfect opportunity to test this as of yet unfamiliar cigar out. Toting my newly acquired prize to the front porch I sit down to enjoy the Red Lion.

    After settling down, I take in the overall look of this robusto sized smoke. Dark brown tobacco creates a flawless wrapper with a very sturdy double cap. Despite being a new cigar, there is a slight oily feel, which I do not recall on other fresh release smokes in the past. Reflecting on this, I recall that the cellophane removed was actually slightly tinted as well thus making me contemplate whether or not the samples were actually a slightly aged. Pinching the barrel reveals a strong fill with a slight spring. A barnyard scent exudes from the foot and the prelight draw is of toast with a lingering sweetness left of the lips. When sampling the draw, it comes across as very loose despite the dense filling filler.

    Initial impressions when lighting is that this smoke has a strong bite that cannot quite be placed. It continues to have sweet undertones as well. Copious amounts of thick white smoke accompany the still loose draw yet sharp burn. After a few more puffs, the sweet develops into a more definitive raw sugar taste. Moving into the first half inch to an inch, the only way to really describe this cigar is that it has a light flavor with a powerful undertone. There is not a whole lot of flavor beyond the bite of cinnamon but the sugar serves to balance it out almost like red hot candies.

    With the too easy draw and loose ash, it becomes incredibly difficult to keep this cigar from burning too hot. Becoming more bitter than spicy at about the one inch mark, it progresses into the realm of acrid by the second third. Despite my best attempts the warmth of the barrel indicates that the flame has reached more than half way down the length and far outpacing the burn of the wrapper. If I let the cigar sit it does allow the bite to subside and sweetness come out. Unfortunately the result is that the cigar burns itself out.

    Overall this smoke was pretty flat. The bite was not really a positive for me. When picking this smoke I selected the firmest of the sample received and it still drew loose and burned hot. The flavor was just not there and because of the burn I am contributing it to the construction as well.

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    Construction : [rating:2/5]
    Flavor : [rating:2/5]
    Value : [rating:2/5]
    Overall Rating : [rating:2/5]

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    • Richard Eline

      I was born in Red Lion and grew up there.

      I smoked a full box of these dog rockets-most were vile, and soon discarded.

      The rest were so strong, they made me ill. They don’t burn worth a hoot, being inclined to tunnel and wander-the things were very like Toscanos, and just as foul smelling.

      If the blend and the craftsmanship should be corrected, I’d smoke them, but as it is, no way!

    • Chaz

      George sounds like he is on the red lion payroll. douche.

    • Rey

      I wish those who disagree with reviews would refrain from casting personal aspersions on reviewers (“inexperienced”, etc.). Mr Joe K and colleagues are just being honest, and from what we see here, they are mostly kind and generous in their critiques.

    • Avatar photo


      The difference might also reside in the wrapper – among the reviews that can be found online, the Maduro received significantly less praise than the Ecuador Habano. Which one have you had George?

    • Joe K

      George, as with any review I wholeheartedly appreciate any and all comments. Although our overall perceptions of this cigar differ quite a bit, there may be some common themes experienced at the start. For example, we both picked up on the underlying sweetness of the smoke. Additionally, what I describe as “a light flavor with a powerful undertone” or even the cinnamon could easily be the “unique character” that you describe.

      Regardless, as stated in the review, I attribute the poor experience towards the poor construction of this particular sample. Does that mean every cigar smoked is going to follow this same trail? Of course not, these are hand made cigars and susceptible to human error. Does that mean I encourage people to avoid Heavenly Cigar as a company or even this line based on my experience? That’s ludicrous.

      When writing a review my only motivation is to provide an honest opinion of my personal experience. As far as assuaging any concerns you may have about storage. The sample was stored in my humidor at 70% on receipt for about a month prior to smoking and subsequently dry boxed for a day to bring the humidity down slightly. On the point of my experience, I do not deny it is limited when compared to some of the truly respected members of the cigar community but what I lack in quantity I feel I make up for through education and my dedication to each cigar I light.

    • Cigar George…

      By the way … As we are talking about the Red Lion Robusto… I got one out and am smoking it right now! My Red Lion is well made … Appealing to look at and is smooth smoking with a slight sweetness but the overall character is good for anytime of day and is an excellent choice for right now ! Maybe I’ll have another after lunch but I’ve got to get back to work now after this delightful interlude … Smoke one if you got one! ¤George Glover¤

    • Cigar George…

      Hi Fellow Brothers of the Leaf!
      I usually attribute a review like this one to the inexperience of the reviewer or maybe improper storage of the cigar in question … I smoked several (10) of the Red Lion Robustos since the show in New Orleans and never had a bad experience with this cigar! The current blend is different from the original Red Lion previously released by Heavenly Cigars but it has been improved by the changes made. I found them to be milder but with more character than the original blend that Heather used to produce … She listens to the Cigar smoker’s wishes and makes changes for the better when needed. They now appeal to a broader range of smoker with a distinctive taste not harsh nor too mild or bland and Red Lion could now be construed as Medium bodied and smooth with a taste somewhat sweet but not without a unique character that I find very appealing; as always Heather has rewarded the smoker with a good smoke based on your comments at a excellent Value price point! Don’t give up on the Red Lion Robusto til you try one yourself … I haven’t! And I’ve added the Red Lion to my humidor and you might do as well if you give it a try! My ratings are A=4 Stars;C=3.5 Stars;F=3.5 Stars;V=4 Stars; and Overall=3.75 Stars So, I leave it up to you … Smoke one or better yet several and YOU DECIDE ! It’s your taste that counts! Disagree? Call Me 513-374-7744 24/7! ¤George Glover¤

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Dominican, Nicaragua, Honduras
Wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder Brazil
Length 4 1/2
Ring Gauge 48
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made